1. Hi Nnamdi, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Inbox Pounds. I remember when I first joined I thought it would be a good program, but unfortunately it just wasn’t worth the time. I hadn’t come across some of the complaints you mentioned, so I learnt something knew, and it’s a shame they only pay via cheque. I prefer companies that can pay via paypal.

    Are there any other similar sites that you could recommend? If not, what other ways to make money online would you recommend?


    • Nnamdi

      Thank you, Stephanie, for the comment and also given this wonderful testimony of being part of Inbox Pounds before.

      To your question, I don’t have any similar network to recommend because to me they are all the same. I have tried Clixsense, Get Social, and a couple of others but they are all the same. The time you have to invest in peanuts is just outrageous.

      If you are indeed searching for a way to make money online and you have got the time and ready to work then I invite you to my Wealthy Affiliate that will not only make money for but establish you financially like forever.

  2. Kenny

    I can accept that it offers minimum payment, as survey sites are not something that pays well. What I find outrageous is when they offer FREE product for testing and it ends up you have to pay for yourself. That is outrageous. I’m staying a way from this.

    • Nnamdi

      Good decision Kenny, I will likely do the same by staying away because it is just a sheer waste of time. Thanks for the comment though

  3. Really great information here! Most of the people I know hate taking surveys and to think that you would say yes to doing one so that you could get some penny and to have them be so dishonest in the end. I do thank you for heads-up.

    • Nnamdi

      Yes, Josephine, I don’t like taking surveys, but often times they make it sound so simple and easy, that is why most people that don’t about it fall for it.

  4. June Danks

    Thank you Nnamdi for highlighting the pitfalls of using Inbox Pounds, I had never heard of it and just goes to show just how easy it is to be drawn in!

    There are so many on line and without such people as yourself giving us a guide and enabling us to make an informed decision we would fall straight in a make a bad choice.

    I will most definitely be having a look at your recommendations!

    Thank you and really do appreciate your time spent on this review, made my life much easier.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you June, for appreciating what we do, as a matter of fact, this tells us that our work is not in vein.

      Thank you too.

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