Is JetCoin a Pure Scam or Legit? Exposed!

Is JetCoin a Pure Scam or Legit? Exposed!

The JetCoin is one of those schemes that are really getting attention online especially the social media. People are promoting it left, right and center and probably you that are this review right now may have been approached to join the JetCoin and I will be not surprised if it is so.

It is very important that I set the record straight; I am not an affiliate of JetCoin neither do I promote it in any way. Therefore, my review is based on my research and findings which are void of prejudice and bias.

By the time you are done reading this post will be well informed about the JetCoin that you should be able to make a wise and informed decision.

What is JetCoin all About?

Just to be sure that you are aware of the website I am reviewing as we have websites with similar names with JetCoin, so the URL of the JetCoin official website is

The JetCoin is an MLM opportunity without a product line just like many of its kind on the internet today. In an attempt to get a background information about the JetCoin and so I clicked on the ‘’About’’ on the official website but all I could get is how one can make money using their system. Really? How about the information as to who is running JetCoin, where is being operated from? Nada, no such information on their website and this is what I look for the moment I decided to review a website because this piece of information will give a lot of credibility to the company.

This development is a red flag for me and sure it should be for you because how can you be comfortable handing over your hard earned cash to a company that refused or rather chose to remain anonymous to its members or participants. However, I tried looking up the domain name registration to see if there will be any sort of information but I was only able to find the date it was registered because it was privately registered on 7th of May 2017, but that is all there is as regards to background information of JetCoin.

JetCoin Product Line

Just like I asserted earlier, JetCoin fails to present any sort of real product which means it does not have any retail able product which is a very serious issue because no MLM company can be sustained without any product line.

All JetCoin could provide is affiliate membership and investing in the company.

JetCoin Compensation Plan

JetCoin has categorically bragged about making their members double their investment within 40 to 50 days, basically, it says 200% ROI.

Below is the 7 plans being offered by JetCoin to affiliates

  • JC2 – 0.1 BTC
  • JC3 – 0.3 BTC
  • JC4 – 0.5 BTC
  • JC5 – 1 BTC
  • JC6 – 2 BTC
  • JC7 – 4 BTC
  • JC8 – 8 BTC

If you invested in JC2 plan you have to wait for 8 days in order for your withdrawal request to be responded to. If you invested in JC3 plan you have to wait for 3 days and if you invested in JC4 you have to wait for 4 days for your request to be honored.

If you invested in JC5 and higher plans your withdrawal request will be honored within a day.

Residual Commissions

For residual commissions, JetCoin uses a binary compensation structure to decide the amount an affiliate will earn. An affiliate is placed at the top of the structure and other affiliates are placed beneath him on each side and so also other affiliates are placed beneath and on each side of the ones that were placed under the one at the top, and so the pattern goes. At the end of the day, JetCoin calculates how many points are on each side of the affiliates’ binary structure and the affiliates earn a certain percentage of the money invested.

The percentage an affiliate earns on these points depends on the investment level he is on and below is the example of percentages for each level.

  • JC1 – 9% binary commission, gets 0.1 BTC daily and 3 BTC monthly cap
  • JC2 – 10% binary commission, gets 0.2 BTC daily and 6 BTC monthly cap
  • JC3 – 11% binary commission, gets 0.6 BTC daily and 18 BTC monthly cap
  • JC4 – 12% binary commission, gets 1 BTC daily and 30 BTC monthly cap
  • JC5 – 18% binary commission, gets 2 BTC daily and 60 BTC monthly cap
  • JC6 – 20% binary commission, gets 4 BTC daily and 120 BTC monthly cap
  • JC7 – 22% binary commission, gets 8 BTC daily and 240 BTC monthly cap
  • JC8 – 25% binary commission, gets 20 BTC daily and 600 BTC monthly cap

How Much Will Cost to Join JetCoin?

Basically, the cost of joining would depend on the level of investment plan you choose as there are 7 levels as stated above which could cost as little as 0.1 BTC and to as much as 0.8 BTC.

Nevertheless, you can choose to invest in JC1 which will cost 0.05 BTC but that level is not included in the JetCoin’s investment opportunity.

Is JetCoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

Ah ha, this is the question you may have been waiting for the answer. It will be easy to say that JetCoin is a scam or not without given any sort or reasons whatsoever. But I will start with JetCoin claims to determine if this scheme is legit or a scam. JetCoins stated on their website that they help people to make money by ‘’trading’’. Now, what I don’t understand is what sort of trading is taking place because JetCoin has not elaborated on how this trading is going to happen, which leaves a big question mark.

Yet they assured 100% of people to earn 200% ROI within 40 to 50 days, this indeed does not add up. The other red flag is also the fact that there is not any kind of background information as to who runs the company and where it is being run from.

Again, JetCoin does not have any retail able product that the company sells and ordinarily, any so called MLM company that does not have any product line is not sustainable and JetCoin claiming that they are the company that would make 100% of its people to profit instead of 97% to fail is a totally unrealistic. It is just a matter of time before the company crashes as a result of dwindling new registrants.

So, is JetCoin a pure scam or legit? I can authoritatively tell you that this is a scam that only benefits the admin and maybe the early registrants.


Much has already been said about JetCoin, if you are willing to try something that is 100% legit and free from a scam, then I would recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate where you will be taught how to hold the reigns of the horse yourself and build your online business from the best. As a matter of fact, I am a product of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

If you have any question please feels free to ask and I will be very glad to answer.

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