Is Mini Cash Pool a Scam?

Is Mini Cash Pool a Scam? A Must Read!

I don’t know about you but I have been noticing a lot of hype about the Mini Cash Pool recently. For the fact, you are reading this means someone has pitched it to or you may have come to know about it from the social media.

First thing first, I am not an affiliate of Mini Cash Pool neither do I promote it; therefore my review of it will be objective without strings attached, OK? I will do my best to explain what Mini Cash is about and if it is a scam or not, because as this scheme is making a buzz on the social media and the internet, a lot of people would surely want to know what’s up with Mini Cash Pool and that is exactly what I am going to do here in ‘’is Mini Cash Pool a Scam?’’.

What is Mini Cash Pool?

The Mini Cash Pool is also known as MCP is an MLM scheme without product for retailing. Upon getting to their site, you will see an inscription that says ‘’invited by Mini Cash Pool’’, then when you click on the sign up the system will automatically assign a sponsor to you from the website. Now, how they decide who is going to be the sponsor of a prospect that wants to sign up directly from their website depends on the design of the system. However, this can also be manipulated by the admin to make more money.

But I understand that the sponsor assignment is done rotationally because when I clicked to sign up I was assigned Sanjay Patnaik as my sponsor, but when I came back again to sign up I was assigned Joshua Niyi.

The website gets it traffic mainly from Nigeria and India which account for almost 50% of its traffic. But something that turned me off about the website is that there is no background information whatsoever as to who is running Mini Cash Pool. Interestingly, I was able to find who could be the owner of the website and his name is Ashish Raja, an Indian. I found out by clicking on the ‘’buy script’’ below the website and it takes me to Ashish Raja’s Facebook website page where I found out that he is also the founder of MY CASH POOL, almost mistaken it to be MINI CASH POOL, but the things is that both websites share similar names and have similar system of assigning a sponsor to new registrants.

Is Mini Cash Pool a Scam?

This shows that the owner of the MINI CASH POOL does not only run Ponzi websites but he also sells the scripts to people that wish to set up a similar Ponzi scheme and this is a red flag.

Mini Cash Pool Products

Like I earlier said, Mini Cash Poll does not have any product or products neither do they retail any on behalf of any other company. The membership of Mini Cash Pool is what is being promoted by members in order to earn a commission.

Another way to have an opportunity of earning money with Mini Cash Pool is to invest on AdPacks upon joining.

Mini Cash Pool Compensation Plan

Investing on AdPacks allows the member to earn a return on investment (ROI). There are 2 ways to earn commissions and that is by referral and investing on AdPacks that would give you the opportunity to 2% of any AdPack you invest on.

For example, there are 3 AdPack plans namely, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and this is how it works

  • Bronze AdPack Plan costs $10 and gives you return on investment (ROI) $12
  • Silver AdPack plan costs $50 and gives you return on investment (ROI) $60
  • Gold AdPack plan costs $100 and gives you return on investment (ROI) $120

Whereas you will get a 5% commission from personal referrals’ cash invested in Mini Cash Pool.

How to Join Mini Cash Pool

Joining the Mini Cash Pool is free but in order to be active and earn commissions, you have to invest real cash into it. You can decide to buy whatever plan you desire as stated above.

Is Mini Cash Pool a Scam?

I will not call it an outright scam because it is not as though some people are not making money from it, but the system or the scheme is such that would hurt a lot of people at the end of the day, it is just a matter of time. Therefore, if you are planning or have an interest in joining Mini Cash Pool, just have in mind that it is not reliable even though some may call it an online income opportunity.


The success or the longevity of a scheme like this depends on many factors one of which is the person behind it. Is the person honest, does he have the interest of the people at heart even as he also makes money from the scheme? But from what I understand, the owner of the Mini Cash Pool does not give a hoot about anyone it is all about what he can make out of the business he established. If you have the interest of the people why would he have more than one such website?  Upon that, he sells the script to others to go on and open many more of such website encouraging all kinds of people to own a Ponzi website.

If you are going to participate, just know that the owner does not really care about you but only wants you to patronize his scheme. But if you are willing to try something 100% legitimate, then I would recommend my #1 program that would help you to become a successful affiliate marketer by promoting and recommending other people’s products in order to earn commissions.

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