Is MMM Global a Scam-Read Before You Join

Is MMM Global a Scam-Read Before You Join

There is this buzz about MMM in all the countries it has launched in. Even in my native Is MMM Global a Scam-Read Before You Joincountry Nigeria, everyone is talking about it (those that have heard about it). I must admit, it is spreading like wildfire across the world. MMM Global is present in over 118 countries all over the world including Nigeria that is the latest country on the list. According to my findings, more than 130 million people have joined the bandwagon, even though there are ‘’red flags’’ that suggest that MMM is a Ponzi. Now the question is, is MMM Global a scam?

That is the one million dollar question everyone wants to know, right? I want to know, and I am pretty sure you that are reading this right now want to know.

I have been in online business for a while now and I have seen different ways of how to make money online most of which are a scam. So, this experience made me paranoid and skeptical…(you won’t blame me as I had fallen for one or two when I just started out).

Then I came across MMM Global, and the activities surrounding it appear to be too good to be true! Out of curiosity and interest, I decided to review this program. Sometimes, I have to participate in a program I wish to review in order to get the firsthand experience (usually with a high level of caution) before the review.

What is MMM Global?

MMM Global is owned and founded by Sergey Mavrodi .It is a mutual aid fund or social financial network as it is fondly called but has a pyramid system of a transaction to it. But how it actually works is where people exchange (usually spare money) money for one another. For example, when you help someone with a certain amount of money in the Global Community you will now get 30% of the money added to the initial amount you paid to the person after 30 days. You get 30% of any amount you contribute in MMM Global after 30 days. It is not as if the money you contribute goes to the founder/owner of MMM Global but to someone in the community that needs it.

In a nutshell, MMM Global connects people that wish to help, and people that need help together to solve their common problem. At the end of the day everyone gains and benefits from the community. Another way to make extra cash is by referrals. If you are able to refer someone to register under you, you get 10% of what the person wishes to invest with (the 10% is not given to you directly from the money he pays but from the community)

If you become a manager in MMM Global there are other benefits you will get as your responsibility is to invite, educate, advise and assist new members in the community. You get 5% from the investment of the person under you, and 3% from the investment of the person that is under the person that is under you, and 1% from the investment of the third person in line under you and so on and so forth.

Does it Work?

I investigated and I found a pretty lot of information. But let me come easy so that you will understand me. Does it work? Yes, it works. Virtually everyone that is a member is singing a new song. I dug deeper to find out if there is any person that is aggrieved with MMM, but found NONE!

This intrigued me to further snoop around but everything in MMM Global is good at the MOMENT!

The Bad News

The bad news is that there are some people with the opinion that this is too good to be true and it is only a matter of time before it crashes. There is also a disturbing revelation about the founder running a Ponzi (Pyramid) way back in 1989/1994 in Russia and other series of scandals that followed. Click here to read more about this. The South African government launched an investigation into their activities because they felt it was a Ponzi and fraudulent until the South African supporters staged a protest. So also in China, it was banned because it was not registered and cannot be registered because the government felt it was a fraudulent scheme.

MMM Charity and The Founder’s History

MMM has it charity organization that has been able to help people in different parts of the world, especially children in India, South Africa, Zambia, Indonesia, Russia, and many other countries. Sergey Mavrodi the founder is said to have a degree in mathematics, and also part of the people that developed the first operating system because he worked as a programmer. He was once a Deputy of the Russian Parliament. His poems and screenplays were made into songs and movies respectively. While his other works were published and sold in bookstores. These are few of what he has accomplished.

My Take

Presently, MMM Global is spreading like wildfire, whether we like it or not. It uses even bitcoins as payment processor which means it doesn’t really matter where you are around the world you can still participate. In a little more than 5 years it has spread its tentacles in over 118 countries and over $14b in assistance. As far as NOW is concerned, MMM Global is growing.


There are no promises or guarantees. Participants only help each other by sending money directly to a person without any intermediaries. As a matter of fact, we may like to refer to the money we use as an ‘’investment’’ but in the real sense there is no such thing as that but simply ‘’person sending money to another without intermediaries’’! There is no even relationship with the professionals of the security market.

So, what am I trying to say is, there are RISKS! Wins might not be paid and there is nothing you can do about it. If you wish to join, I will advise using the amount you know you can forgo in case you lose. And if everything works out well, use the profit proceed to continue to ‘’invest’’ just in case anything happens.
Therefore, take stock, before you leap!


I have taken stock and decided to join IF YOU WISH TO JOIN YOU CAN CLICK HERE or if you need help you can holler at me and I will be more than glad to help.

Finally, MMM is not a get rich quick program but you may get by from the money you are making from it and may even become rich at the long run depending on the money you are contributing. BUILDING AND OWNING A WEBSITE IS THE SOLID ROCK TO LIBERATE YOURSELF FROM FINANCIAL CRISIS.CLICK HERE TO  JOIN the community that is building their financial future.

Do drop any comment, question, or experience you may have had with MMM Global anywhere in the world.

6 thoughts on “Is MMM Global a Scam-Read Before You Join

    1. If you must register make sure you use your spare money just in case. And please ensure you read the article very well before making any decision.

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It sounds very interesting, but I’ve had bad luck with MLMs… I signed up and worked on the wrong ones. Heck, the ones that have lasted over 20 years are the ones everybody said was a pyramid, and “already had too many people in it”. Well, had I stuck with those instead of bad experiences with my choices… I’d have a bigger bank balance!

    This definately is worth a closer look, and I’ll come back through your site if I decide it’s for me. Thanks again!

    1. Hello, Ted, I don’t like MLM either but MMM is different. The reason is that you get 100% or 30% worth of the money you used for giving help. But I would rather advise that you be careful because there is a considerate amount of risk in MMM Global going by its history. People have lost their money in MMM in some countries.

  2. Hey Nnamdi,

    I’m not into MLM because I could never accept some of their compensation plans. There are MLM programs that I feel benefit the top level marketers while making those at the lower levels slog like crazy.

    Honestly, I’ve not heard about MMM Global but it looks like something I want to stay away from.

    You mentioned here that a member transfers funds to another, based on needs. Is there any system to ensure that members are tranferring to people who are genuine in their intentions.

    I’m sorry but I still prefer straightforward marketing like in affiliate marketing – promoting products that people really need.

    1. Well, Zailinah, MLM has some risks to it because you will always be advised to use the money you can afford to lose for MMM. However, it is not my real way of making money online, though, Affiliate Marketing is and still the best.

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