Is My Funnel Empire a Scam? Read this before you join!

Is My Funnel Empire a Scam? Read this before you join!

Obviously you are here to find out if My Funnel Empire is a scam or not, right? If so, you are at the right place because I will make it as simple as I can for you to understand what My Funnel Empire is all about and if it is legit. Gone are the days when someone will just dive head first into any type program he sees online or on the internet because he might just hit a rock instead of to hit the ground and running. I guess you know what I mean, and believe me, I have seen my own share of the good, the bad and the ugly online (I don’t mean the movie, lol).

OK, what was the question again? Oh, is My Funnel Empire a Scam? This you will know by the time you are done reading this post. But let’s start this way:

What is My Funnel Empire?

My Funnel Empire is basically a lead capture system designed and owned by Bryan Winters, can be found on, it is free to join, no credit card needed. Members can use this system to capture leads for the product owner so as to earn commissions if the leads make a purchase of products or services from the system; this is how affiliates make money from this system.

The products and services that are sold through this system are on the platform of Remember ClickBank? is just like where all kinds of programs and services are sold with a 60-day money back guarantee just in case a customer doesn’t like a product/service purchased he will have a chance to request for his money back.

So, allows or gives product owners the platform to sell their stuff and this system My Funnel Empire has about 5 in-built products that you could sell to your leads and earn commissions.

In a nutshell, to register is free but you will have to spend money at some point when trying to set up your ‘’My Funnel Empire’’ account.

Is My Funnel Empire a Scam? Read this before you join!


  • You can probably start making money with this system if you are someone that grabs things quickly but like I said you will have to spend some money signing for several services that would help you start making money.
  • You will get some training that would reveal new ways you probably don’t know existed to make money online.
  • Once the system is all set up it will be on autopilot.
  • You will make a whole lot of money if you decide to sign up for the inbuilt products and can be managed from your dashboard.


  • Before you finally sign up, there is this roller coaster of screens with instructions with what you must do and there are several stages like that.
  • This system could be very difficult to sell when many people have signed for it because it will be highly competitive and difficult to sell.
  • Bryan Winters says it is for inexperienced and experienced but it takes a whole lot of time and effort to get through the training, especially when you have to sit out for more than an hour watching the training video.
  • The steps happen to be more confusing even as you progressed. You will always be told that you will make more money if only you buy the next product, but remember it all started as a ‘’free’’ signup remember.


My Funnel Empire may not be a scam but I will not recommend it. To be honest, there are a whole lot of things I don’t even understand because of how confusing the system is. Now, they talked about in one hand and talked about using in registering or setting up your account and receiving a commission.

Why promoting this 5 in-built products through this funnel when you can promote it directly from or Oh, they will argue that the system will help you to generate leads easily and ultimately make a lot more sales. Well, if you have nothing doing, then you might go through the rigorous stages of registering and spending money because you will have to do that in order to activate your funnel and you will probably make no money.

This system to me is not something so special because there are other ways you can build your online business that will thrive probably forever. If you are willing to do something that is not promising to make you money instantly but would after doing all you have to at the long run you will be having a lasting online business that would serve as your retirement benefit then click right here to register for my #1 Online Program.

One final note, there is no such thing as an easy way of making money online, you must work for it.

7 thoughts on “Is My Funnel Empire a Scam? Read this before you join!

  1. Hi there, looks like a program that is not a scam as you said, but it’s so confusing and difficult to use.

    I was about to try it out until you saved my time with this honest review.

    Just clicked on your #1 program, after posting this comment and will check it out, is that the program that helped you to start this awesome website?

    Looks like a great program!

    Thanks for sharing Anis 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    It actually sounds a lot like a scam.
    I’m still not sure how can you make money from the program. Do you sell things?

    Also, how does the system generates leads?
    I just don’t understand why should I invest money in this?

    1. Hello Ido, if you had read the article and still don’t understand what I wrote concerning My Funnel Empire, then you might even be a lot more confused when you subscribe to it. I will only suggest that you don’t go there instead invest your time and money in something worthwhile.

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