Is Paid in Circles a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Paid in Circles a Pure Scam or Legit?

The Paid in Circles is indeed is really getting popular among some people on the internet especially the social media and they frantically promoting it left, right and center to whoever would care to listen. It is basically the new scheme on the block given the fact that there are many others like it that have surfaced before.

Nevertheless, I wish to let you know that I am not a member of Paid in Circles neither do I promote it in any way and therefore my review on it will be objective free from any conflict of interest. I hope that by the time you are done reading my Paid in Circles review you will be better informed to make a wise decision for yourself.

What exactly is Paid in Circles?

First of all the URL of this website is and it falls within the MLM niche of online income opportunity. However, it does not have any retail able product to boast of and I am not surprised because I have come across many of it likes recently and they all appear to be doing well at one point in time or the other but the problem with this type scheme is that there is always an imminent crash and it is just a matter of time.

Now that we know there is no retail able product what exactly do they do? Good question, the thing is that Paid in Circles have their membership available to members to promote it and get other people to join so that they too can earn some commission. They also allow members to have access to what they call ad credits upon joining the scheme.

I also looked up their background information on their website but unfortunately but not surprised could find any. They do not have any sort of information as to who runs or operates the website/company made available to their prospects on their official website. This is always a red flag for me because I see it as they are not comfortable revealing their identities and why is that if what they are doing is legit?

The secondary possible place of finding such information would be at the domain name registration but that also was a brick wall and could only find the date of registration which was on the 2nd of June 2017 and I couldn’t see the background information here because it was registered privately. So, they made sure to conceal this information both from their official website and on the domain name registration too, good try.

Any Product for Paid in Circles?

Well, like I said earlier on that Paid in Circles does not have any product or services it offers except for members to promote it to other people and get them to join and upon joining the Paid in Circles members would have access to what Paid in Circles refers to as ‘’Product package’’ ad credits.

Paid in Circles Compensation Plan

Paid in Circles operates 2 matrix systems which are 2×1 and 4×1 by four tier matrix Circler. Members pay $7 upon joining the Paid in Circles scheme in order to secure a position in the matrix.

What these matrices mean is that in 2×1 you join and get 2 positions opened to you which you need to fill and in the case of 4×1 is that you have 4 positions opened to you which you need to fill. However, these positions are filled by direct and indirect recruitment and a circle is generated when these positions are filled and then you will move to the next tier.

This is the example below

  • Circle 1 – Member pays $7 to get into the 2×1 matrix and when the 2 positions are filled they simply go on to the next tier because a Circle has been generated but no commission earned in this level.
  • Circle 2 – Upon the completion of the 2×1 matrix the member joins the 4×1 matrix; upon filling the 4 positions under him he moves to Circle 3, again, no commission earned here.
  • Circle 3 – Using the same 4×1 matrix, the member gets $40 commission upon the completion of the circle by filling the positions. He now goes on to the final tier which is circle 4.
  • Circle 4 – At this point, the member earns $168 in commission after the circle has been triggered and new positions for Circle 1, 2 and 3 is generated.

In addition to these a member also stands the chance to earn through referral commissions but the commission is determined by which Circle your personally recruited person is able to Circle out of.

See example below

  • A member earns $2 if his personally recruited member is able to complete Circle 1
  • A member earns $2 if his personally recruited member is able to complete Circle 2
  • A member earns $5 if his personally recruited member is able to complete Circle 3
  • A member earns $40 if his personally recruited member is able to complete Circle 4

How Much Does it Cost to Join Paid in Circles?

It will cost a minimum of $7 to join the income opportunity of Paid in Circles but you can as well join for free without paying anything but that also means you are not active and therefore will not be able to earn anything.

There is also a weekly subscription fee that the Paid in Circles deducts from your subscription wallet where a few commissions are kept. This means they will deduct this weekly subscription fee automatically if there is any available amount in your subscription wallet.

Is Paid in Circles a Pure Scam or Legit?

This is always the big question after the smoke settles, is Paid in Circles a pure scam or legit? Well, there is no conclusive answer to this question as some people have the opinion that it is a scam based on their on their view while there are others who also think otherwise. However, it is obvious that Paid in Circles looks attractive with the theory of earning $208 with just $7, but even with that, that does not make it legit and it is complicated than that.

It is complicated because you are not even sure if you are going to be able to complete all those Circles and eventually earn the $168 or $208 at the end. It is complicated because this whole thing is a Ponzi scheme that pays other members ROI with the new members’ investment. So what happens if there inadequate members registering? This means it will simply crash and who goes home smiling to the bank? The Admin/Owner, either way, will always be the one ripping off the scheme and the unfortunate members will be the ones to bear the loss.


One might argue that that losing $7 is reasonable and therefore will try and see if earning the $208 is possible. Remember, you are not only investing $7, you are also investing your time and effort trying to convince others to join and I must say is not an easy task especially when it has to do with Ponzi schemes such as the Paid in Circles.

Moreover, somehow you may have to live with the guilt that you are trying to exploit them for your own gain. And the question remains, all in all, does it really worth all that trouble? Or you can choose to build your own legitimate online business that will make you money probably for the rest of your life, and yes it may not be easy to realize but you will succeed if you put your mind to it.

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