Is Prime My Body a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Prime My Body a Pure Scam or Legit?

Just so you know, I am not an affiliate of Prime My Body neither do I promote it in any way. Therefore, this review is based on my findings and it is objective with no strings attached.

Prime My Body is undoubtedly making rounds on the social media and all over the internet. Perhaps you may have been approached by the members to get you to join and maybe that is the reason why you are here to find out if Prime My Body is a pure scam or legit.

If peradventure you are here to make findings before joining the Prime My Body, then you have made a good decision and you won’t be disappointed that you sought to find out about the website/business.

What is Prime My Body all about?

As you may have noticed, obviously they are in health and wellness MLM Company that is based on the sales of nutrition based supplements and recruiting of members/affiliates.  The owner is Paul Rogers and the company is being operated from Texas, in the United States of America and there is also a co-founder by the name Brian Cummings.

Paul Rogers happens to own another company called DIMG which stands for Digital International Media Group which also happens to be the parent company for Prime My Body. Paul Rogers’s first MLM venture started way back in 2013 with CieAura, which offered what is called holographic chips to its consumers, that supposedly increase energy levels, reduce allergies, relieve chronic pain and even more.

However, CieAura ceases to exist because the website is no longer in business, at least that’s what I got from the website when I tried a visit. Upon clicking on the URL the website opens normally, but try to click on the home tab it tells you ‘’Thank you for your patronage. CieAura is closed and is no longer in business.’’. The closure may have occurred in April 2016 and Paul Roger also claims Prime My Body has reached 3 countries, namely, United States, Taiwan, China and Mexico is being considered the next country to reach in near future.

Prime My Body Product Line

Prime My Body has a couple of products that the company and members sell to the end user or customers. These products range from anti-aging skincare system to nutritional supplements. These are the products and their prices below.

  • Prime Protein Superfood- MSRP $55
  • Hydrate Luxe Daily Moisturizer – MSRP $60
  • Vitality Life Boost For Men – MSRP $89
  • Lift Firming Cream – MSRP $99
  • Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil – MSRP $199

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

First thing first, if you wish to participate in Prime My Body as a member/affiliate, you will have to pay a recurring $39 per year. Then, there is also the option of buying a starter package of your choice upon joining the company. However, you mustn’t buy any of the starter packages but you are expected to at least recruit 2 people that will buy one of those packages listed below if they are interested in earning commissions.

  • Personal Pack includes a single bottle of NanoEnhanced Hemp and a month’s worth of commission qualifications- This cost $199
  • Starter Pack has 3 bottles of NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil and a month’s worth of commission qualification- This cost $357
  • Business Packs has 6 bottles of NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil and 2 month’s worth of commission qualifications- This costs $714
  • Premium Pack has 10 bottles of NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil and 3 month’s worth of commission qualifications- This costs $1071

Prime My Body Compensation Plan

Making money with Prime My Body could be either by retail sales or by referral or from both. Prime My Body affiliates can earn about 10% for every retail product that they are able to sell to the end user, and there is 10% cut for any order made by preferred customers.

Preferred customers simply mean people that have chosen not to be affiliated but ‘’preferred’’ to buy the product monthly (autoship) for personal use.

As for recruitment, the direct rates are paid out as a 25% cut of the starting package that your recruits bought when they sign up for Prime My Body. While the residual recruitment commissions are paid out through a unilevel payment system.

The commission rates being offered also depends on your rank and how much you have been able to generate in every 30 days which boils down to how much retail sales you have been able to make and the volume of products you have been able to purchase.

As you grow in rank and increase in PV amount you will be to earn more and more through the residual recruitment commissions.

Is Prime My Body a Pure Scam or Legit?

Here is the big question.  MLM is a pyramid venture that requires a lot of expertise in lead generation. The problem with this is that if you are unable to get leads and downlines then you are already in a problem because you won’t be making a dime. And there is also the compulsion in buying a certain package every month in order to remain active otherwise you will not be able to earn commission from a recruit you referred later.

This is the reason some people call it a scam because they do not understand how it works and I must say it is not easy to get recruits except you have mastered how to do that.

Prime My Body may not be a scam but there are things you need to understand before joining such as all that have been made mention in this review. When you understand what you are getting into you will be better prepared and even when it doesn’t work out you won’t have any reason to complain because you knew before you joined.


To be honest, MLM has never been my thing because of my past experiences with it. If I may suggest to you, I will say, forget about Prime My Body or any other MLM. But this is entirely my opinion because I think I have a better idea and that is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate Marketing allows you to have a total control of your business once you have been able to the needful and that is to learn and build your own online business website.

To achieve this here is my #1 recommendation that would help you become a professional affiliate marketer and you could sign up for free.

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