Is Project Payday a Scam or Real? Have a Peek

I have snooped around the internet as usual to get the answer to this question; is ProjectIs Project Payday a Scam or Real? Have a Peek Payday a scam or real? It is scary signing up with any program online now giving the rate of scams going on. I came across Project Payday on the internet just like everyone else…at least like some people, after all some found out through a friend or so. So, I decided to do my little research about it because this is one program that is being searched by a lot of people seeking to make money from home. Therefore, I deemed it necessary that these people could use a little bit of honest review of Project Payday, and that is how I came up with ‘’is Project Payday a scam or real’’.

Without further waste of your time and mine of course let’s delve into the issue of the day.

Is Project Payday a Scam or Real?

First, we should look at what Project Payday is all about. What they have to offer that will in turn earn you money.

That being said; when I researched about Project Payday, I got a considerable amount of positive reviews that suggested they are real and legit. I am a kind of person that is always hard to convince due to my past negative experiences on the Internet. For this reason, I even searched harder to find out what Project Payday is up to, because some reviews can’t be trusted. So, here is what I found out!

Project Payday Offers Two Ways to Earn Money Online:

• Fill out offers like Cost Per Action (CPA)

• Refer others to Project Payday to do same

This is how to earn money from Project Payday in a nutshell. You earn money for every task and action you accomplished and you also earn money when you refer someone to Project Payday to do the same. From what I have gathered, you can earn as much as $10 for referring someone to fill out a simple form isn’t that cool? Well, I would say cooool. But, the question is, how are you going get so many forms as possible filled in order to earn a reasonable amount of money? I will answer that in the latter part of this post.

A Closer Look at Project Payday

Project Payday, also known as PPD is a resource site, where you will be taught how to make money from CPA offers and they also provide these offers for you to fill out yourself or refer people to do it for you. One thing I don’t really like about PPD is that, there is a particular information I think that is misleading and that is where you will see ‘’make $40 or $80 per hour’’. This is misleading because, they will only get you to sign up and leave you confused as to how to make that kind of money in an hour.

Earlier on, I asked a question; how can you get so many offers filled in order to make the kind of money you would appreciate. Now, this can be done by your filling out forms as much as possible…but wait a minute. This forms you are required to fill have to do with you giving out your personal and bank account details. So, how many times are you ready to part with such sensitive information to many different companies that pay for these offers? OK, you might be thinking about giving bogus different information in order to earn more money. The question is; is that not a scam by you? Even if you succeed in doing so for how long would you be at it before PPD would realize what you are doing and consequently penalize you, and which could hurt your reputation too?

There is a Better Way to get this done

You can choose to fill out one or two forms yourself and drive traffic to your link in order for people to get it done for you. But this process requires a little bit of know-how. Which means you must have a way of driving traffic to your link and you should also have a good landing page that could make people to fill these offers or sign up to become one of your referrals.

This is a legitimate way you can make money with PPD. However, you don’t just join and you expect to start making money immediately, that I can assure you it won’t happen.

Is PPD a Scam?

Project Payday is not a scam but one thing you have to realize before you join is that it is not a get rich quick scheme and you will have to put in so much of your time and effort in order to make any meaningful progress. This is always the way things work with legitimate ‘’make money online’’ businesses. You will have to either decide to build a website or use money and channel like Pay per Click PPC via Google Adword or Facebook to drive traffic to your link.

It still boils down to learning and understanding affiliate marketing so that you can gain the art and mastery of promoting products or services professionally to people.

Final Word

I would suggest you look up my #1 recommendation that would help you to establish a solid online business that would probably earn you money forever. I am not here with gimmicks or some kind of promises of making 6 or 7 figures in a week or so. But this is attainable if you work hard within a considerable amount of time and you will never have to worry about money for the rest of your life. While you will also have the liberty of working at home, vacation, or anywhere in the world, isn’t that awesome? I guess it is. It all starts with the decision and action you are going to take today.

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So, is Project Payday a scam or real? No, it is not a scam…is just that there is a better way to get your foot at the door of making money online.