Is Raging Bitcoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Raging Bitcoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

Raging Bitcoin has been making rounds on the internet especially the social media. You may have noticed the hype about the Raging Bitcoin that cannot simply go unnoticed, being promoted by its members to other to join.

But I wish to make one thing clear and that is to let you know that I am not a member of Raging Bitcoin and do not promote it in any way. As a result, my review of it will be based on my findings,  objectivity and unbiased.

I do hope that you will be able to find your bearing after reading this article review of the Raging Bitcoin and it is wise as you have sort to find out if this scheme is worth your time, effort and money.

What is Exactly Raging Bitcoin?

Raging Bitcoin happens to be one of the many MLM schemes that are getting attention today on the internet and it happens to be also one of those that does not have any retail able product.

Aside from this, I looked up the website to get some background information that could help me understand it better but unfortunately, such information does not exist on their official website. Honestly, I am concerned that Raging Bitcoin is an MLM kind of scheme without any product line but I am even disturbed by the fact that there is no any sort of background information about the company.

All these are indicating one thing and that is one big red flag.  No any legitimate MLM scheme that would survive or thrive without some kind of product(s), and secondly, any legitimate business would ensure that its prospects know about the owner and where it is being operated from, but that is not the case with Raging Bitcoin.

There is one more place to look and see if any of this information will pop up and that is the domain name registration. Robert Reel was listed as the owner of Raging Bitcoin and it was registered on the 19th of May 2017. Robert Reel’s residential address says Indiana in the United States.

There was also an indication that Robert Reel has promoted United Games Marketing sometime in 2016 before starting up the Raging Bitcoin. Just in case you don’t know United Games Marketing, it is an MLM scheme too that started off with aggressive promotion even before its actual launch but fail to fly after all.

And with United Games Marketing currently on the decline Robert Reel thought to himself it was time to move on which led to the launching of Raging Bitcoin.

Any Raging Bitcoin Product line?

OK, nothing has changed since I earlier mentioned that Raging Bitcoin has no retail able products.

Having product is essential in MLM scheme as this helps the business to be viable. There are even some MLM ventures with real products that still fail how much more a venture that is supposedly an MLM going to thrive with zero products.

Raging Bitcoin Compensation Plan

Here is the big deal in Raging Bitcoin, in order to start earning commissions and income members are expected to invest and donate to one another through a unilevel system. Upon registration, you are supposed to donate 0.01 BTC to your uplines which will be broken into 6 places for 6 upline members. Then you will receive 25% on each of your personally sponsored members.

This is actually how it works when it comes to you earning in Raging Bitcoin

  • You are supposed to receive 25% from your direct sponsored members which mean you will receive 0.0025 BTC for each member, and they are on level 1
  • You will receive 0.002 BTC from each of your level 2 members
  • You will receive 0.0015 BTC from each of your level 3 members

I would presume you already know that the gifting is done by Bitcoin and not by cash.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Raging Bitcoin

If you have 0.01 BTC then you are all set to become an active member of Raging Bitcoin.

Is Raging Bitcoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

First I will tell you that the setting up of the Raging Bitcoin is all about the owner making money because like I always said, Raging Bitcoin is not sustainable. The owner would only hope that it stayed afloat long enough for him to cart away enough money.

Well in the case of Raging Bitcoin, the risk is minimal you may argue because you only need to invest a one time 0.001 BTC and you will be able to earn some commissions. Well, that may be true but that does not change the fact that it is still going to collapse and there are people that would have to pay the cost by losing.

So I will like to leave you with your own thoughts and decide if Raging Bitcoin is a scam or not and if you will go ahead and invest your time, effort and money in it.


Conclusively, even if you are lucky enough not to lose but to earn from Raging Bitcoin, one thing is certain and that is it will not last for a long time and you may probably make some enemies in people you may have introduced into Raging Bitcoin and were not lucky enough to make a dime you did but lost.

Or, you may decide to invest all of that time, effort and money into something worthwhile, something that would set you free from financial crises. You can own your own legitimate online business if you want and live ever after to tell the success story. Click right here to join Wealthy Affiliate where all your dreams will be made true.

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