Is Reliable Income Club a Scam-?

Is Reliable Income Club a Scam? Find out now!

The Reliable Income Club is recently making a buzz across the social media and maybe it has been pitched to you by someone, or maybe not. However, many people are selling are selling almost everywhere to whoever they can get to.

But first of all, I am not an affiliate neither do I promote Reliable Income Club; it came to my attention as the result of it buzz on the internet then I decided to have a look at it because I know there are people out there that would like to know if Reliable Income Club is a scam. In a short while, you will be able to know if this scheme is worth your time and money or not. Just read on…

What is Reliable Income Club?

We need to know what is Reliable Income Club, what they do, who is behind it and if it is legit.

The Reliable Income Club is an MLM (not the typical MLM) that was recently launched and it registration actually took place on the 30th Dec. 2016. Aside from this, unfortunately, background information about this scheme or website is unavailable. There is no information as to who owns or runs it on the website which is rather very fishy.

But having another look at the domain name registration details Linda Martin who also happened to promote ‘’Advertising Connections 4u’’ pops up. Presumably, Linda Martin is the owner of Reliable Income Club. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Advertising Connections 4u before but it was also cash gifting scheme website that is dead now; I mean it has collapsed.

The Advertising Connections 4u was launched sometime in the middle of 2016 and used a matrix system to operate until its demise. I tried to gather more information concerning Linda Martin but to no avail and I am beginning to wonder if this person really exists.

Does Reliable Income Club have a product?

This is the reason why I said earlier on that this is not the typical MLM because a typical MLM has product or products for retailing. But in this case, Reliable Income Club like other schemes like it does not have any product. Typically, members have to sell the idea of joining the scheme to others, in other words, affiliate promotes Reliable Income Club to others to recruit in order to earn commissions.

Basically, this scheme survives by the signing up of new members without whom it will collapse and this is not all entirely a legitimate scheme.

Reliable Income Club Compensation Plan

If you have visited the site you would have noticed the assertion ‘’earn over and over again only $20! Only 2 steps, level 1 and level 2. What that means is that when a member purchases the Reliable Income Club matrix position with $20, he gets $40 in the level 1. Then level 2 is purchased by gifting $40 to get $80 in return, it is as simple as that but not as sustainable as you may think because this additional cash comes from new members and recycled members.

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

It takes only $20 to join the Reliable Income Club in order to start earning money. However, you can still join for free but it is as good as not joining because you have not purchased any matrix position that will put you on the spot of earning a commission.

Is it Legit?

What would you call robbing Paul to pay Peter? Any scheme that the members donate cash to each other falls under the category of taking from the new members to pay the old ones. Therefore, it may not be a scam per se by but it is very unsustainable that at the end of the day many people will lose out.

The early members and the admin are the ones that will gain from this scheme because sooner or later new members will stop coming in and that will be the end of it.


Reliable Income Club and any other schemes like it are not reliable! They may and may not work for you and this could prevent one from looking or discovering real ways of making money online.

My opinion is that if you have a $20 you don’t mind losing you can use it to participate in Reliable Income Club because chances are you are going to lose it but if you don’t others are definitely going to lose at the end.

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