Is Royal Dragon Traders a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Royal Dragon Traders a Pure Scam or Legit?

The Royal Dragon Traders is getting a lot of attention from the internet especially the social media. Maybe you have not noticed but people are pitching this scheme to whoever they can and may be you have been approached by someone to persuade you to join. If someone has pitched this scheme to you I won’t be surprised one bit because like I said it is really making a buzz on the internet.

But before I move on with my review of this company I will like to let you know that I am not an affiliate to Royal Dragon Traders neither do I promote it in any way. Hence my review will be based on my findings and research which will be objective.

I hope that by the time you are done reading this review you will be able to know what next to do.

What is Royal Dragon Traders?

The first thing I do when I get to such website as the Royal Dragon Traders’ website is to try and find out the MAN behind the SCENE, the one that is running the show and where is it run out from. However, all I could get from their web page is how Royal Dragon Traders could help me make money and so on but nothing on who is running the website.

Is it not natural that you introduce yourself to someone you wish to do business with, especially, if you are expecting the person to trust you? Because of this, I am always very skeptical about anything that is done anonymously and this raises a red flag. But not just yet, I have one other place to look up and see if something is going to pop up.

So I checked the domain name registration but it was registered privately which means there will be no information as to who owns and runs it but it does show the date it was registered which on the 20th of April 2017.  This is yet another disappointment to finding who runs the Royal Dragon Traders.

But then I started looking for other ways of finding my answers and one of the ways is by looking up Royal Dragon Traders promotional videos and happens that Bjorn Hauge and Gary Granello were mentioned to be the co-founders of the Royal Dragon Traders. Nevertheless, I couldn’t verify by finding Royal Dragon Traders tied to them by them talking about it on Facebook or Youtube, so it is still unverified and I don’t like it all.

What is Royal Dragon Traders?

The Royal Dragon Traders is nothing but an MLM kind of scheme but without any real product for retail. Yes, all there is is the membership that is available to anyone that might be interested in trying the opportunity.

This AGAIN is something I don’t personally like and makes me weary and raises a red flag. But you have people that are so passionate about it on Facebook and  Youtube promoting it, one of the affiliates literary says ‘’I am so excited and I don’t know if I am going to sleep tonight’’. That were the words of one the affiliates during a Royal Dragon Traders presentation and I said to myself WOW, this guy has found a jackpot, nice try but not for me anyway.

Compensation Plan for Royal Dragon Traders

The Royal Dragon Traders have 4 packages laid out for members to participate in, in order to earn certain ROI. I noticed that the first package which is called ‘’Beginners’’ can be registered for with 0.05 BTC but does not have the opportunity of earning from any referral the member would have referred and this is no 2.2% daily ROI.

Below are the 4 packages

  • Beginners- Invest with 0.05 BTC, 5% Binary smallest leg and build your team.
  • Starters – Invest with 0.1 BTC, 0.3 btc, 0.5 btc, 5% referral bonus, 8% binary smallest leg, 2.2 % ROI
  • Leaders – Invest with 0.6 btc, 0.8 btc, 1.0 btc, 10% referral bonus, 10% Binary smallest leg, 2.2% ROI
  • Experts – Invest with 2.0 btc, 3.0 btc, 6.0 btc, 10% referral bonus, 15% Binary smallest leg, 2.2% ROI

Members make about 198% by the end of 90 days and they are required to invest back the exact amount of money as the previous or more in order to proceed. And as you can see on the packages above, affiliates’ or members’ earning depends on the package they are on and their referral bonus percentage is also determined on the packages too.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Royal Dragon Traders?

It could cost about 0.05 BTC to 6 BTC to become an active member of the Royal Dragon Traders. You can start small with 0.05 BTC or you may start with 6 BTC in order to maximize your potential earnings.

Is Royal Dragon Traders a Pure Scam or Legit?

As you may or may not know, there is a claim about the system the Royal Dragon Traders is using that it was developed by some software developers that have good records in developing a trading system. Now, I will not go into that as it all appeared to me as one gimmick to get people to trust them.

If they had developed a working software after 8 years of working on it 2 years of trying it then I don’t think they will be here running some website as the Royal Dragon Traders because they would have made money from the software itself and become very rich.

Issues, like not having a retail able product and not disclosing those behind the Royal Dragon Traders, is enough reason for me to discredit their claims. Some people already think this is a scam and some think otherwise, but I say it is not reliable and sustainable.


If you are really interested in joining the Royal Dragon Traders then I would suggest do so as though you are gambling because you may lose your money or can try something else I am bringing to the table. If you are willing to try something new then I suggest you try Wealthy Affiliate University the place where you can learn how to build your own online business 100% legit.

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