Is Royaltie a Pure Scam or Legit?

Royaltie is one scheme that has been making rounds on the internet especially the social media. You may have been already approached by someone from Royaltie trying to pitch the Royaltie hype to you. I will not be surprised if it so because the possibility of that happening is high with people pitching it religiously left, right and center.

However, I wish to clear one thing before I move on with the review of this company; I am not an affiliate of this scheme neither do I promote it in any way, therefore my review will be objective and with no strings attached.

That being said, let’s look at Royaltie and see what fabric it is made of, shall we?

What is Royaltie?

Royatie is an MLM company that parades Bluetooth gadgets as its product line, but we shall come to that in a minute. But first, the Royaltie website is void of background information that I personally cherish because that is the bit of information that could give you a hint or a clue of whom you are about to do business with. Obviously, it is always a turn off for me and a red flag each time I sought for background information and hit a brick wall.

However, it does show that Royaltie has an affiliation with Hiram Lodge Enterprise Corp as it parent company which also operates from Ontario, Canada, and its Service Agreement is also applicable to Royaltie customers or members.

When I tried to dig deeper concerning Royaltie I found some sales YouTube videos like the one below that indicated that a man called Justin Belobaba is the CEO of Royaltie. This company was launched sometime in July 2016 and a press release has stated that Justin Belobaba is a health, finance and technology entrepreneur. He has worked for North American Taxicabs where he created wireless payment software. He was named the ‘’Young Entrepreneur of the year’’ by Profit Magazine in 2010.

Is Royaltie a Pure Scam or Legit?

From all indications, Royaltie appears to be Justin Belobaba’s very first MLM venture and mobile app rewards program was initially launched by Royaltie. The Royaltie program offers its users 10% rewards on their purchases.

Royaltie Product Line

Royaltie does have a product line that includes  Bluetooth gadgets that can broadcast 40 to 50 characters messages in length to Android devices that are within 100 meters from the gadget(s).

These gadgets are called or referred to as ‘’Gems’’ and they are sold with monthly fee as follows:

  • 1 gem goes for $25 per month fee
  • 3 gems go for $49 per month fee
  • 8 gems go for $99 per month fee

If you wish to have more than 8 gems then you can add more by paying $10 per month. There is also a $30 activation fee that needs to be paid too.

First orders placed within the United States is free but outside the United States attracts the sum of $25 for shipping, however, every subsequent order costs $25. Upon subscription two months are prepaid while the subsequent subscriptions can be monthly.

Royaltie Compensation Plan

It looks like making money with Royaltie revolves around the monthly gem subscription fee. There are 14 different ranks affiliates can work towards to attain by increasing how much money is being spent every month within your downline on the gem subscription fees.

A monthly commission is sent out based on your rank and once it is up to $120 but you can potentially earn up to $85,000 if you really build up your downline very well.

What is the Cost of Joining Royaltie?

It is free to become a Royaltie affiliate however you have to purchase the gems in order to become active. You can purchase 3 gems for $25 per month with a security deposit of $50. But have it in mind that your monthly fee won’t go down if you purchase less than 3 gems.

Is Royaltie a Scam?

Well, from the look of things, I have no reason to call Royaltie a scam because it has retail able products. But what I cannot guarantee is if it is going make you money or not. People are already excited about it already believing that the products will help them to boost their sales that for those that are affiliate marketers.


You may try it out if think that these gadgets could be of help in your business or that you can make money from it by being its affiliate. Nevertheless, if you are willing to try something else like learning how to build your own online business then click right here to start.

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