1. Mark

    Great post, finding keywords is one of the most confusing aspects of managing post for me. Will have to try Jaaxy out, thanks for the recommendation.

    • admin

      Hello Mark, I totally agree with you that searching for keywords can be cumbersome and very confusing too. I use to worry about it too much too much in the past, but Jaaxy has made all that easy!

  2. Travis

    Jaaxy is a great tool to use for keyword research! I highly recommend it too. My favorite thing about Jaaxy is the ability to earn a commission advertising it or get additional FREE searches!

    • admin

      That you Travis for that contribution there.

  3. admin

    Yes, Vicky, a keyword word must make sense. However, in this case, it does make sense, but a clever one as you say, lol. And Jaaxy is definitely the tool to use for easy and best keywords.

  4. admin

    Hello Zannah, the WA keyword tool is great, but it lacks some other features that >Jaaxy has. So if you want to snoop around knowing your ranking position and having keywords that have a wider scope, then Jaaxy is your best bet!

  5. Marian Freire

    Very well written website. Well thought out and I liked the way it flowed. I also like you lightheartedness and how you kept me engaged. I also learned many things I didn’t know about like Zencache, and checking your rating on Jaaxy. Thanks for enlightening me. Great job.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Marian,

      I am very glad that I was able to get you engaged. It is one thing that is essential, to be able to engage my audience with some useful information. You have really encouraged me to work even harder.

      Thank you again, really appreciate and please do visit again.

  6. C-L

    Great article on keyword search tool free 🙂 I am learning all about this stuff and I feel like I am finally starting to “get it”. Jaaxy sounds like it will take a lot of the work and mystery out of looking for the best keywords. In the past, I have just kind of “winged it” and that obviously has not worked for me. Thanks for the easy to understand article. I loved the screen shots!

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