Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs-7 Simple Ideas

Many have been searching for ways to make money from home due to the nature of their entire schedule. Especially married people would really love to find something that could earn money for them while they are at home looking after their family. To be honest, working from home can be really helpful for stay at home moms or even stay at dads like me. Don’t you think there are stay at home dads? Well, there are.

Work from home jobs is also important for those that could not get a job or has a job but hates it. With the high rate of employment in some part of the world today, legitimate work from home jobs could be the savior of such people that could not get a 9-5 job. Moreover, there advantages of work from home jobs; the advantages is that one can afford to work anywhere and not just from home, work anytime it is suitable for him and would be in control of his time.

Depending on how committed a person is towards work from home jobs, it could even make him rich or at least make him be comfortable financially. I will list some legitimate work from home jobs for you to choose from.


Blogging has always been the number one legitimate work from home job because it is like setting or building up a business empire. Where you attract traffic of your niche field and offer your expertise, product or services. This type of legitimate work from home job is very real and many are surviving and making a whole lot of money every day from it. When you have your own website you can monetize it in many different ways such as by affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, private sponsorship, a collection of email addresses for email marketing, etc. So if you wish to start blogging you can read how to start a niche website here and how to monetize it.

Selling of Website

OK, this may not be for you if you don’t already know how to build a website. If you know how to build a website you can start building a website in certain niches and develop it to some extent and sell them off. There are people that do just that, people that do not want to manage a website or may even have a website of their own but still builds and sell. There are places where you can go and sell a website if you have one, such places are Flippa, buysellwebsite, forums.digitalpoint, to name but few. Web sites are sold for a good amount of money depending on how built and developed it is.

Paid Online Surveys

This mode of making money from home is not my thing and I don’t like it because I feel is time-consuming and gives very little. But that does not mean you cannot make money from online surveys, you can but it doesn’t pay you to free you from the financial mess and that is why I am not a fan of it. You can try CashCrate if you are interested in online surveys. By the way, I hope you know what it is all about, it is all about taking surveys of certain firms and getting paid for it, but again the payout is minimal although there are some that are high but with strings attached like having to upgrade your account.


If you are good in certain areas or should I say if you have got some talents such as writing, web design, graphic design, SEO, etc, you could use that to your advantage. You can sell out your services by having someone that need these services hire you to do the job. I know you can’t just sit at home and have someone come over and say, hey, I want to hire you! Therefore, if you have got any ability to write, or do any of those things mentioned above you can head over to Fiverr and open a free account right now to let people know what you can do. Sooner or later you will start having gigs that could keep you busy as they make you money as well.

Digital Product

You can also make money by selling a digital product especially one that is produced by you or someone else. Digital can be an ebook, a podcast, apps, etc. As long as it is useful to people you are going to make money from it. For instance, you can write on how to cook a certain special meal for a token and sell it on all or any of the social media such as Facebook. If you have a website you can sell it too on the website as well.

Home Tutoring

If you are someone that has a flare for teaching, you can simply start home tutorials. Why wait for someone to employ you when you can actually start doing something at home. Get in touch with a school or the community and arrange home tutorials.

Start Forex Trading

As a matter of fact, I started with forex trading before I ventured into affiliate marketing and blogging. You too can start forex trading and start making money; however, you must learn how to trade forex with right broker. Forex trading is one thing online that could make you a lot of money instantly so also it can make you lose all of your money at the same time. Therefore, if you wish to delve into that I would suggest you understand it and also find a reliable broker that would not disappoint you when the time for payment comes.


These are but very little legitimate work from home jobs that you could do. But if I should offer my own opinion or suggestion, I would suggest that you build your own business empire by turning your passion into a money-making venture. Build a niche website of your choice base on your passion, work, monetize and drive traffic to it and you are all set to smile to the bank. Although, it is not as simple as I put it here because it requires your time, effort and patience to make it happen. This website took more than 2 years to be what it is at the time of writing this post and I am still working on it.

Am I making money from it? Oh yes, I am but the thing is that I have to keep on working on it I want it to make more money.

If you have any question or contribution feel free to drop it in the comment box below or you can also send me an email.

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