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Make Money Online in Nigeria-2017

There are many viable different ways to make money online in Nigeria legitimately! With the high rate of unemployment today in Nigeria It will be a relief and liberation from financial slavery if you decide to use any of the methods I am about to explain in this post to make money online. Because as we are complaining about unemployment, those that are employed can barely pay their bills as a result of the meager earning and nonpayment of salaries as at when due. While some are even being relieved of their duties as we speak.

The situation is unimaginably difficult but you can choose to do something about it now once and for all by making a decision of starting something online. Quit complaining and start finding solutions because obviously, no one is ready to listen to you especially the government.

This is a sequel post to an article I wrote some time ago on how to make money in Nigeria. And I passionately stated ways you can make money online in Nigeria but this time I will be coming with other viable means of earning money online.

Niche Website

A niche website is an online business idea that would allow you to make money online with minimum competition and is a website that specializes in a particular group of people with common interest from a larger market. For instance, if you intend to set up a blog that is all about sports, why not narrow it down to football sports or basketball sports instead of just sports that are broader. A website that is built on sports may have difficult times gaining online presence than a website that is focusing on football because it has been narrowed down to a particular group of audience and thereby reducing the competition from other websites on the same niche that has already made it online.

So, I will be suggesting some of these niche websites that can thrive in Nigeria because they have little competition due to the fact many do not know they can make money from them.

Classified Website

We all know about,, and others, they are seen as a classifiedMake Money Online in Nigeria website where people could come and buy and sell stuff. Actually, I have sold my personal stuff a couple of times in, and olx and they were sold pretty fast. And that is the beauty of having such websites as these because people are becoming aware of selling and buying things online and therefore many more people will be patronizing these websites.

Compare the population of Nigeria that is over 180 million to the number of such websites in existence today you will find out that the ratio is good. Therefore, there is still room for more of such websites to be established and thrive because the competition climate is still healthy.

If you have one of such website you will be able to earn money from Google Adsense, selling ads space, affiliate marketing/sales and more. You can even make money from direct services to people that wish to sell their stuff urgently.

Don’t freak out because you too can do it. In order to start up a classified website you will need a good and affordable hosting, domain name and classified template and you are good to go.

Start a Forum Website

You can start a forum website where people come in and participate by becomingMake Money Online in Nigeria members. The example of this type of website is Nairaland and Guruslodge. The good thing about a forum website is that once it has been set up, it does not require so much work and update from the owner in order for it to flourish because the members are already doing that for him by sharing knowledge and ideas within the forum and thereby keeping it active and updated.

Once you have been able to get a good amount of traffic to the site, you are ready to start making money from it. The most common way of monetizing this website is through Google Adsense and email marketing. They say money is on the list because when you have the emails of members that have registered to the forum; you can always sell any other stuff or product directly to them using the email marketing technique with a tool such as an autoresponder.

To start up a forum website you will require purchasing the social media script and have it installed, buy a good domain name at an affordable price for a profitable niche, and hosting.

Entertainment Blog

I think anybody loves it or hates it when they hear that Linda Ikeji has bought a mansion orMake Money Online in Nigeria an exotic car. Well, I do know a lot of people are interested to hear success story notwithstanding if they like the person in it or not. But there is nothing anybody can do about whom God has blessed, is there? Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Bellanaija are both Gossip and entertainment blogs. The owners of these websites are undoubtedly raking in so money.

The good thing is that you too can start one! Yes, you can start a gossip blog for free except you have to buy your domain name which is very cheap as well. If you wish to start up a gossip website, you can start with either a WordPress or Blogger. But Blogger will be a good idea if you don’t have money because you don’t need to pay for the hosting except like I said earlier you have to buy a domain name.

Ways to make money with entertainment website is through Google Adsense and selling of ad space. Although, I have a friend that started a gossip website only to abandon it after a couple of months, despite the fact it’s easy to start up. What went wrong is that she started with a Blogger platform, and used a free domain. On top of that, all the content on the website were copied and pasted. The only right thing she did was the decision to start up a gossip website but every other step she took was wrong and sooner or later she abandoned ship.

Linda Ikeji has said it a couple of times that it was hard work that got her where she is today…and God of course. If she had been that lazy to write her own content then, maybe there wouldn’t have been Linda Ikeji’s Blog today.

Football Analysis Website

If you are someone that has an interest in football matches (which I presume that mostMake Money Online in Nigeria Nigerians love soccer) you will find this niche very interesting. There are very few of this type of websites in Nigeria which means there is room to succeed in it.

A football analysis website focuses on soccer match prediction and news. Do the math; there are millions of people only in Nigeria that are looking for prediction sites to help them forecast matches before they stake their money. So, if you can analyze a match then this niche is for you and I can assure you that in no time you will also be making a lot money. It does not necessarily mean you have to watch every match before you can analyze because you can simply go to a website like soccer24 and get every detail about any team in the world, both their past and current history will be found there.

Then there are other free widgets you can use in your website to be updating soccer free tips and all that.

You make money from Google Adsense, affiliate sales of any chosen booker, ad space sales and of course membership registration for sure tips.

To start up this website requires a free WordPress Sports theme, domain name, and good hosting.

This is one of the examples of soccer prediction site

Music Website

This is yet another niche that many people do not know that they could make money fromMake Money Online in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, the common website people tend to start if they wish to start a website is usually news and gossip websites and probably an affiliate website where they will be able to sell stuff from Konga and Jumia.

But music download website is one that is still green in terms of viability. That is why the likes of mp3naija, tooexclusive and the rest are making it silently without anyone knowing. Nigerian music is both cherished and loved by all (abroad and at home) and that’s what makes it even more lucrative. The good news is that it doesn’t require a super knowledge to start up one but just a free music theme or pro music theme and a good domain name and hosting.

With this website you can make money through Google Adsense, direct ads, paid music download, ads space sales, and membership subscription. You see, this one is the milk cow.

Cuisine Website

This is one website I advised a friend of mine to go into when she was at the crossroad ofMake Money Online in Nigeria deciding which niche to start with. I asked her what she was passionate about, something she could do with joy and excitement and she said ‘’I love cooking’’. Then I said great because a cuisine website is one that is not common even so about African delicacies. I told her about a couple from the US; actually, the man is a white US person and the woman is a Ghanaian, but they started an African cuisine website and it was a success because non-Africans love our food and they would want to know how it is prepared. So, for this reason, you should be able to see an outstanding traffic in no time.

Check out these cuisine websites such as kccuisine and allafricanfood and you will understand what I am talking about after all everyone has got to eat good food.

You make money through Google Adsense, ads space sales, affiliate sales and sales of eBook such as a cookbook.

Start a cuisine website today with free or pro theme, domain name and hosting.

Job Search Website

Currently, it’s like everyone is looking for a job. Days are gone when job seekers are goingMake Money Online in Nigeria from one place to the other looking for a job opening or vacancy because the internet revolution has made it possible for applicants to stay at home, search and apply for a job. Fortunately, not too many job search websites are present in Nigeria going by our population and number of people looking for a job.

The job search websites such as the Jobberman, NGCareers, Hotnigerianjobs and more are making it big. They basically make money from the traffic they generate with Google Adsense, direct ads space sales. If you decide to own a job search website today you can make extra cash aside from all that I have listed above through rendering special services such as CV making and consulting. You may even organize interview training and make money in return.

All you need to start a job search website is a job theme, hosting and domain name.

Things to Observe in Order to Succeed

If you wish to start any of these online businesses there are things you should know and need in order to make it. I will explain and list them nicely below for you to understand them.

Computer– this equipment is a necessary tool that you will require if you intend to start an online business. A laptop or desktop will be fine but I will recommend a laptop because of its mobility and reliability. You can always get a good fairly used laptop at the computer village or better still go online places like, efritin or olx you will find people that are willing to sell their laptop due to financial problem and so you will get at a very affordable price.

Internet connection– This is also a resource that you can’t do without. As an online business person, you will be spending more time online than you would offline because your business is hosted online. Therefore, you should be able to stay connected by whatever means.

Schedule Work time– as a serious person you should be able to handle and treat your online business just as you would treat a job you have in firm somewhere. Be organized and disciplined that you should have hours of time you put into developing and building your online business from the ground up.

Be Focused– this part I can tell you from experience is kind of difficult at some point because there were times I would be distracted by pressures around me, but I don’t allow that to be for too long or have control over what I intend to do. So, always endeavor to stay focused towards your goal which is building an online business that would eventually pay your bills.

Be Patient– I have always told people that care to listen that there is no shortcut to success. A friend of mine that was participating in the same online business school with me once told me that he once abandoned the program and went looking for other programs that promise a quick fix to making money online because the one we were attending was taking ‘’too long’’ for him. But he said he regretted because he only went off and spent more money on some flash in the pan products and gained nothing and he had to eventually come back home, just like the prodigal son story. If he had stayed and used the time and worked on his website he would have started seeing progress but it was a wasted one year.

Why this story is because of what impatience can cause and glad he had decided to settle down and give his business the time it requires and he is happy now.

So, be patient when you are growing your online business because it will eventually start making money for you if you are consistent with your work.

Bank Account– you will definitely need a bank account for receiving and making payments and if you happen to have a business deal with a certain online firm that does not pay directly to our local bank account (Nigerian account) as the case with Amazon Associates, then you will be need to open an account with Payoneer through which you will be receiving payment then eventually have it transferred to your local bank account.

<<<Read this Payoneer article here>>>

Treat your Audience with Respect– when you are growing your business always have it in the back of your mind that you are dealing with real people not some ‘’organic traffic from Google’’. When you have this awareness then you will be able to connect with your audience, and over time they will trust you and as a result, they will consider any suggestion you make to them. That is when you have real followers which are good for online business because it is going to make you an authority at what you do.

Be yourself– Do not try to be someone else or try to write or illustrate like Linda Ikeji because of the person she is online. No, be yourself, and be natural that way you are building a brand that is unique because you are only one of a kind in the whole world. And when you are unique in you writing or teaching approach then you will be amazed to see the number of people that would want to read or visit your blog.


I think this is about the longest blog I have written at a sitting but I like it because I kind of poured my heart out concerning ‘’make money online in Nigeria’’.  Don’t forget that the key to finding a niche is looking for that thing you are passionate about, then take it and build on it.

I wish I could write more but I guess there is another day after this entire website is dedicated to how to make money online.

Do not hesitate to drop any question you may have in the comment box below.

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