Making Money Online in Nigeria without Paying Money to Start

Making Money Online in Nigeria without Paying Money to Start

I have seen many people that have asked questions like, how can I make money online without spending money? Well, it is possible to start to make money online without spending money but you may have to spend money to some necessary things for your online business. For instance, you can start a blog website without paying or spending money to start it, however, you may want to brand your website by getting a custom domain name which will require a token. I called it a token because it is not usually much money but around $10 to $13 can get a domain from Namecheap.

Or if you what to start a freelancing job in Fiverr you will need a header image design (except if you are good with photoshop then you can design your own image) for your profile, therefore, you may hire someone to do it for you.

There are a number of ways of making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start but it depends. I will list them below with explanations so as to help you know which one you fit into.

Start a Blog

There are blogging platforms that you can start with for free such as WordPress and Blogger. But blogger will be the best choice if you are looking forward to starting an online business without spending a dime, however, remember that the internet connection is not free though. With Blogger you can start up with it and get a free hosting and domain name. But you should know that there are disadvantages of not using a custom domain name because you can’t sell the website if you wish to because it is not technically yours.

There are restrictions that could prevent you from doing some certain things and not good for someone that wishes to build a brand online.

You can make money with a blog by choosing a niche of your choice and start writing about it. Make sure that your articles are helpful and original. When you have populated your blog with a good number of articles then you can apply for Google Adsense and have Google advertise on your website while you make money when someone clicks on it.

Aside from using Google Adsense as a way of making money with your blog you can also make money through affiliate marketing such as Amazon, Clickbank, etc. Private sponsorship (this will be possible when your blog has attracted enough traffic) is yet another way to make money with your blog…, or you can even sell your own product on your blog.

Making Money Online using Fiverr

This means of making money online does not require any blog or website but if you have an expertise that will be fine. Let’s say you are good in writing an article, Photoshop design, web design, SEO, etc. It doesn’t mean you should know all of that, but if you do is an added advantage, but if you are good in any of them you can sell your expertise in Fiverr for free. Just go to this link and join and start making money by rendering your services to people online.

Sell on Amazon

You can also make money by selling your digital product like an e-book on Amazon for free. You don’t have to spend a dime to have your e-book sold on Amazon. You can always join through this link and upload your eBook and that that’s it you are good to go. However, you will need a Payoneer account in order to be able to receive payments from Amazon. If you already have an Amazon account you don’t need to open another account in order to be able to publish except if you don’t have an Amazon account then you will have to open one.


To be honest, there are very many ways to make money online especially with a blog, but the truth is that are you willing to start making money? You may have heard a lot of online success stories like Linda Ikeji and how she bought expensive cars and a mansion in the banana island and all that and you wish you could make money like she does. Well, that is possible but it takes more than ‘’a wish’’ to make money online. It requires you put ‘’wishes’’ into action and persevere and be consistent then you will be able to earn money online.

One more advice before I close this article, make sure you have the right attitude before trying to make money online otherwise it will all be a waste of time because if you come with the attitude of making money online without an effort, you will fail, if you come with the attitude of making money online in no time, you will fail! Online business is just similar to offline the only difference is that in online business you have the benefit of starting up with a $0 start up cost, and you can reach more people than you would in an offline business.

Aside from this, you have to work in order to build your online business, be patient for customers to come.

If you have any question you wish to ask, you can holler at me through the comment box below or you can use the ‘’contact us’’ on the right side of this website to reach me through email.  If by any chance you wish to be taught on how to build an online business like a professional, use this link to register to Wealthy Affiliate and also make sure you use PVN software so that you will be able to register otherwise, Nigerians have difficulty registering.

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