MMM Coin Limited Review

MMM Coin Limited Review

If you have observed lately you will understand that the MMM Coin Limited is really getting a great attention over the Internet and especially the social media. If you told me that this scheme has been pitched to you I will not be surprised one bit because that is very possible.

I will also like to make one thing clear, and that is the fact that I am not an affiliate of MMM Coin Ltd. neither do I advocate for it. Therefore, my review is based on pure research and findings and I will reveal them just as I discovered them without bias.

By the time you have finished reading this review you will be able to make a wise and informed decision.

What is MMM Coin Ltd.?

MMM Coin Ltd. is one of the numerous Ponzi schemes within the MLM niche. However, MMM Coin Ltd. is kind of different because it claims to be founded by the famous Ponzi King Sergey Mavrodi whom you may know that has established different MMM Ponzi schemes in so many countries. He started with the MMM Global in 2011 before he started creating separate MMM websites for individual countries.

However, before the emergence of MMM Global, he first established MMM back in Russia in 1989 where he operated without a website but a direct collection of people’s money and were stored in rooms. The operation went smoothly until the government of Russia arrested him for tax invasion that resulted in a huge amount. As a result of this, many people lost their money even their life’s savings in one go. Some argued that he was a scammer while some have different of opinion with the beliefs that he  Sergey Mavrodi has come to solve the problem of financial inequality in the society where the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.

Click here to read more about Sergey Mavrodi.

That being said, MMM Coin Ltd. claims that Sergey Mavrodi has the scheme established in order to take over and beat Bitcoin and replace it MMM Coin.  Nevertheless, I also found out that Louie Fox is listed on the ‘’Certificate Of Incorporation Of A Private Limited Company’’ of MMM Coin Ltd. as the Director of the company. Also, 11 Hartropp Rd. Liverpool, United Kingdom is listed as his address and being the Director means he has the highest number of shares of 23,000.

As the Director, Louie Fox has the total control of MMM Coin Ltd. affairs as far as the operations are concerned. I searched for more information on Louie Fox but to no avail because it just appears as if the man is a ghost.

Meanwhile, MMM Coin Ltd was incorporated on the 4th of April 2017 with a registered office address as 2 Knightsbridge Green, Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom.

The aim and objective of MMM Coin are to beat and replace Bitcoin in the future of Cryptocurrency, therefore, they claimed that Sergey Mavrodi wants 10 million users by his 63rd birthday on the 11th of August 2018 which is the time the coin is also going to be launched.

MMM Coin Ltd Product Line

MMM Coin Ltd does not have any product line to its name. It only offers the opportunity to the participants to invest in their investment packages and earn ROI. There is also an opportunity to earn commissions through their referral program.

MMM Coin Ltd Compensation Plan

The MMM Coin Ltd does not have any product or services that are retail able, except to invest with real cash in any of their packages in order to earn ROI in a certain period of time.

The following is their packages

Package 1

  • Invest $10 to $990
  • ROI of 8% weekly by 40 weeks
  • Withdrawal Wallet – 5%
  • Coin Wallet – 3%

Package 2

  • Invest $1000 TO $20000
  • ROI of 10% weekly by 40 weeks
  • Withdrawal Wallet – 5%
  • Coin Wallet – 5%

Package 3

  • Invest $25000- $50000, $75000 -$1000000
  • ROI of 15$ weekly by 40 weeks
  • Withdrawal Wallet – 7.5%
  • Coin Wallet – 7.5%

Direct income 5% with 3 levels

Matching Bonus 10%

Below is the screenshot of the Manager and Leadership bonus.

MMM Coin Limited ReviewMMM Coin Limited Review

How Much Does it Cost to Join MMM Coin Ltd?

From what I understand, to join MMM Coin Ltd is totally free but in order for you to make money from it, you have to refer or recruit others, otherwise if you wish to step things up and earn more money then you may have to invest in one or all of the packages available in MMM Coin Ltd which could cost from $10 to $100000.

Is MMM Coin a Pure Scam or Legit?

Well, I have a lot of questions regards to the claims of MMM Coin Ltd, and one of such claims is that Sergey Mavrodi is the founder of this scheme. I don’t believe that at all and I think whoever that is behind this scheme is trying to use the name MMM to further his own interest. Sergey Mavrodi is a well known and controversial name in the world of Ponzi whom has been indicted and still persisted with his ideology and ventures undeterred.

If Sergey Mavrodi is behind the MMM Coin Ltd, he would have personally promoted it by providing a video of some sort. But in this case, there is no reason to believe that he is the one behind it and we have cases where there are a whole bunch of schemes like this that have also claimed that he was the founder and he has come out in some cases to let the people know that he is in no way in connection with any of those schemes. For the fact that they have MMM as part of the name or make their website to look like the ones he owns does not make them his own.

Therefore, whoever that is running the MMM Coin Ltd is trying to ride on the pedigree of Sergey Mavrodi in order to gain trust from people. So, I will rather say be careful with this type of schemes because they are all over the internet seeking whom to devour.

Moreover, have it in mind that people are bound to lose their money in this type of schemes when they crash. The question it is not will it happen with MMM Coin Ltd, but it is when it will happen because it is inevitable and at the end of the day, the admin will always smile to the bank, beware!


I have seen so many people desperate of making money online and they are susceptible to schemes like the MMM Coin Ltd and this is unfortunate. But now that you have the opportunity of reading this review you can also avoid making the same mistakes others make by taking the\A right path.

I have a recommendation for you if you are willing to try something legit that also requires work, time and patience in order to establish your own online business that will make you earn passive income for the rest of your life.

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