1. Marian Freire

    I know Karma has brought us together. I fell into the trap of MOBE, too. I just had Neurosurgery in Feb. 2015 & I wanted to find a home base business. I did what you did & believed their message. What threw me was having to pay $2,000 to be opened to lessons 7 through 14. I’m glad you exposed MOBE for who they are; a pyramid (MLM) company. I wish you great success with Wealthy Affiliate. I believe like minds have found each other for the betterment of others.

    • admin

      Yes Marian,

      That is the essence of this review, to create the awareness so that others may not fall prey to these people.

  2. Marcus

    It’s the upsells which are always a big problem for people I think, because then they end up spending a lot more money that they thought they were going to spend. But also, if it’s not good for beginners then I don’t think it’s worth bothering with. Don’t you think that training should take people from complete beginner through to expert?

    • admin

      That’s right Marcus, that’s the problem with this MOBE, When I was taking the video tutorials the whole thing appeared not to be for beginners, even though they said you could ‘pay’ for the services of someone to handle the aspect you cannot handle. Now, that is adding to the upsell is issue.

  3. daniella


    Yes unfortunately there are many scams online ! Hopefully, there are people like you to put us on the right track .
    Thank you for this helpful article

    • admin

      You are Daniella,

      To expose MOBE was necessary because it was painful the way they treated me.

  4. Glenn

    What a powerful site you have here, not only informative but so professionally researched. Beautiful

    • admin

      Thank you Glenn, and please do visit again.

  5. Arthur siew

    I already researched their 21 step, in almost all the step, it is design to upswell you and tell you bullshit motivational story and the program offer no value, you are basically buying the system to resell to others just the same way they sold their shit to you

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