Moms Making Six Figures-Could That Be True?

Moms making six figures! Sure this is an enticing line; who doesn’t want to make that kind Moms Making Six Figures-money? We all do, but the question is, could that be true? Could that be realistic? If yes, how? Questions like these need to be answered before trying to plunge in, right? That is why I have decided to have a look and review Moms Making Six Figures. This is serious, especially, if someone tells you, you can make six figures. You have to ordinarily ask questions, but not to just plunge in simply because the person has said so or have flash some shiny objects at you, and you now believe is true.

I have in the past encountered a lot of stuff/programs like this, only to find out they are simply scam waiting to steal unsuspecting person of his/her hard earned money. However, it is very possible to make 6 figures, but it all depend on what you are doing and how you are doing it. So, let’s look at the program, Moms Making Six Figures, to know if it is for real or not.

What Is Moms Making Six Figures?

Moms Making Six Figures is an online program that claims to help stay at home moms make money. Not just stay at moms, they claim to virtually help anyone that intends to make money from home. They are into selling of Melaleuca products, which is in other words, an MLM kind of online business.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Now, there is no stated amount for subscription, which kind of makes me think that Moms Making Six Figures is being secretive. As a matter of fact, this program is not descriptive at all. On the website, there is so little information as to how you are going to make this kind of money. Neither did they state the amount it will cost to join. They only have a welcome video done by the owner, Heidi Bartolotta. And an exhibition of testimonies from women that claim to have become successful through this program.

Is This Program Legit?

This is a very good question and which I will be very delighted to answer. Is Moms Making Six Figures LEGIT? I will like to answer this question with details and explanations that would help you to understand if this program is legit or not.

  1. First thing first, if a program is legit, they will not be secretive or economical with the information as to how they could help you make six figures.
  2. If it is legit, they would let you know if it is free or paid program
  3. If it is legit, they would let you into the program to have a peep
  4. If it is legit, they would let you know if you are required to put in hard work in order to be successful
  5. If it is legit, there would be a lot of testimonies of success recorded by members (which they have)
  6. If it is legit, there would be a lot of positive reviews for the program

In all the tell tale signs above, that suggest if a program is legit or not, Moms Make Six Figures program could only score a pass on number 5. Which means it scores zero on the rest of the signs. And moreover, MMSF always disagree that its program is an mlm kind of online business, even when it is clear that is an mlm.


The way MMSF presents it program to people, sounds too good to be true, therefore, I Moms Making Six Figures-would suggest you stay away from this program. If you are really looking for a way to make money online, such as six figures or even more (it is possible), subscribe to my 5 day lessons that would guide you through to how you can make that kind of money. Or you may check out my #1 recommendation.

Making money online is really possible, but it requires hard work and commitment. So, if you don’t have those, you do not have business with making money online. Because you will keep on chasing programs that promise to make you money at a push of button. And that will ultimately drain you of your money and time. I always like to tell online marketer wannabes exactly how it is, so that they can prepare themselves and succeed.

So, with no further ado, click on my number 1 recommendation above and join, it is totally free or you can subscribe to my 5 day lessons at the right side of this post.

I hope you enjoyed reading, please do not hesitate to drop a comment, contribution or question at the comment box below.

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