My Affiliate Marketing Story

This post is mainly for people that intend to start online business or people who have just My Affiliate marketing Story started, because, what I am about to discuss will give them an insight to what online business is all about, most especially affiliate marketing.

Many people fail in internet marketing or affiliate marketing because they started off on the wrong foundation. And that might be? Mindset!

You see, mindset has a great influence on your capabilities, hence if your mindset is not right, then you are bound to fail. Not just in the affairs of online business, but with everything in life; I think you will agree with me on that, but if you don’t, by the time you are through with my post you will understand why.

My Journey to Affiliate Marketing

I am from a country that is richly endowed with natural resources yet people are suffering; only the few are seeing the benefits of this endowment. We have three classes of people, the first are the very few that loot the country’s wealth in whatever position they are heading.
This class of people is the reason why things are so bad in my country.
The second class of people are the ones that have a decent job but always afraid that they may get to the office the next day and be told they are fired. That is to say, no job security, you may have a job today and tomorrow you don’t. This trend is very worrisome that many people would rather start whatever kind of business in order to be on their own.

Then, the third class of people are the ones without any job. And the number of the people without any job is so alarming; is like 65 to 70% of the population.

Now, what does that entail? This will cause a lot people to do whatever they can in order to survive, right? And trust human beings, they surely do whatever they can in order to survive, be it in the right way or in a shady way.

I Had To Do Something to Ensure Financial Freedom

So, because of the situation aforementioned, which I believe is similar to most countries, I decided to find a means of survival. I felt I could do that through the internet. I first tried forex and binary option, but ended up losing a whole lot of money instead. After several attempts without any fruition, I decided to quit. But I said to myself, there has to be a way, people are still living on what they make off of the internet, why not me.

One day, during one of my numerous searches, I saw one site with someone holding a check of 6 figures, issued by Google adsense. On the site it says, the owner of that check was a stay-at- home mom who made that kind of money by doing simple tasks from home while having the time to take care of her kids as well. As a newbie, that really had an impression on me, and I wanted to know more, I ended up spending hundreds of dollars on some programs that ended up leaving me broke than I was.

Now, my point is that, they made it sound so simple, that I too could start earning money as soon as possible. They failed to tell me the truth; alas they were after my money.

If you look around the internet today, what you will see are wolves looking for whom to devour. A newbie may not be able to see them, but they are there with shiny and fancy programs that promise to make you rich at a click of a button, or some automated program. They will end up asking for so much $ for these useless programs. And you will buy into it, because they will say the right words you want to hear. They will have these impressive videos with too many figures made by them or by some people that have used the program.

They will leave the important part from all the ads, which is, you have to work hard in order to make money on the internet. I guess, if they tell you that, you may not be interested to buy or join their programs. So they will tell you all you got to do is buy this program and you will be well on your way to success. These are likely the kind of people you will come across, because they are in the majority on the internet.

However, there are still very few honest people willing to tell you the truth and direct you on the right path.

You Will Have To Work Hard

If someone told you that all you need to do is buy this program or that program and you will not have to lift a finger to succeed in IM or AM, then you are in for a big surprise. As a matter of fact, 65% of hard work is responsible for online success, then, the ‘’right’’ program, and other tools that you may need will take up the remaining 35%.

So, if you are looking to start up online business/affiliate marketing because you are told you don’t need to work hard in order to make a lot of money, then you are already bound to fail. That has to change in order for you to make it in affiliate marketing.

I have heard people say, they make money online even when they are asleep. Well, that is correct only when you have worked hard and got your business up and running.

You see, that is one good thing about affiliate marketing, you make money even when you are not really doing much on your website. But this is because, you have already worked in the past, and still that doesn’t mean you will stop work entirely. So, this is only for those that have worked and toiled to get their business up and running. After that, every other thing becomes easy and you will continuously make money from work that you did years back.

Get the Right Program

Now that you know and ready to work hard in order to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need the right program that will guide you. There are so many things you need to know about building an online business such as affiliate marketing. It is recommendable that you join a ‘’good’’ program that will make that happen. Once you join the right program with your willingness to work hard, then, your dream is certainly realizable.

My Affiliate marketing Story


If you have the right attitude plus the right program, you will be fine starting online business. It is not as though you cannot get all the information you need to build your online business on the internet, but you stand the risk of getting incompatible ideologies that could be no good for you. And you may spend so much time looking up the internet for information and also having to teach yourself on how to do some certain things. It will be worthwhile if you get an affordable program that will have all the tools, support and even a community that share the same goal as you.

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a newbie or you are hoping to start affiliate marketing, which either way, just have these three factors at your disposal and you will succeed. Be willing to work hard and be patient, get the right program and have faith in yourself because you can do it.


  1. Adaora

    That was insightful. You really were honest here.Quite different from a whole lot of “its easy to get” i get to hear around the internet. Good job Nnamdi!

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Adaora, and if you ever intend to venture into an online business I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate that would set you on the right path.

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