My Leads System Pro Review-Scam Or Legit

This is My Leads System Pro Review! In this review I will try to be unbiased as to oppose to mlsp-min[1]most reviews that are found on the internet. When a review is biased, I think the essence of the review has been defeated. Because, reviews are meant to get a true picture, nature of programs or services on the internet, to enable individuals interested in those programs/services to make an informed decision.

With that being said, My Leads System Pro which is also known as MLSP is a network marketing program that is geared towards preparing and helping individuals that are interested in Multi Level Marketing (MLM). It is owned and established in 2008 by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Fanale.

What Do I Get If I Join This Program?

Basically, you will get a ‘mindset change’! Yes, they have the ideology of what you think you can accomplish. And they try to instill that mindset in everyone that is a member. This is also done to ensure that you are getting enough motivation to work your way up by sponsoring others, who will in turn market the program to others. Just like your typical Multi Level Marketing with a pyramid, where you are expected to get down lines and stuff like that. They have contests that is geared to make/inspire members to work harder, as the contest winners is duly rewarded.

Then there are the trainings, webinar, video and more. You will also be getting marketing training on Facebook, Facebook PPC, Twitter, Article marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Ezine Advertising, Blogging, and many more. Now, these, and many others which I did not mention here are the training they claim to offer to anyone that wishes to join.

And of course there is the support; which I understand is awesome. Not only can you get support from the official route, but also from the members as well.

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What Is The Cost To Join?

I just checked them out, and I discovered that, there are two membership plans, you can check here to see.  One is $49 per month, that will allow you to access certain trainings which is called the MLSP University, which I think is the basic membership. The other is called MLSP Mastery membership which will cost you $149 per month, where you will get more resources and tools than the basic MLSP university.

There is also a declaration by MLSP that, if you don’t purchase the Mastery plan, it may take you a very long time if not eternity to have a break through with their program. Now, if you don’t have $149 per month or $1449.97 for yearly subscription, don’t even think about subscribing to it!


They do offer 30 day money back guarantee. This is designed to have you subscribe to any of the plans and see if it is what you need, if not, yourmoney will be refunded back to you.


  • There are lots of learning materials and tools on marketing, on various areas as I mentioned earlier
  • Motivational contests to keep members on their toes
  • They do not claim it is an automated program that will allow you to make money without putting a considerable amount of work.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee, which will enable you test the program
  • There are updated webinars that are free and weekly


  • It is very expensive
  • There are many complaints of scam against the program online
  • Most of their marketing strategies require money to execute
  • You are kind of compelled to promote MLSP to others in order to make money.

My View

To be candid, I am not a fan of MLM business generally (I am not biased but honest about my feelings), and I do not like MLSP either. But based on what is obtainable from MLSP, I sincerely think it is not a SCAM! But the truth is that, it will take you 10 times the effort to make it with MLSP than any other kind of Online Business, such affiliate marketing. Not also considering the money you will be spending as an effort to get down lines.

I read somebody’s complaint, that he decided to get his leads through offline route just as his sponsor who has about 10,000 down lines, in 2 years. He said, he spent $3000 sending post card mailings. And he got 44 opt ins out of which he may get one or two sign ups. Is that not crazy? I have tried MLM before, and this is part of the reason why I don’t like it. It is just as though the rich are getting richer from the struggling members. Is that not pathetic?

That is the annoying part, the few that are successful are making it off the ones that are down the ladder struggling. Can you imagine somebody being successful with this, only for you to see that his/her success is as a result of some unfortunate struggling individuals at the bottom which are called ‘down lines’. And the thing is that, the struggling ones will be doing that hoping that someday they too will have the opportunity to be successful off their down lines. Should I call it a vicious circle?


You can go ahead and join this program after considering the variables OR you can check out my #1 training program. Where you will find a true reliable resources and tools that will project you to success. Without having to depend on ‘down lines’ in order to succeed.

I hope your questions were answered in this ‘My Leads System Pro Review’ and I will be rating it 5 out of 10.

Please do leave a comment, contribution or experience about this program at the comment box below. It will be highly appreciated.



  1. Chris Evans

    Hmm this seems to reek yet again of product owners getting rich whilst the buyer makes no money. I’m also against the idea of MLM products and this has something slightly worrying about it. As you point out – it is very expensive to!
    What would you say is the best place to earn online these days? Do you stand behind the recommendation you mentioned at the end of your post?

    • Nnamdi

      Yes Chris, my recommendation is something I strongly endorsed. I cannot put the reputation of my business on line just because I want to earn a few dollars if the program does not worth it. Wealthy Affiliate is recommendable both for pros and newbies and provides the resources and tools required to excel in Online Business.

  2. hope

    Hi there,

    This is a very thorough review of the Leads Systems Pro. Very informative and great information to help anyone looking at investing their time and money here. Thanks for taking the effort to make everything clear.

    • Nnamdi

      You are welcome Hope, and I also thank you for visiting my site and finding the posts useful.

  3. Jes

    Thanks a lot for reviewing the my leads system pro and giving your take if people should invest in it or steer away. What is the alternative that you mentioned at the bottom of you post?

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Jes for visiting my site. My #1 program is Wealthy Affiliate, why? because here, you will be able to start off your online business without a dime. Just checkout my review on Wealthy Affiliate and read more!

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