1. jon

    Great articles on making money online…. Very informative…! Nicely built website, lovely. Out of curiosity why is that nobody is using straight alignment instead of left is there any rule applies… ? Just personal thought & preferences.

    Nicely done and over all Great Work.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, I glad that you found my website lovely. As to your question, straight alignment or not it does not really make much difference so long your website site and posts are organized. So, you can use straight alignment if you so desire, however, this is off the topic you know.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for the review ! There are too many scams out there, it’s hard to judge whether they are legitimate or not. My mind is set for this one though !

  3. Chris


    Great article and review.

    It is good to read these because a lot of advertisements and videos pop up of all sorts of places that claim they can make you rich. Great to see somebody that has either tried or done extensive research on a program that may be trying to exploit others.
    We can now stick with your recommendations.

    Many Thanks

  4. Shane

    Thanks for your insightful review. You are doing a top notch job creating such reviews as this one. Unfortunately, the internet is plagued with scam sites such as this one in your review with the help of reviews such as yours there is still hope for a better internet space.

  5. siewmj@gmail.com

    Basically, it is MLM

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