My Millionaire Mentor Review- All is Exposed!

My Millionaire Mentor Review- All is Exposed!

What is it with the word ‘’Millionaire’’? To me, it sounds rather like one of those cliché thanMy Millionaire Mentor Review- All is Exposed! real because, realistically, you don’t go about telling people that they could become millionaires simply because you have got something you wish that they buy from you. It is something that turns me off at first instance about anything, be it good or bad in the real sense because the name alone has activated this phobia in me.

The internet today, is a saving grace for many as it has also become the bane of even a lot more people because its contents have either brought succor or distress to many. Therefore, I will urge anyone that is using the internet for any reason to be careful as to the information he or she is accepting.

However, I don’t wish to use my prejudice stance to judge My Millionaire Mentor already, but I will give it a fair chance by digging deeper and finding out what it really stands for and if it is for REAL.

What is My Millionaire Mentor?

My Millionaire Mentor is one of those sites that promise to make you rich in a short period of time, just like the name implies, it is founded and owned by Ryan Matthews. Just quick visits to his sales page you will realize how easily many people have made a lot of money through his 21 steps system…or so they claim at least. But wait a minute, if you are really, as in really interested in this program then you might want to read about Walter Green’s Free Money System. I recommended reading that because it will help to explain what My Millionaire Mentor is all about.

This is a program (My Millionaire Mentor) that promises to help you make over a $100k in a month, where you will be able to buy yourself a yacht, mansion, and exotic car. Yes, these are the promises and claims that Ryan Matthew makes. Now, I don’t want to get into been opinionated about this program but the more I research about it the more I get the feeling that my fears or my doubts have been validated.

Who the Heck is Ryan Matthews?

One thing you have to always look out apart from some farfetched promises some scam programs make is who is behind it. Is he real or some character created from the blue to talk at the background of the sales video? At best, they will hire actors who will come forward on the sales video to say they have earned a ridiculous amount of $ through the program.  They dare not show their faces because they know their claim is crazy! Let me ask you one question, have you seen Ryan Matthews in any of his videos? Oh, you don’t know, that is why you are here to find out. OK, this dude is not real because anyone that has a program especially one of that magnitude should be able to have his faces all over the places, after all, it is a noble thing that his program is making common people millionaires within a month.

But sadly, this is not what it seems my friend.

How does My Millionaire Mentor Work?

You will agree with me that every online business model has certain ways of making or earning money but not with MMM. It simply doesn’t have any outlined way of making money except for that sales video that tells you that you could become a millionaire in less than a month! Don’t you think that there is something fishy about this? It is not MLM, which I am not a fan of, neither is it affiliate marketing online business model.

The truth is that My Millionaire Mentor is just another redirect website that takes you to another site called once you hit the ‘’please Mentor Me’’ button which sales MOBE products. If you haven’t read about MOBE please click on the MOBE link and read the review I did over a year ago. This affiliation with MOBE is a big red flag which has confirmed my thoughts about My Millionaire Mentor.

How Much Does it Cost to join?

Remember, if you wish to join, you are not joining My Million Mentor but another website that has to do with MOBE products. And I can categorically tell you that you should expect some high-end products and upsells because I have experienced it first hand, just try and read my review on MOBE.

The initial and monthly sign up fee is $49 and expect to cough out some more dough upon signing up. You will basically be just a member without signing up for the subsequent upsells that will be thrown at you. Here is the picture, you will be expected to pay $89 for your website hosting after the registration and monthly fee of $49. Upon paying the hosting fee you will be redirected back to My Millionaire Mentor training dashboard.

The training you will be getting as a person will be learning how to use unethical ways to promote the product just so that you will get your investment back which means My Millionaire Mentor can only give back what it has and that is a crooked and dishonest way of making money online. You will have to do same by reviewing the program and giving it a positive review for you to lure people into buying it which will be good for you.

My Verdict

I don’t recommend My Millionaire Mentor for many reasons but I will give you some.

  • It teaches you to use unconventional ways to make money online
  • Even though with the unconventional methods they teach a member, hardly can the person make over a $100k a month let alone becoming a millionaire in a short period of time
  • There are many high ends upsells
  • The sales video is a big red flag as to how they present their program, even with claims of $500 bonus if you register.
  • Ryan Matthew is not real
  • Affiliation with MOBE is a big turn off.

These are few reasons why I would suggest to anyone interested in My Millionaire Mentor to back off! First thing first, there is no easy and shortest way to make money online, take note of that my friend. It is possible to make money online and even become a millionaire but not the ideology of My Millionaire Mentor.

How can a person pay $89 for hosting while you can get a far better rate with Go Daddy or even get less than $15 hosting from Namecheap, or better still, register for free to Wealthy Affiliate and get real training and 2 free websites + hosting…it is rather ridiculous!

Yes, I have a recommendation for you, which you can try out for free, then if you like what you are getting you can upgrade to the premium that will cost you only $47 per month and you have the chance of paying $19 only for the first month.

Let me know your experience with My Millionaire Mentor, or if you simply have a question please feel free to post in the comment box below.

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  1. Great articles on making money online…. Very informative…! Nicely built website, lovely. Out of curiosity why is that nobody is using straight alignment instead of left is there any rule applies… ? Just personal thought & preferences.

    Nicely done and over all Great Work.

    1. Hello, I glad that you found my website lovely. As to your question, straight alignment or not it does not really make much difference so long your website site and posts are organized. So, you can use straight alignment if you so desire, however, this is off the topic you know.

  2. Thanks for the review ! There are too many scams out there, it’s hard to judge whether they are legitimate or not. My mind is set for this one though !

  3. Hi

    Great article and review.

    It is good to read these because a lot of advertisements and videos pop up of all sorts of places that claim they can make you rich. Great to see somebody that has either tried or done extensive research on a program that may be trying to exploit others.
    We can now stick with your recommendations.

    Many Thanks

  4. Thanks for your insightful review. You are doing a top notch job creating such reviews as this one. Unfortunately, the internet is plagued with scam sites such as this one in your review with the help of reviews such as yours there is still hope for a better internet space.

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