Should I Quit My Job and Start a business?

Should I Quit My Job and Start a business?

Some people have Googled and asked questions like ‘’should I quit my job and start a business?’’ and some folks might see that as a stupid question because they will be like how in the hell should you quit your job? But the thing is that there are many factors that could make one want to quit his job, such factors are:

  • Not making ends meet from what he gets from his job (this is probably the most common)
  • The job distracts him from making a real commitment to a business
  • Just want to be his own boss so that he dictates the time he works and where (this has to do with online business)
  • Another reason is sheer ideologies that starting his own business will make him live in luxury such that he can afford to go on vacation to some exotic island, be able to buy a choice car and a house.
  • Yet another reason is that some people can’t stand taking orders or directives from their superior or boss.

Whatever reason it could be and is not stated above does not really matter but what matters is the fact that he wants to quit his job for reasons best known to him.

Should I quit my job and start a business?

Seriously, you don’t want to quit your job in order to start a business dude? Whatever validShould I Quit My Job and Start a business? reason for quitting your job you must make sure that you are covered during the time gap you will be building your business financially. From online business perspective (I think it is similar to offline business too) you don’t just start and start making money, no, you have to break the ground, sow seeds, water and wait for harvest! That sounds like eternity right? Yes, it is something like that. Even in an offline business, you don’t just start your offline business you expect to start reaping off already. It doesn’t work that way, you have to be putting money in the business from your own reserve until the business picks.


If I might suggest to you, I would say keep your job while you work on your business, just find a way to manage the two together, and if you are not sure the type of business you would like to do, then I would suggest you go into online business because of its time flexibility. As a matter of fact, I will be finishing this article with how you can manage your job and online business at the same time.

How to start an online business

I presume you already know what an online business is, but just in case you don’t know I will explain what it is all about. Online business is just like an offline business the only difference is that your business is not physical but virtual. But both share similar factors like making money, needing traffic to sell stuff, finding a viable spot for ‘’targeted customers/audience’’, etc.

To start up an online business (especially affiliate marketing because there are different types of online businesses) you have to find a niche just like what you will call ‘’type of trade’’ in off line business. You are advised to settle for a niche that is passionate to you so that you can relate to it over time and not get bored.

Build a website when you are done deciding which niche you are going use for your online business. Decide and buy your domain name and hosting. You can read about how to start a blog here, this will help you better understand the concept of starting a niche website better and I strongly suggest you read it.

Make sure you submit your site to Google and Bing for search engine presence which will ultimately drive traffic to your website. As these (Google and Bing) are the two major search engine we have and you don’t want your website to miss that.

Start populating your website or blog with useful content by writing articles in the area of your niche. If writing article is a bit of a problem to you, you may read how to write an engaging article for your website here, or you can hire someone to that for you but I will advise you to do the former. You can write for yourself and even better except if time does not permit you to write as a result of your job or something. But always find a way to do that if you can.

After you have written a good number of articles and published on your website, you can now try to monetize it. Monetizing can be through Google Adsense, Amazon, Walmart, or any other good affiliate program related to your niche. If you are interested in using Google Adsense to monetize your website then read how to apply and get Google Adsense account approved here. As for me, I use Google Adsense and Amazon to monetize my websites. So, it all depends on what works for you because niche business is all about tweaking and tweaking, testing everything to know which one works better for you. You will understand what I mean by the time you started.

And that’s it…

Things I Think You Should Know

Did I say that’s it? Well, that is the beginning because you can’t just start making money online by simply doing all of the things I stated above but that do not make them less important, though. Choosing a niche, building a website and monetizing it could seemingly be a walk over but where the real work is, is at updating, tweaking, and maintaining your website. This is the point that would either make or break you. Many people that have tried or ventured into online business will tell you that building and monetize a website is not always the problem but getting people to bite the bait that will make you money is the problem.

And why this is a problem is because most people think that making money online is by a push of a button and they will start making money. And when they tried to make money online and did not make the money so fast they simply quit. This could be attributed to a wrong mind set before getting into an online business. Therefore, it will require work, perseverance, and patience to see result online. If you have and accept this mindset chances are you will succeed big time.

Do not fall for all of these shiny objects on the internet because they are useless and simply designed to get to your credit card. There is not short cut or autopilot to making money online my friend but you got to learn and work to realize your dream. And it is very attainable, but you must be ready and treat your online business as a business.

Final Word

So, do not quit your job in order to start a business but instead, when you start seeing a positive result from your business you can now quit and fire your boss. But quitting your job might be risky because you could find yourself in a crossroad where you are unable to continue with your business as result of lack of fund and you have already lost your job.

However, I know it won’t be easy for both keeping your job and starting a business because the job might be distracting you from doing all you need to do about your business. Let discipline be the watch word and strongly believe in what you are doing. If you allow distraction to have a field then your business will surely suffer. But choose to be focused and you will never regret you did.

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