1. Chris Evans

    Top tips on writing a blog mate – very helpful and easy for me to follow. At the moment the location seems to be the downfall for me. I’ve got an 8 month old son in the house so it’s impossible to find a quiet location to write!!!
    Great article – will be bookmarking this to return to 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Lol, I am sorry, sometimes it is difficult even to escape to somewhere quite with a baby at home. However, I guess you have to improvise Chris. That is all you can do for now pending till when you have the opportunity for a quite place. As it is now, it will be taking 3 times the effort to write an article. Good luck man.

  2. Terry

    For someone don’t know how to write a blog you provide a lot of information. These lessons how to write a blog is great for beginners, and they could look back at your site for guidance while creating their blog.

    • Nnamdi

      Yes Terry, it is best for beginners that are struggling with how to write a blog. I believe with this post they will be able to kick start writing article without so much hassle.

  3. James W D

    You hit the nail on the head with the information you provided here! I appreciate that you started off with the Location! It is extremely important in my opinion that you do find the right location to work from. The less distractions the better as well as the more comfort the better!

    • Nnamdi

      Yes James, the location is the first thing you should be doing when trying to write a post. That will allow you to concentrate without distractions and all that. Thanks for dropping by man.

  4. I enjoyed your article. It was very well organized, well written, and also very informative. You also had very nice use of images. I liked how you ended you post with a “call to action.”

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Val for finding this post useful.

  5. Maureen

    Great advice. When you break it down into different section of content to write it does not seem as intimidating. Much easier to tackle smaller blocks of content. By doing it this way I am sure more content will be written.

    • Nnamdi

      Very sure Maureen, you will even write more when you break down your paragraphs into smaller blocks. I am glad you found this article helpful.

  6. Anele Siwawa

    Great article
    Learnt more than I already know.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Anele for finding this post useful and for learning more. Do visit again.

  7. People can believe that writing a blog can be very difficult and time consuming. It is one of the simplest things to do if done properly. This is a great post as it details things for the reader in easy to manage steps and is certainly worth a read 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Andy, I couldn’t agree with you more, some people are always scared of writing in their own way and pattern. But they do not realize, that’s what make them unique among other writers.

  8. Matt

    Great tips for writing blog posts. I couldn’t agree with you more. I always find it helpful to exercise before I begin writing mine. It really helps me focus and be productive. In addition, I typically try to write the same way I would talk to a friend. It feels conversational and helps build trust. Overall, it shouldn’t be too much of a burden creating great blog posts. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to share your thoughts with others. Take care!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Matt, exercise is also a great way to stimulate focuse and concentration before writing. Thanks for your contributions and dropping by.

  9. Nnamdi

    Yes Wendy, it was indeed difficult but Wealthy Affiliate really impacted me positively, to be able to write a better article.

  10. Cindy Fielding-Smith

    Nnamdi you have written a great article with some very important points about writing and making the most of it to make it effective. I will be taking notes of them, especially the introduction through to the conclusion. Great points. Best of luck.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Cindy for finding it very useful. And please do visit again.

  11. Akshay Thakur

    I started a blog but I am confusing about writing a blog post. But after reading your blog post I am going to write a new blog post. Thank you for adding the more detailed information. 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Akshay, I am glad you found this post useful. Just believe in yourself and be yourself and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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