Super Affiliate Network Review

Super Affiliate Network Review

I review programs such as the Super Affiliate Network because they have a compellingSuper Affiliate Network Review power to make a lot of newbies want to subscribe but then some people like you would like to take some extra precaution before plunging or subscribing. Therefore, finding out if Super Affiliate Network is legit is a step in the right direction and I will be helping you to find that path you desire.

Now, try and read the Super Affiliate Network Review with an open mind so that at the end of the day you will be able to make an informed decision. That being said, I shall start with what the owner or founder says Super Affiliate Network is all about.

What is Super Affiliate Network?

First of all Super Affiliate Network was founded by Misha Wilson and he designed the network such that it will provide all the necessary tools required for anyone that wishes to learn and build an affiliate marketing online business to it subscribers. It also provides the opportunity for you to become an affiliate that can promote Super Affiliate Network and stand the chance of earning 100% of some of the products it offers.

It is also training and mentoring program which requires a frequent monthly and yearly subscription payment. However, it focuses more on solo ads and email marketing which can be lucrative as a matter of fact.

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How much does it cost?

You can register for as a first-timer for $1 for 30-day trial then start paying $47/month subsequently or you can subscribe for $37/month without going for the $1 30-day trial and continue paying $37 subsequently. I also gathered that there is a VIP option that could cost a lot of money but the payment plan is sketchy, though. There is a yearly subscription for $297.

Who can it benefit?

Obviously, it was designed basically for beginners in affiliate marketing but also has a training and offer for the experienced marketers. Like I said earlier on, you can leverage on the program by becoming an affiliate that promotes it and gets paid.

What I like about Super Affiliate Network

Super Affiliate Network makes all their training offers available on their web page. You don’t have to subscribe to it before finding out exactly what you are getting.
It provides you the opportunity of a dollar 30-day trial which will be good for those that have reservations about the program. This idea also projects the program in a good light because it shows it does not have anything to hide.
I love the fact that it teaches about solo ads and email marketing. Especially email marketing because I am sure you may have heard people say ‘’money is on the list’’. However, I am not a big fan of solo ads, though.
I love the fact that Misha Wilson is dedicated to this program because he has another blog where he posts updates about Super Affiliate Network.
He promises a money back guarantee with $100 if the program fails to fulfill its claims, however, with strings of conditions, though.

What I don’t like about Super Affiliate Network

I understand that there are upsells (such as the Solo Ad Success Formula and the Diamond Coaching Program) after the initial subscription fee. Yes, I don’t like it when I think all I had to spend was a certain amount only for me to be made to purchase another package that was not stated before subscription.
Like I said earlier about a certain VIP option which could cost so much money but I hear it could cost up to $2000 per year and nothing is said about this on their page. I don’t like surprises, especially when it has to do with upsells.

Is Super Affiliate Network a scam?

NO! It is not a scam obviously and it has this opportunity to try out the program for $1 for 30 days before subscribing. Speaking of trying before subscription, you should look up Wealthy Affiliate and register for free.


Is as much as I don’t think Super Affiliate Network is a scam I wouldn’t subscribe to it if I have a better option because it training is hinged on Solo Ads and email marketing. But my #1 program teaches you everything you need to know about succeeding in an online business. You can register for free and get 2 websites and training on how to build your business online. After registering for free and you like what you are getting you may upgrade to premium membership at $47/month where you can have more access to tools and support without upsells and there is also yearly subscription option too.

There is no need for too many words but a trial will surely convince you.

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