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Search Engine Optimization Technique

Search Engine Optimization Techniques- Is It Easy After-All!

Search Engine optimization techniques could be a big phrase or words to some folks. As Search Engine Optimization Techniquesuch, most don’t even understand the meaning let alone knowing the techniques to apply. But the thing is that, it is not a big deal after all, so long you understand what is search engine optimization techniques.

Therefore, I will like to explain in a nutshell what is search engine optimization techniques, for the benefit of those that do not really understand it. Search Engine optimization techniques, simply means using techniques that would make your website stand out in the eyes of Search Engines such as Google and Bing/Yahoo.

There are simple ways you can optimize your website so that your site can rank easily and within a short possible period of time. These techniques can be done by anyone, however, you may need some level of technical knowledge of building/designing a website, ability to write a good and quality article, etc. If you cannot do all these, then you may have to hire someone that knows how to do it. But I will recommend you look up Wealthy Affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing program that could teach you all you need to know about building an Online Business.

I will rather suggest you join this program, because, everything from building a simple and user friendly website will be taught to you and many more. And so, you will not have to be asking questions of how to do simple tasks of optimization, but instead, you will be a problem solver. Or better still, you can join my 5 day lessons on how to make $3000 per month. Did you say how? You can make that kind of money and even more if you know the right strings to pull.

Enough of that; Search Engine optimization techniques are as follows:

User friendly Website: This is one thing you must bear in mind if you do wish searchSearch Engine Optimization Technique engines to notice your website. When you make your website user friendly, anyone that comes or visits your site, he/she spends a quality time on your site because it is user friendly. Visitors can easily find their way around the site without being overwhelmed by the design. And this can really make the search engines to show your site some love by ranking it. The formula is to have your site designed in a simple fashion using WordPress.

Submit Website To Search Engines: You must submit your site(s) to Google and Bing/Yahoo. These are the major search engines you mustn’t ignore if you are serious about seeing some traffic to your site.

Quality Content: You must also make sure that your site’s content is of use to your readers. When creating a content, you must do so as though you are talking to a friend. Such posts/articles are very engaging and helpful. You can read more about how to write an engaging article here.

Be Consistent: Now, this seem to be the hardest part with most bloggers/internet Search Engine Optimization Techniquemarketers. At first, they will be all fired up, but after a while of not seeing money come in, they will begin to grow reluctant with their internet business or website. One thing you must learn about website and getting traffic is having a sheer patience. These things don’t work as fast as you may want. Except you would apply another method that will require spending money in order to speed up your success rate and reduce time. Therefore, always try to be consistent by posting quality content, because Google loves fresh and unique content.

Use Internal links: The use of internal links can really boost your ranking and increase traffic to your website. If you can use internal links wisely, you will be able to keep your visitors on your site a little bit longer.  Use relevant links to your previous posts/articles when writing a new one.

Use Of Social Media: This is yet another effective way of getting traffic to your site. Try to share your posts to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. Try to belong to Facebook groups that are related to your niche.

Use Google Adword: Like I mentioned earlier; if you are really in a haste and you do not want to do the ‘be patient’ thing, then you may consider Google Adword. Advertise your site on Google Adword which is pay per click (PPC).  Use keywords that would make people to click on your site. However, to be able to do this, you will have to spend some money, which I think that, not very many people would want to do that.

Use SEO Friendly Keywords: Keywords are really one big part of Search Engine Search Engine Optimization Techniqueoptimization techniques. Yes, using the right keyword can very well make your website pages to rank quickly. Therefore, you need to research for the right keywords, and I would advise that you go for the ‘low hanging fruits’ keywords. What I mean by this is that, always aim for keywords with LOW COMPETITION. You can know more about that when you register to Wealthy Affiliate.


There is a thousand and one way to optimize your site for Search Engines. But, it will be easier if you have some kind of training on how to build an online business. This will equip you and at some point you will become an expert. Asking for things to be done for you by others will no longer be necessary. That is why I strongly advise that you either register to my 5 day lessons which you will see at the right side of this post or you can join Wealthy Affiliate now. Both can be joined for FREE.

Therefore, avail yourself to this opportunity and do it yourself or you can go on paying for the services of others. That being said, you can email me or comment in the comment box below for any help. I will be more than glad to help you.

Good luck


Success With Anthony Morrison-My Review

Honestly, I did not know there are so many Internet Marketing coaching programs on the anthony-morrison-min[1]internet. Before now, I knew there are some, but not these many. They are so many that one will hardly know which one is best for them. Hence, scam individuals are having a field day, taking money from poor people that are searching for a way to earn money online.

This is unfortunate because, internet is supposed to offer that legitimate direction as to where to get help, but this is not the case. Instead, the internet has become where you will find the good, the bad and the ugliest. Yes! many folks are experiencing the negative impact of the internet, instead of helping them to make money, they are losing money.

You may or may not have experienced this bad side of the internet, however, that is the reason behind reviewing all these ‘gurus’ that set up a website with an over hyped product and call it a program that can help you make money online. Often, they start by flaunting some impressive videos on how they helped this person to make millions or how they used their product to create a steady income stream that is in thousands of dollars in a day or weeks.

Anyone that is in need of creating an Online Business will fall for that kind of BS, especially if you are not careful. I have in the past, and I have sworn to help people who are in the same position I was then, to find a better program.

I can go on and on and on without stopping, but let’s look into the program called success with Anthony Morrison. I usually have this principle of trying to research from several sources before penning down my own findings. So, like with others, I flipped forth and back through the internet trying to know exactly, what Success With Anthony Morrison is all about. Is it LEGIT? And all that. And this is my finding…..

What Is Success With Anthony Morrison?

Ordinarily, one would like to know exactly what this program is all about, right?  This program was founded by Anthony Morrison, who started hustling at early age of 7, by selling candy bars. He finally established his own company when the family was experiencing a financial problem.

He claims that his program will help you to make money online with his 3 strategic modules. He has written some books on Internet Marketing too and also offers a special Internet business coaching. Most often he or one of his team/associates travels across the States to offer seminar to people.

What Are Obtainable If I join?

Once you join, you will have access to some PDFs you are expected to download and read, plus a welcome video that is impressive. You are also expected to have access to free websites that have been customized for you. Then you will be required to choose your personal coach.

And then, there are the three major Internet Marketing training modules that you will get:

  • Email Marketing Profit– Which will be training on how to leverage email marketing in making money online. This is so extensive that you will have couple of videos and about 232 page ebook to read . Covering issues on Email Marketing to what will convert. And there is also the learning of auto responder, which is usually Aweber.
  • Social Media Marketing Profit– This is the part you will be taught on how to take the advantage of the social medias to maximize profits, such as using Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Youtube. You get these in four videos and ebooks.
  • SEO Profit– This includes a video about Webfire; Webfire is an Internet Marketing tool that will help you to get traffic to your site. And this is not free, if you are interested in it, it is going to cost you monthly aside from the subscription fee. And moreover, this is more advanced for beginners, you have to know about email marketing to be able to utilize this tool.

How Much Does It Cost To Subscribe?

Well, this part is tricky! I understand that you will be required to pay $67 the moment you showed interest, but if you want to back away, the price will be reduced, until perhaps you will get it at $7 eventually. And most people will like to subscribe, after all it was $67 initially, but now a one time special discount has been made to you.

But no, that is what they do to anyone that wants to back away. And it is noteworthy, that they are giving you that offer, knowing that they will get hundred folds of what they have discounted for you, by way of bombarding you with upsells upon signing, that will amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

And I have even noticed this ads on his website, ‘Free, yes give me instance access today’, then the other part reads, ‘Enter Your Details Below To Connect With Me’. Which means, he is ready to grant you access to connect with him for free! Then what? Then he will train you for free? I guess you will have to answer that. See HERE FOR THIS.


  • The training is relatively OK.


  • Even though the training is ‘relatively OK’, it is not right for beginners, because it will be difficult for them to understand it.
  • There are too many upsells
  • Complaints of not getting a refund, even when he promised that.
  • No forum or support.
  • Click bank rejected his product
  • People complaining of being deceived, because of his over reaching hype.
  • Collects personal details, such as phone number, email address, e.t.c, that are used in turn to bombard you with upsells.

My View

I really do not recommend Success With Anthony Morrison, because from the set go, his program appears to put money first than the success of his client/member. Virtually everything about this program is money.

During my research, I clicked on one of his websites to read details of the company and what they are all about, the next thing I saw was a redirect to one of his hype videos. I tried getting back to the article again, only to be redirected back again to the video promo, that would even start playing without me prompting the play button. I became angry and closed the browser. If I were a new person that didn't know better, I would have sat and watched the hype BS.

And there is also the fact that the program was removed from Click Bank. If Click Bank anthony-morrison.1-min[1]could still accommodate some low quality programs, but decided to remove Success With Anthony from their shelve, then I think there is something seriously wrong with that program.

Even the supposedly ‘free’ websites are not free. I have every reason to consider it a SCAM, but I will give it a ‘not so good program’ instead. One can only check out this program if the person has so much money and time to spare on their training that is not made easy.

Do not waste your hard earned money and time to some hype that promises to make you millions within a short period of time. If you are tired of being scammed, or you really want to get down with a viable, legitimate program that will allow you to evaluate them for free and even stay that way if you want, then you should really check out Wealthy Affiliate.

However, If you wish to JOIN NOW FOR FREE click on that text.

We would also want to hear from you, if you have any experience with Success With Anthony Morrison, or you just wish to comment, please feel free to do so at the comment box below.

I hope this helps.