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What is Aspire Digital Altitude-Scam Or Legit

What is Aspire Digital Altitude-Scam Or Legit

Perhaps you are on the look out for some online business you would do and so you want to know what Aspire Digital Altitude is all about, right? I guess that is affirmative. And little searching and questions can really help you to make that decision. Well, today is your lucky day because you just arrived at the right place where your questions will be answered pertaining Aspire Digital Altitude.

Funny enough, some reviewers of this product were either outrightly selling it or out rightly against without really bringing the good and the bad part to the forefront so as to help readers judge if it is a good or a bad product. So, I will try as much as possible to give you an overview of what Aspire Digital Altitude is and also bare my personal opinion, ok? Great!

What is Aspire Digital Altitude?

Usually, I don’t rate a product or service at the beginning of my review but do so in the process of my write up. Again, what is Aspire Digital Altitude? Aspire Digital Altitude is an e-learning company that intends to help people that wish to start a digital marketing business and also help them to grow and increase their income. Basically, it provides educational digital materials for learning how to build an online business and also provides direct selling opportunity.

By the way, it was founded and owned by a retired marine and a former top earner in Empower Network, Michael Force in 2016. Aspire Digital Altitude is a High Ticket MLM Pyramid scheme even though it is not the typical MLM, that is why it’s an MLM with a big difference. Now, to get started with Aspire Digital Altitude, they made it possible for you to get in by registering with $1 for 14 days trial, after that and then what? Do you get access to all the products or one of the products? NO, instead you will get digital sales videos that will further tell you why you need to become a paying member! As a matter of fact, by registering, they will have your bank account and personal details.

Aspire Digital Altitude Products

There are quite a number of products from which you will decide to be part of. I must say before I list them, they are quite outrageous in terms of cost! Anyone that is looking to make money online is doing so in order to make money at a minimal expenditure, right? But what you are expected to cough out through your nose is unbelievable and insane. This reminds of MOBE and it makes me want to puke. Let me save my opinion for later.

  • Aspire– You get business training videos, life coach (whom I will describe as theWhat is Aspire Digital Altitude-Scam Or Legit person tasked with the responsibility that you buy more products) that will help you through the training. Aspire has 3 different levels with different costs. There is Aspire Walker which will cost you $37/month, Aspire Hiker, $67/month and Aspire Climber, $127/month. You will get 40% commission for Aspire Walker, 50% commission for Aspire Hiker and 60% commission for Aspire Climber. Plus loads of startup training videos, weekly training and member’s area.
  • Base– This is one of the High ticket products. To get this you need to pay a one-time $597 and they will teach you how to set up business goals, website, and how to brand your business.
  • Rise– A onetime payment of $1,997 is required of you to access this. They say it is the advance version of Base. Seriously, I don’t get it myself with all the payments and levels here.
  • Ascend– $9,997, a one-time payment, of course, is required to get you to this level. This will qualify you for digital business profit workshop that will be held in Las Vegas for three days.
  • Peak– $16,997, a one-time payment is to be paid to qualify you for Business Prosper Retreat, which is a five-day retreat for two learning from great and business leaders.
  • Apex– $27,997, a onetime payment that will allow you to be part of a 7-day all-inclusive retreat for two. You will be privileged to listen to asset management and investment experts as at this level your problem would be how to invest all the money you must have made through Aspire Digital Altitude.

Does it Work?

I guess it works after spending so much money! Well, I am not sure if it works or not, it is not clear. But one thing is clear, you have to pay for virtually every word you are getting on the training video and I think it’s ridiculous. Looking at the track record of Michael Force, one has to be very careful because he was once with Empower Network and earning big money until things started going south and he decided to abandon ship (check out this report).

The question is what has changed? Has he decided to become a better person now with a better product? Well, that also I can’t answer, but I sure as hell know that the cost of Aspire Digital Altitude is not for the ordinary guy. Even if you have some few bucks to throw around, you will still consider this as very expensive…except if you are hoping to start making 6 figures in three months or less as he (Michael Force) claims.

My friend, I will give my opinion to you as someone who has experienced this kind of hype before and who has finally found what really works online. If you are hoping to make 6 figures in 3 months or less, that is at your own risk I would say. What really works online is to work hard, persevere and be consistent! You need all these three virtue because your online journey could be bumpy but when you have those you will surely succeed.


The internet is where you will see all kinds of programs with promises of making you rich and your own boss. Most of these don’t tell you as it is, you know why? Because they are also looking make money off you.  Therefore, stay away from this type of program because you will only end up heartbroken and frustrated.

If you have got the virtue to be consistent, hardworking and persevering then all you need is a program that will help you build an online business that will help quit your job and become your own boss. I present to you my #1 recommendation. Here, you may register for free and stay as long as you wish or you can become a premium member at $47/month without any up sells. You stand the chance of learning how to build a website from scratch with a wonderful community. I will also be there personally to assist you if you need any help.

I think is worth mentioning that you will get two free websites if you choose to be a FREE member.

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