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Be the Boss Network Review-Unsensored

Be the Boss Network Review-Uncensored

Be The Boss Network! Really?  It is funny to find all kinds of online money making products on the internet with different kind of names given to them.  I suppose there is thousands of this kind of products online which make it even more dangerous to just subscribe to any product because most of them are crap. To be honest, I did not know of Be the Boss Network until when I want to review it and as a matter of fact, many products I have reviewed before were either a request by someone or came across it on the internet or social media.

But I always do my research and background check before putting my pen down to write. As for Be the Boss Network, I am going to tell you what it is all about and if it is a good product to buy or not. After all, everyone wants to be his own boss I believe.

What is Be the Boss Network?

Now, what is the primary intent of Be the Boss Network to its consumers or members? Let me simply put it this way, Be the Boss Network’s intent is to help bring two platforms together in order to help them meet their common goals, at least that is what they believe to achieve. These platforms or should I say groups are the online wannabes (people that wish to make money online) and the people that have already existing businesses online (established online businesses).

Upon registration, with Be the Boss Network (by the way registration is free at this point) you will be able to access a directory of MLM companies with their descriptions and initial cost each. And these are listed in alphabetical order and ever increasing. Do remember I said MLM companies, and what happens when you choose to join any of those companies in their directory? Commission! Commission to you? No! To them (Be the Boss Network) because you joined through their affiliate link, simple as a, b, c.

Then what do I gain then? You might ask. You will gain the directory! Seriously, that is what you gain by joining Be the Boss Network because they are like the middle man who brings all the MLM list in one place for you so that you don’t have to start scouting for them in different places on the internet.

What I do like about Be the Boss Network

It is simple, they get all the MLM companies list altogether and bring you to them. So, they help to join you with the MLM company you wish to join in marriage.

It is also free to join no cost (at least they get paid when you join any MLM company as compensation).

What I don’t like about Be the Boss

Well, I don’t even like MLM…so I won’t have any reason to be in Be the Boss Network in the first place. I have participated in MLM business opportunities before and I can tell you it is difficult for the 95% participants to make it there. Only the ones on the top of the pyramid will be having all the juicy commissions while those at the bottom will be wallowing in pain and frustration.

Moreover, some of the companies listed on Be the Boss Network are not even legit even though many consider pyramid kind of business to be Ponzi. One other aspect I dislike about Be the Boss Network is that you will be bombarded with promotional offers whether you joined any MLM on the list or not. I believe many people won’t condone receiving unsolicited emails from different people. I don’t like it and many at times I rate them as spam on my email account and unsubscribe if that option is available.

Is Be the Boss a Scam?

NO, Be the Boss Network is not a scam as you can see, I see people trying to make money by providing services by way of bringing all the different MLM companies as a list together so that you can make a choice. If you are the type that likes MLM opportunities, you might as well look it up.

My Opinion

Do you really want to hear my opinion? OK, great! I will tell you what I think. I don’t like MLM! Oh, I said that before? OK, I wish to say it again I don’t like it because of the simple reason I stated above, you hardly make it in MLM my friend. At some point, you will feel used because as you recruit your sponsor gets the juicy commission (in some cases).

I got to this level of success because of the choice I made in the past. And if you wish to stop struggling and stop being unsure of which business opportunity to join online, and then come into my dimension, I present to you my #1 recommendation. Here, everything is practical without hype or B.S my friend. You can join for free to see how things are done and if you are ready to upgrade to a premium membership you will do so at your own time. See, you don’t have anything to lose but to gain.

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