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Get Response Review

Get Response Review-Is It Good For E-mail Marketing?

Every online business or website owner that is into internet marketing should consider list  gr_1-min[1] building, which is essential for email marketing. They say, money is in the list! Yes, that is indisputable, because you can capture some of your site’s visitors that may never visit again once they get off your site. By having your visitors subscribe to your newsletter or whatever it is you have to offer, you will be able to build a relationship that is found on trust with these people.

There are many auto-responders out there, but I chose to write an article on Get response review instead, because of my personal experience with this tool. It is awesome to be able to reach out to your targeted audience over and over again. And to be able to do so, an auto-responder comes in handy.

First of all, some people always find auto-responders complicated to use because of the seemingly technical aspects associated with them. However, Getresponse is a very easy to set up and use tool. And that is the reason why I opted for it in the first place. But soon I was going to realize there are a lot more benefits using this tool and which I am going to share with you.

I wanted to be able to build a relationship with my audience and reach out to them anytime I have a new post or any information I think could be of use to them. Then I checked out quite a number of auto-responders such at Aweber, mailchimp, Sendinblue among others; I even subscribed and tested Aweber and sendinblue but could not continue because of the monthly fee (Aweber) and technical issues (SendinBlue). Having said that, these auto-responders are great in there own unique ways though. But I found Getresponse more suitable, cheap and easy to use.

Let’s have a peep at the features and pros of Getresponse auto-responder.


  • 30 day free trial– When you subscribe to Getresponse, you get a 30 day free trial that will enable you use and test the tool. You can opt-out if it does not meet your expectations.
  • It is cheap- It is affordable even for those that just started out in Internet and email marketing. This is so because, after the 30 day free trial, you are expected to pay $15/month, so long your subscribers in your list(s) are not more that 1500. I feel it is a generous offer because, if you had 1500 subscribers in your list(s), you will be able to pay $25/month for having more than 1500 subscribers. And this subscribers are the confirmed opt-ins only, that is to say, that unconfirmed subscribers are not put into account as your real subscribers.
  • Easy to set up and use- Almost anyone can set up and use this tool. The basics such as setting up your newsletter, campaign and RSS feed are very easy to set up. It is great and easy to plan your campaigns with this tool. You don’t have to be some computer savvy in order to get your email campaign up and running.
  • Good Support– I don’t know about you, I love getting help when I am stuck with Get Response Reviewsomething, and Getresponse has a quick way of responding to your problems. They can be contacted immediately by a live chat, and someone will be there in a jiffy to attend to you. You can also contact support through e-mail and phone call, however, I found the live chat more effective.
  • Training available– You can get training on how to best use Getresponse for email marketing. How you can optimize the tool in order to succeed. When you opt-in for this (it is optional) you will be getting training sent to you every day on how to build a highly optimized email campaign with the right landing page, messages and more.



  • Excellent auto-responder functionality
  • Very many different types of templates
  • Email designs that are responsive
  • Split testing
  • In-depth reporting
  • A very impressive RSS feed/blog to email
  • Segmentation options
  • Social media sharing tools
  • Ability to import data through CSV, Gmail and other data sources
  • FREE landing page creator and more…


I really haven’t found any cons just yet concerning Getresponse. I am writing this from a personal experience. I am satisfied with what I am getting from this tool.


I really do not want to bore you with lots of details that will rather confuse you instead of giving you clarity. And that is why I made this article as simple as I can, in order to make you understand what to expect when you join Getresponse auto-responder. And the good thing is that you can join to see if it is OK for you.

If you have not started building a list, I will urge you to start now and start with Getresponse, because that is a wise way to start. Just click right now on the banner at the right side of this post or any Getresponse link in order to join for FREE. And I guarantee, you will not regret you did.

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If you have any question, contribution or comment, please by all means drop it at the comment box below.