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How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

Increasing our website’s traffic is essential because it will help to boost conversions and sales. Aside from the conventional ways of making sure we have traffic across to our website there are other things we could do to tweak the traffic flow and ultimately increase profit. Must often we are told about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system such as submitting our website(s) to search engines especially Google, Bing and Yahoo, setting up an authorship with Google, setting up Google Analytics and using the right keywords (targeted and low hanging fruit keyword), after all these, then what? Do we just keep on updating our website, if yes, how often?

To be able to increase our website’s traffic there are certain things we need to do, not necessarily spending money on paid ads. Amazingly, these things are natural yet simple tasks to carry out. By the time you are done with reading through this article you will understand how to increase your website traffic.

Good and Catchy Content Headline

It can be so frustrating when we have done all the needful by submitting to Search Engines and writing original content and eventually have our content ranked on the first page yet we experience low traffic before of poor Click through rate (CTR). Ignoring small detail as not using good and catchy headline can really cost you because it is not only your content is on the search engine’s first page. Use a headline that is not only targeted but also inviting because it can really affect your website’s traffic positively. For instance, if you see the headline of this article ‘’How to Increase My Websites Traffic-Without Spending Money’’ vs. ‘’How to Increase My Website Traffic’’ on the search engine which one would you click on? , I suppose is the former because you would like to know how to increase traffic to your website without spending money right? Same way every other person that sees the headline anywhere be on social media or the search engine will click on it.

Keep Your Content Simple and Concise

After succeeding in getting people to click on your content then what? Remember, they are curious in the first place because of your good and catchy headline, what happens if your content is not so good? They will bounce! And I don’t think high bounce rate is good for you neither for the ranking of your website. If you have a content that is not so good, that will make you not to have conversions even when your web page appears on the first page of search engine. And high bounce rate could lead to your web page being dropped lower in the search engine.

Have you noticed that you leave a site that its content is not engaging? That’s what happens when yours is not, and people will quickly leave.
So, write as simple as possible so as to carry whoever that is reading along. Do not use hard to understand words or jargons as this could really turn people off and they may not really finish your article. Write to engage your audience not to show off how good you are with words. And you mustn’t necessarily give yourself a target of how many words you must attain, instead write naturally, otherwise, you will start to write for the sake of getting the targeted number of words instead of writing to engage.

Write Rich Content

Rich content can never be substituted for anything, just like the saying goes, content isHow to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money King? Not just any content, but that unique content that is void of duplication or copy and paste. Google loves original and rich content, and this will only increase your traffic as Google shows more love to your website/web page. The effectiveness of good and quality content in increasing traffic cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, give your readers something they cannot find somewhere else .Your style of writing could really make them keep coming back because they understand the message you are trying to pass across.

Once your content is rich, it is also shareable because your audience will help you share it again and again from your site and social media and you can only imagine what that could do to the popularity of your website. This is simply traffic explosion!

Be Consistent with Your Article Writing

I once abandoned my website for a while; I was not updating consistently and regularly, what happened? My web pages began to be dumped at the bottom of the pile on the Search Engine. This is simply what happens if you are not updating your website consistently. Maybe have certain days for updating your website and stick to it so that each time the robot crawler comes to your website there will be new and fresh content to be indexed and subsequently ranked. I noticed that my Google Webmaster console was not updated for some days even when I had resumed updating my website simply because the robot crawler has decided there is no fresh content to be found and therefore reduced its visit frequency.

How Often Should I Update

Frequency by which you update your website matters. You should update your website atHow to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money least twice in a week but if you really want to speed up your website’s traffic then roll up your sleeves and update every day. Let’s say six days in a week will really increase that website traffic you are looking for. This part is what you should keep doing as long as the website exists. Even if it appears you are not seeing any significant changes in traffic just keep on writing and don’t give up.

Guest Posting

You may look around and find any website you feel is already getting a significant traffic and ask the owner if you could write a post for him in an exchange for a link back to your website. Usually, go for a website that is in the same niche as yours. You don’t just write to the owner that you would like to write a post for him, but the approach really matters.

Before writing to him, try to know his name, what is it he is trying to accomplish with his site, then write down some keywords you feel he may be interested in and then write and ask him if he would be interested in you writing a post in one of those keywords for him in an exchange for a link.

Getting a guest post opportunity largely depends on your approach and how well you convince the website owner.


These are 6 ways to increase traffic to your website, but the question is, do you enjoy what you are doing, do you have a passion for what you are writing about? If you are not passionate about what you write about then chances are you will give up on building your online business just before you start seeing any positive result. I know how we are always looking at the search analytics in our Google Webmaster Console to know the position of our web pages and all that. But that wouldn’t help but would only take your time and perhaps discourage you from writing more content for your website.

Therefore, be passionate about what you do and put in your all and you will receive the reward bountifully.