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Ways To Make Money Online At Home-Easy Ways

Now, I did write on a number of ways to make money online, like, can I make money online? or how can I make money online at home? These posts are unique in there own different ways, you can check them out at your own spare time, but for now I am going to to introduce to you some other ways you can make money online still. These are unique ways to make money online at home I never knew existed, which you might find very useful as well.

You are about to discover that, you could make money out of the things you considered useless or make money by just browsing on the internet! Is that not awesome, to be paid for doing things you ordinarily do everyday? So let’s find out how.

Make Money Using Swagbuck

If you are the type that spend a lot of time on the internet browsing through it, then you may want to consider using swagbuck as your default browser. And you are going to be paid for doing what you love! That’s a reality, just start using swagbuck and earn some credits

You can earn credits that can be converted to gift cards that could amount to $5 to $10 per month. Not so much, but it adds up when you ordinarily do some thing that you could do anyway without being paid. Here is the link to register for free.

Make Money From Your Junk Mail

It is funny how things like this could really be monetized! Probably you have got dozens of junk emails in you spam box, which you will ultimately trash at the end of the day. Now, why not make some money out of those junks that are unsolicited.

So, head over to SBK Center that is a market research company to trade in your junk mails for visa prepaid cards or gift cards. Here is the link to join, SBK Center.

Do An Online Survey

You can actually make some couple of bucks by doing a survey or two. There are a lot of them out there, and some people think it is utterly a waste of time because of the peanuts they pay. However, you may want to look up these ones and even get a $5 for just signing up.

Download Applications And Get Paid For It

Is it not amazing how companies will be willing to pay you just for using their apps on your cell phone? However, they do that for a reason, which is to know how well the app is doing ways to make money online at homeand how people are using the internet by collecting data from your cell phone. This will enable them know how to optimize the app for a better user experience.

So, they will pay you for just installing and using their apps on your cell phone and keeping them installed every month, and this includes Google.

  • Google Screenwise Panel– Earn from $3 to $6 weekly for simply browsing with this app.
  • Nielsen Mobile Panel– This is basically for iphone users. So, if you own an iphone go get some rewards by using their app.
  • MobileExpressions– This is only for ipad users. The good thing about this one is that, after a week of installing the app, you will get to play a prize game, which everybody usually wins something.

Be A Transcriptionist And Earn As Much As $25 Per Hour

Here is a job that requires little or no prior experience with the flexibility of being able to work from the comfort of your home. No sales calls are required. You will have the liberty of setting up your own working time and hours. So, you can work as much or as little every week as you desire.

Here are some links to which you can apply:

Transcribeme– You are going to be put on a waiting list for a job upon passing their test, which is usually a short 10 seconds audio files that you can work on whenever you like, no deadlines.

You can be paid about $20 per audio hour and get payment every week via paypal for every work you have completed. And one other advantage is that, no special equipment is required for you to start up.


A newbie is likely to be hired by Quicktate once he/she was able to pass the skills test. Which most often are short voicemail messages, sometimes they might occasionally give you other files.

You will be transferred to a sister company called iDictate that will pay a little bit highter than quictate once you are able to execute your work effeciently over time. You also have the liberty of working as much or as less as you want; they pay via paypal.


Just like others, you will have to pass skills test before getting a transcription job from Rev. ways to make money online at homeThey also allow you to work as much and as less as you like.

Their pay per audio completed is good, usually is about $24 to $39 per audio hour. Pays through paypay weekly and does not require any special equipment as well.


Now, with that being said, those are not the only ways to make money online. There are several other ways you can make money, but it will suffice to say that you can start off with any of the listed jobs above. If you are truly interested in making some cash online, go grab the one that is within your league.

However, almost all of the lists above can be done by just anyone. The question is, how ready are you? How committed are you? How willing are you to put in couple of hours in a day to earn some money? But these are sure ways to make money online at home, avail yourself to the opportunity and make make some dough.

Finally, there is yet another way to build a sustainable online business that could make you even quit your job, check on the banner below to find out.

Please do not hesitate to drop a comment or any question you may have at the bottom of this post.

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