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What is Easy1Up?- Unbiased Review

What is Easy1Up?- Unbiased Review

What is Easy1Up? You are asking anyone who cares to listen. Perhaps you got the wind of itWhat is Easy1Up?- Unbiased Review from some social media or even a friend probably talked to you about joining and now you want to know what it is all about. Well, if I were you I would do the same because one cannot blindly join something he was invited to join just like that without a proper investigation. And I am going to help you with that investigation.

East1Up is making a buzz on the internet, at least to those that have come across it through social media or personally contacted by an acquaintance. I got to know about it on the internet actually, just like the vampire movie where a man is hunting down the vampires so also I am also hunting down the ‘’online business programs’’ to reveal the truth behind them just as I am about to do to Easy1Up. So, I take pleasure in doing and always fulfilled each time I take one more ‘’online business program’’ that is a scam down because I was a victim before.

Why do I say all these instead of getting down to reviewing Easy1Up? Because I want you to understand why I do what I do, not just for the money but also for the passion as well. So, what is Easy1Up?

What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is owned and founded by Peter Wolfing, and they say Easy1Up is easy to understand just like A, B, C, as a matter of fact they claim it is as simple as black and white;  really? Well, we shall see. Easy1Up is a networking model of online business because you make your money from referrals. From what I gathered you can make your registration fee back the moment you make your first referral because any Easy1Up product that that referral buys goes to you except your second referral is passed up to your sponsor but all other referral is yours.

One important thing you need to know is that you will get paid if your referral buys the same type of product you bought or lower to it. So, if you bought a low cost product and your referral buys one that is higher than that you will be getting nothing. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to buy the highest product of Easy1Up so that you will stand the chance of making money. They say they use a system called reverse 1 up which allows you to make 100% direct payment on the sales.

I mentioned passing up your second referral earning to your sponsor right, so also all your referrals’ second referral will be passed up to you. I guess this sound good because from the look of things one can really rake in a lot of money, but hold on a second and finish with the review.

Easy1Up Products

Easy1Up has products from which you are required to buy one. These are:

  • Elevation– A onetime payment of $25, you will have access to network marketing video clips
  • Elevation Elite– A onetime payment of $100, you will have access to cash generation and free marketing video clip
  • Vertex– A onetime payment of $ 250 which gives you access to advanced digital business video clips.
  • Vertex Elite– Is the highest; a onetime payment of $500, gives you access to 2 part of money counts live business building course.

At least you don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount just to be part of Easy1Up like the others and it is also a onetime payment.

The Bad News

It was difficult to find out who was the brain behind Easy1Up, and the question is, why? If you have a clean product why would you try to stay behind the scene or the veil? But then, I discovered that Peter Wolfing has being involved in a lot of online business ventures that some didn’t end up very well. He was the founder of Ultimate Cycler that was a matrix Ponzi scheme back in 2014. Not only that he had other websites such as:

  1. Pay Me Forward
  2. Business Toolbox
  3. Infinity 100
  4. National Wealth Center
  5. Turbo Cycler

Out of all these websites only National Wealth Center managed to escape extinction. So, how do explain this.


Other things I don’t like about Easy1Up is the fact that there is no money back guarantee and their policies is not yet made available, it reads ‘’coming soon’’ each time you try to open it. That in itself is a bad thing or questionable, because how would I pitch a tent with a company I don’t know anything about their policies?

If you are familiar with MLM you will know that you only make money when you personally refer someone. Therefore, you have to have some experience in internet marketing in order to promote and convince people to join Easy1Up otherwise you will find yourself by yourself with your hands up, I mean you will be alone and frustrated.


I don’t bad mouth every online program except if I have to. Easy1Up seems to be good but not without the red flags I highlighted above. Even if Peter Wolfing had made mistakes in the past, chances are he might really want to help people while he is helping himself this time.

But I cannot tell you categorically that you have nothing to be afraid of but after reading this review and understanding everything thereof and you still wish to join Easy1Up, you may do so. However, let me further help you to make your decision by rating Easy1Up. From 1 to 10 I rate Easy1Up 4.5, that is to say your chances are 50/50.

Here is my #1 recommendation I always present to my readers and this is same program that helped me to find success online. I have not yet come across any program that is it equal since I started reviewing programs and services online.  Here, you will have 2 websites, and training on how to build your online business for free. Or you may decide to become a premium member where you will have a lot more from the community and the owner Kyle and Carson.

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with this program. If you love what you are seeing here on this website, then you are as well looking at the product of this program.

I will be right there to help you if you need my help. See you on the inside.