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Email Process System-Do Not Join Until You Read This!

Email process system; do not join until you read this! It is catchy right? But the truth is thatEmail Processing System you really have to read this post before you would know if it is OK to join or not. It is for your own safety mate, going by the many programs that are popping up on the internet every day, 98% of which are scams. Then what makes Email Process System (EPS) any different?

Be it a program for learning how to make money online or one that is for advertising or generating traffic, most of them are fraud. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying already that EPS is a scam, but my point is that any program could be a scam, therefore you better be well informed before you take action.

Now, let’s have a snoop on Email Process System.

Rafael Fegueroa is the owner of Email Process System, and the website url is www.emailprocessingsystems.com. Established in 2010, sign-up fee is $25.

What Do They Do?

It is an online email processing program that promises its subscribers to make about $25 per email that is processed by a subscriber and also have the money sent to the person’s Paypal account. Everyone will definitely think it is an easy task to just ‘’process’’ an email and get paid for it, but there is more to it.

Once you pay for the program an email will be sent to you where you will be required to download software to your computer. You will also get pre-written ads, training and where you can process these ads.

Ads such as the one below will be expected of you to place them in classified areas, and the ads look alike.

Email Processing System

And take note, you only get paid when someone signs up under you, therefore, you won’t be wrong if you call it an MLM kind of business model. So, if you are the type that does not fancy MLM business model, then this may not be for you.

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What Do I Need To Start?

  • You need $25
  • A Paypal account
  • And a computer with internet access

Is This Program For Real

If you had watched their video you would have known by now that they claim you could make $25 simply by processing 5 emails and that’s all. And by their estimate, you could be making about $3750/month for almost doing nothing.

Now, the question is, is this for real, even though you only have to pay a onetime $25, you still have to think about your time and energy as well, if those could be quantified to money it will be pretty much more than a onetime $25, you know what I mean.

Someone has the opinion that, if this claim was true, he will have his 5 year old daughter copy and paste the EPS tasks and he will cook dinner, because it is way too easy to do.

My take on this is that is not a program you should be wasting your valuable time and effort on, let alone the $25 you will give away to them. I have seen and read people’s experiences regard this program, and there was no good news.


Do you really want my opinion? If you do, I will say, trash it, and look up my #1 recommendation that would really set you on your way to success. Stop struggling today, and come to terms with reality. You can really, really, make cool money on the internet, but you’ve got to get the true direction and work towards it. Stop chasing after all the shiny programs that tell you can make money on the internet by almost doing nothing, because you will be disappointed.

So, go ahead and click now, join for free.

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