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George Brown Google Sniper Scam-…Or Is It Legit?

Ok! You are highly welcome to my site. We are going to find out what stuff George Brown Google Sniper is made up of, together. I am really excited about this review. Why? Because each time I take a look or review any of these Internet programs that provide training and resource for Online Marketers, I see it as another opportunity to helping someone out there that is struggling in the dark searching for a program that could help him/her. I have this sense of fulfillment doing what I do, because internet can really be one hell of a place where the wolves eat the sheep!

Shortly we shall know if it is OK to say 'George Brown Google Sniper Scam' or not.

It is not funny and easy at all, and when you are not being careful you will end up just like another prey to them. But then, let’s look at Google Sniper and know if it is a good program or not. I tried as much as possible to research extensively to come up with the information I am about to share with you today.

What Is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is an online program that is geared towards training and supporting Online Marketer wannabes and as well as the experienced. It was founded by George Brown, whom you might have already know. He made his first $500,0000 at the age of 17 years! That was when he launched the company Google Sniper (GS) back in 2010 to help other people become successful online with his own method that brought him success..

Basically, his training is on how to help you build a ‘sniper website’ that will ultimately rank on the first page and position of the Google Search Engine. Hence the name ‘Google Sniper’ was given the to the company. Is that not impressive? I think it is. But let’s go on.

The training is provided in PDFs and video tutorials and it is updated with every new version.

Is The Program Suitable For Everyone?

It is intended for anyone that wants to start an Online Business/IM. And it is also designed for people that have already started Internet Marketing that want to improve or increase their earnings.

But do not get all excited just yet, as there are other things I will be bringing to light.

What Do I Expect When I join GS?

There are three basics things you are going to be taught on how to do. And these are:

  • How to find and research a profitable niche
  • How to get good and targeted keywords for your niche(s)
  • How to get the right product(s) that is suitable for your niche(s)

Now, based on these, you will be able to build a site that will rank on Google. Usually, you are expected to choose your product(s) that you will promote from Click Bank. And then create your Sniper site around that product with the best profitable keywords. Afterwards, you will be expected to be tweaking the site to maximize traffic and income.

What To Expect Within The Member’s Zone

  • Getting Started– Here you shall be shown how to get around the member area by george_3-min[1]George himself.
  • Google Sniper 3.0–  This use to be Google Sniper 2.0, but it has evolved to 3.0. This contains the 25 video training and a Google Sniper user manual e book.
  • Further Training– This will teach you on how to expedite the Google Sniper methodology. This is usually by video training.
  • Empire Module– This product helps you to outsource ways to building your website, e.g installation of plugin, article writing, and blog installation, etc.
  • Rolodex– This will help you with additional ways of making money Online.
  • Sniper X– This is basically a Q and A webinars with George and also videos that feature the latest techniques of making money Online.
  • Support– This is where you will get help when you need one, such as inquiries and questions from the support desk.

What Is The Cost For Joining GS?

Seriously, the price is somewhat confusing I must say. There is a $1 for 5 day trial, that is understood. Then, there is a $67 monthly with a 60 day refund benefit. Your money will be refunded back to you if backed out of the program within the period of 60 days. Lastly, this is the confusing one, a $47 one time payment. These are different memberships that are really really confusing. I tried to find out if this $47 one time payment is all you have to pay, but I kept on getting the same $47 one time payment without further explanations.

I am trying to reconcile the $67 monthly with $47 one time payment, even though there is a 60 day refund benefit attached to $67, it still does not make sense. Some of the other sites that reviewed GS, did not even mention the $67 monthly, only the one time payment of $47. Now, my question is, is that for a lifetime or what? However, the whole sites that did not mention the $67 monthly were obviously affiliated to GS.

And this issue left me in doubt about the credibility of GS. So I further dug, I came across George Brown’s product called the ‘Predator’.

What Is The Predator All About?

This is a system or a software invented by George Brown, to help users automatically get george_1-min[1]people’s email addresses from across the web and to also automatically send promotional emails to these email addresses. And the price? It is almost $800 to acquire this software.

Now, my second question is that, is it legal for you to take people’s email addresses without their permission? Is it also legal for you to send email of any kind to someone that did not solicit for your mail? That leaves us with an obvious question, why would somebody with credibility do such a thing?

I also read complaints from people who have used this software saying, it was useless, because it could send 100,000 promotional emails without making any sales out them. How could you make a sale from someone that did not ask for your service or product? Now they turned around asking for a refund which is not forth coming

I discovered quite a number of people that have both used the Google Sniper 2.0 and the Predator complaining about the company not refunding the refundable. Though, one has to submit a refund ticket to Click Bank before a refund will be made. And that is the one associated with GS 2.0.

My Opinion

To be honest, from my research, I was rather confused than understanding Google Sniper better in terms of pricing. Which gives me the concern that, there could be some sort of upsells. Because, there were contradictory reviews concerning this company. Which left me with one conclusion, I don’t recommend it! Any company that does not have a clear pricing is questionable. No matter its pedigree, I can’t trust it.

Also note that, it does not have any affiliation with Google whatsoever. And his SEO approach is outdated. It cannot work now with Google’s present ranking algorithm.

There are some aspects of Google Sniper that is good, hence, I can’t call it ‘George Brown Google Sniper scam’, but I am not comfortable with their system of running things either, plus the alarming complaints from former users.

There is no program in the world that does not have a negative report, no matter how good that program is. But when the rate is becoming alarming, that is where you have to be cautious.

So, I score it 4/10.

I did not bother to do the ‘pros and cons’ of GS, because I have already said all there is to be said about it.

If you have any experience you will like to share with us or just want to make a comment, please feel free to leave your comment at comment box below.

I hope this helps.