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Is High Traffic Academy A Scam?

Is High Traffic Academy A Scam- The Truth Is Revealed

High Traffic Academy
Overall Ranking: 3/10
Price: $497 to $1,997
Owners: Vic Strizheus
Website: www.hightrafficacademy.com

Hi there, is High Traffic Academy a scam? This has been the question of some people that Is High Traffic Academy A Scam?intend to join or some curious people. And traffic is one huge part of success for any internet marketer. Once you have been able to drive enough traffic to your site, that means, you have arrived in terms of online income stream. What you do with the traffic is to keep on tweaking your website to scale up your income, right? That’s right.

Therefore, it will be a huge success for anyone to be able to drive traffic with this program…but the question is, is High Traffic Academy  a scam or is it legit? Well, that is the essence of this review; I have snooped, dug, and scratched, until I came up with the truth! So…

What Is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy also known as HTA, is an online program that is geared towards helping and teaching members on how to drive quality and targeted traffic to their site within a short period of time possible. To enable them make sales and be successful with their online businesses. It was founded and owned by Vic Strizheus, (Birth name Vitaliy), launched in Jan. 2015, that is HTA 2.0. He is an internet marketer, and the founder of Big Ideas Mastermind and he also promotes Enpower Network.

What Do I Get If I Become A Member?

HTA claims to teach you how to become an expert in driving loads of ‘quality’ traffic to your site in a very short period of time, not withstanding if your website is relatively new. He said he will unveil the ‘secret’ of mastering online traffic generation, by way of showing you where to get and buy high converting traffic at a cheap price. The things he includes in his training is how to use the following to generate traffic to your site:

  • Video Marketing
  • Autoresponder and Web forms
  • Social Media Traffic Generation
  • Capture Machine Techniques
  • SEO Domination Techniques
  • Lead and Landing Pages Optimization Techniques
  • You Tube Control Techniques
  • Secrets Of Advanced CPA Traffic
  • And More

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member?

I understand that the regular HTA 2.0 will cost you about $497 to $1,997. You will pay $497 if you join through 75% discount link, otherwise you will be paying $1,997. One thing I don’t understand is, if this is a one time payment, as there was no clear explanation to it. But I do think it is a one time payment, because, there is yet another one you are expected to upgrade to, which is called the ELITE LEVEL. You will get the chance to join this for $1 for one month free trial, and then expected to be paying $297 every month.

Is High Traffic Academy A Scam?

Does HTA Work?

Well, it seems to be working for some people, since there are quite a number of pro HTA websites promoting it. In my opinion, it could work, after all, what he teaches is what you could get for free from the internet, if you know where to look. Like the video and you tube marketing, the social media marketing, etc. He also offers a paid traffic providers’ links for you to use, which I think, if you Google that on the internet, you will find them, those that claim to provide you with ‘quality’ traffic. And again, there is Google Adword one can also use.

So, I don’t see the reason why I should be spending that kind of money just to get traffic to my website. And I am not a fan of buying traffic to my website, because I have tried that in the past, including using Google Adword PPC. They are not worth spending your money and time on.

Vic will charge you all that money, and yet will not provide you with a free traffic technique. I would rather recommend you try Commission Miner Co-Opt that will provide you with a high converting ‘done-for-you’ funnels and squeeze page, ready-made traffic directories that will help you drive traffic to your funnels and squeeze page. There are free and paid traffic techniques provided by this program. Upon that, the owner (Bryan Winters) will provide you with easy to understand videos and PDF tutorials on how to use every resources and tools he provides.

How much does he expect you to pay for all that? Free! Yes, you will have a 30 day free trial, after which, if you decide to stay, you will start paying $29/month, except if you wish to join the Auto Rotator Traffic offer, which will give you the opportunity of getting traffic from Commission Miner’s website to your affiliate link; which will cost a one time payment of $97. However, the Auto Rotator Traffic is entirely optional. Let me not bore you with so much details about the Commission Miner, just click the link here to READ more about it, because there are other details that may interest you.


High Traffic Academy may not be a scam but it sure has its downsides, which are:

  • No free traffic techniques for members
  • Very pricey
  • Most of the techniques could be found on the internet for free

And moreover, I think Vic Strizheus is leveraging on the ignorance of many people that want to make it ‘quick’ in internet marketing. And this is what you get; lost of money and time, on some product that promises to teach you how to generate traffic for your website. Folks, there is no such thing as a quick way to generating traffic, but you can be generating a temporary traffic from social media and other platforms, until your site is able to get you organic traffic. I will suggest you check out my #1 recommendation that will even give you much more value for free!

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