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How to build website from scratch

How To Build Website From Scratch- Step By Step Guide

To build website from scratch is something anyone can do. As a matter of fact, website creation has been made easy today, unlike it use to be back in early 2000. You can create, build and design your website as easy as a of piece cake. And I mean literally a piece of cake! No codes, HTML or whatsoever.

If you wish to get down to creating your site as you learn, just use the link below to do so. This way, you will not have to do it all alone, there will be help and also a free WordPress site and hosting. One of the best hosting you can find around. But if not, you can come for a ride with me on how to build website from scratch.

First Thing First

Now, if you wish to build a website, there are certain things you have to resolve first before you commence to build. The following are things you have to make decision on,  before the actual building of your website.

  • Domain name– You have to decide on what name you wish to give to your website. This is usually made from what you intend to use the site for. For instance, if your site is all about how to repair computers, you may decide to use name like ‘repaircomputers dot com’. Sometimes, the name may not be available because someone somewhere may have started using the same name. In this case, you may want to modify the name a bit, like using ‘repaircomputernow dot com’. That way, you may get the name available for you to use. Decide where to buy the domain name, I will recommend namecheap.
  • Hosting-You will have to decide on which platform to host your website. Hosting could be described as the tool that makes your website visible to the world. When someone searches for your domain name on the internet, your site would be able to come up, but if it not hosted, it can’t be found. There are very many hosting companies out such Go Daddy and namecheap. But, I would recommend namecheap for your domain and hosting because it is affordable and also efficient. You can get a $10 domain and a $10 hosting for a year. They have a very good customer service such as live chat, that you can use to resolve any problem you may be having. I highly recommend it, because I personally enjoy their services and support.

How To Build Your Site

There are different tools you could use to build your website, such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomlar. But WordPress is mostly used because of it easy to use features. Its CMS (content management system) is super, it enables you to build and structure your website the way you want it. It has free templates/themes that you can choose from. Unlike the rest, it can be managed, virtually by anyone.

Once you have gotten a domain name and hosting, you will have to install your wordpress site. Meanwhile, the domain name would have been pointed to the DNS. Don’t worry, your hosting company’s customer support will take care of all the domain and hosting issues for you. All you have to do, is just go to their live chat and they will tell you what to do.

Installing Your WordPress Site

I will be using namcheap as the case study here; just login to your cpanel, which will be provided to you upon buying your hosting. Once on the inside go to software and services/softaculous. Just as indicated below.

how to build website from scratch

After clicking on softaculous, that will take you to the next place as you would see below.

how to build website from scratch

As you can see, there are different software you can choose from, but we will like to use WordPress. It, constitutes over 50% of websites built on the internet today, while others like Drupal is about 17%, Joomla 6% and the rest constitute the remaining less that 30% fraction.

So, click on the ‘install’ WordPress and you will be taken into the WordPress setting environment such as below. You should expect to see all the three screen shots below on one page. As such, you are only expected to do three things;

  • Input the url of your website
  • Input the password of your website
  • Then, finally click install, which will have your website installed and up running.

how to build website from scratch

how to build website from scratch

how to builld website from scratch

How To Login To Your WordPress Dashboard

At this point, your website is up and running, and you can login into your WordPress dashboard anytime you want. In order to do so, go to your browser and type in the url of you website, exp. www.example.com/wp-admin. This will allow you to enter your username=admin and password=the password you entered before. You finally installed your wordpress site.

How to build website from scratch


How To Set Your Site Title And Tagline

To do this, simply click on the settings>general at the side bar and set the title of your website and also add the tagline as shown below. Make sure you update the changes by scrolling down.

How to build website from scratch

How to build website from scratch

How To Select And Add A Theme

To select a theme, go to appearance>themes and select a theme you would want to use. You will find over 1500 themes to choose from. At a click of a button, you have anyone you like installed, very easy.

how to build website from scratch

Remember, installing a new theme will not change any of the changes you might have made on your site so far.

Adding Pages To Your Website’s Menu Bar

To set up your first pages, such as your ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘About me’ pages. To do these, you have to go to pages>add new and enter Privacy Policy as the title and update. Go to pages>add new to create your About Me page, and update.

How to build website from scratch

Once you are done, you need to make it appear on the menu bar of your website. This will require you to go to appearance>menus and add this pages to your menu bar.

how to build website from scratch

How To Edit Side Bar

Most of the themes have there side bar at the right side of the page/post. Just in case you need to remove or add a side bar, all you have to do is, go to appearance>widget. There, you will be able to add/remove any side bar, drag and drop fashion.


Plugins are extensions used to get more out of your WordPress site. You can use it to add more functions like ‘All in One SEO‘ that will help to make your site to be SEO-friendly. And most of these plugins are free and awesome. And certainly you have to install the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin.

How To Install plugin

Go to plugins>add new at the left side bar. At the top right side you can search for ‘All In One-SEO’ and install. Once installed, you activate and you are done. You will be able to edit your title tags and meta description and more.

How To Create A static page

If you wish to have a static page you can simply create one by going to settings>readings. Check the static page and select the page you would like to use as the static page and save changes. However, before you do that, you need to create a page you would want to use for this.

If you are able to accomplish up to this level with building of your website, I will say congratulations! After all, how to build website from scratch is very easy. Although, there are other little details you can learn as you start managing your wordpress site.

I must also recommend that you read how to add site your site to Google and how to submit your site to Bing. These are necessary if you really wish to let the Search Engines know about your site which is good for SEO. By so doing, your site will be crawled and be ranked by these search engines.

If you think you still need to know more, click here to join a program that will walk you through how to build a perfect website with tasks to complete on each lessons. But if you need someone to help you build your website, I build websites for people, you can holler at me and I will be glad to help you.

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