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Traffic Monsoon Review

Traffic Monsoon Review

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Traffic Monsoon Review was written to give you an insight to what Traffic Monsoon also known as TM is all about. I have taken time to do research on this online service/program in order to come up with some sort of useful information that would help you to make an informed decision. You see there are so many programs on the internet, some of which can help you make money online and most of which can help you lose money online.

That is one thing about the internet, is all about making or losing money if you are set to use the internet to earn some money.

That being said, we are going to see what Traffic Monsoon is all about…

What Is Traffic Monsoon

Traffic monsoon is a paid to click (PTC) program, where you get paid to click on ads. You are expected to click on ads and view for 30 seconds. It is owned by Charles Scoville who I understand has a reputation for starting up a company and abandons it when it starts to flop.
He has in the past established a company called InfinityBux which flopped…

And oh, it is free to join, unless of course you intend to partake in their revenue sharing…I will be discussing about that in the latter part of this review.

Then he started Adhitprofits which I learnt is not doing so well but manage to pay his members…

Nevertheless, I am not trying to bring him down with all of these because anyone can start up a business and it turns out to be heading south, but I thought I should let the information out though.

And with the Traffic Monsoon I think he is doing so well for himself now, because he is next to clixsense.com according to Alexa ranking. He must be making a good profit and using part of it to clear debts adhitprofits created.

You can also earn credit that could be used to view your own website too. When you click on ads and view for 20 secs you will earn one credit. And you need 2 credits to have one person view your website or whatever link you may want them to view.

Let’s do the math, if you view three websites that will take 60 seconds, and that is equal to a minute right? And one minute of websites view will earn you 1.5 credits. Should you decide to view websites for one hour that will earn you 90 credits (1.5 x 60 = 90).

Now, if you intend to use it for traffic to your website it may be a good adventure but if you are doing it to earn money I think it is awful and utter waste of time. You can image earning 0.02 cents per view of 20 seconds then multiplied by 3, equals to 0.06. This is a minute’s worth of viewing then maybe multiplied by 60 minutes, equals to $3.6, which means, if all things being equal, you can make $108 in 30 days by viewing ads for an hour everyday of the 30 days.

Traffic Monsoon Review

You should ask yourself if the time investment is worth the $108, however, where the big money to be made is by referral which is very difficult for most people to get. And I have seen some people complaining of not being paid though.

Who Is It Good For?

Well it depends on what a certain individual is set to achieve. It is basically good for everyone, but you may get more out of it if you had a link or website you will be driving that traffic to. It doesn’t work well with every niche, because the type of people that use this service are people that are interested in making money, which is the reason why they are there in the first place. So, if your niche is on how to make money online, it will probably convert than sending traffic to a fitness niche.

Revenue Sharing

To be part of the revenue sharing you are required to buy ads pack and this is probably the biggest service in Traffic Monsoon. You will qualify to get 2500 visitors to your link/website per day with $5 ad packs, but you have to also click on 10 different websites.

You can buy ad packs worth of any amount you want…


Like I said earlier on about the quality of visitors you will be getting to your link if you choose to use that, may not convert for you. Remember you are forced to click on ads before you get any credit, so also the visitors that will be sent to your website/link are those equally forced to click on your link so that they too can gain some credit.

They may be interested in your ads eventually if your link is all about making money. And not just any kind of landing page, yours must be so impressive and convincing that they could use whatever program/service you are offering to make money. Only then can you see a conversion from such visitors/traffic.

I would suggest that you use the free service of Traffic Monsoon to try it out and know if it is something you can invest your time and probably your money on.

But if you are tired of failing in trying to make money online or you intend to find something worthwhile that could turn your financial situation around, I will suggest you join my #1 recommendation. This is where you can build your online business based on your passion and make whole lot money from it. It is free to join, you will get two free websites too and other tools and support that will be available. There is a step by step video tutorial on how to get started, you will never feel alone; even a newbie without any experience can set up his website in a professional way in no time.

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I hope my Traffic Monsoon Review has been of great help to you.

If you have any question, comment or contribution, please drop it in the comment box below.


How To Get Traffic To My Site- Find Out How

Traffic, traffic, traffic is one of the things every website owner is thinking about. How to get traffic to my site, how to get traffic across to his/her website! But really, it is very essential, because without it, your site will be likened to a town crier that is crying out to an empty town. All your content, good or bad will not be seen, and as a result, you will not be able to make an impact or realize your goal.

In as much as we are desperate for traffic, we must also learn to go about finding traffic the right way. Otherwise, you will end up in frustration and ultimately give up. You should also consider that, there are millions of website owners out there also seeking for traffic. Although, there is enough traffic to go round if only you pitched your traffic quest on the right direction.

Most people go about seeking traffic the wrong way because they are in a haste to have ton of traffic to their site already. That single act and mind set will consequently make you to fail. Before going any further with this post, I would want you to revamp your mind set to being a patient online business owner. There is nothing like getting traffic in a jiffy but there is a way to get ‘targeted’ traffic in a considerable amount of time.

Now, speaking of traffic and ‘targeted traffic’, they are two different things, even though the two phrases have the word ‘traffic’ in common. I will explain in due course of this article.

What Is Traffic?

Traffic in online business world could be defined as the inflow of visitors/users to a website. This could be by any means such as, through Google search, social media, email/newsletter etc. So there are so many ways to drive traffic to your website, but I will go over the basic ones that are like the foundation of getting a lasting targeted traffic.

Submit Your Site To Google And Bing Webmasters

First thing first, if you have not submitted your site to Google and Bing, then you should Google webmasterimmediately do so. I won’t just presume that everybody knows that they have to submit their site(s) to these major Search Engines, Google and Bing. Google constitute over 60% of organic traffic while Bing has the rest of over 30% of organic traffic. Therefore, that is the first thing you have to do, in order to be seen and crawled by these two major Search Engines.

Nevertheless, traffic may take a while to start coming from this axis, but when it does, that is the real deal! So, set up the foundation to getting traffic through Google and Bing.

Use Social Media

In case you haven’t noticed, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin are very good sources to to getting traffic to your site. If you do not have social mediaaccounts with these social media then, open account with them, it is free. After that, make sure you have share buttons for these social media sites on your site, it is usually a plugin. Some plugins have good features that will enable you to set up share and like buttons of so many social media sites and even use them to collect email address too.

Ensure to share your posts after publishing to these social media sites and also join Facebook groups that are in your niche. By so doing you will have same interest base of people that will be interested on what you have to say when you share your post on the group page.

Use Video Marketing

  • Video Marketing is yet another effective way of driving traffic to your site. Most people traffic_3-min[1]don’t know that but it is true and it is very easy to create a video. You can create a video by just talking about anything that will be of help to people and that is also relevant to your niche. So that at the end you can direct them to take action by going to your site. Usually, you treat video creation just as you would go about creating your post/article for your website. You have to use keyword for the video so that it will rank on Google page after publishing it on youtube.

Keyword is very important in driving traffic to your site. There is a fantastic free keyword search tool that you could use to find quality keywords that can rank on Search Engines.

There are tools like Camtasia and Screencast-O-Matic that you can use to create your video. Camtasia is usually very expensive but it is good. But for starters, Screencast-O-Matic is a very good tool for people that can not afford Camtasia. So go ahead and start being creative; create videos and upload them on youtube and even share them on social media sites too.

Use Google Feedburner

Google Feedburner is another way of getting traffic, and this resource is free. Just get atraffic_4-min[1] feedburner account and set up a subscribe form on your website so that when people subscribe you can get their email address that you could use to build your list. Not only that, they will also be getting your updates each time your publish a post. Now, the good thing about this is that, if your posts are very useful and good, chances are, your subscribers may share your post to their friends and making your site to be exposed to many people.

That is why you should be inclined to helping people through your posts so that they will trust you enough to even do or buy anything when you recommend it. Google Feedburner is perfect for people that can not afford Aweber. And besides Aweber is more advanced, you will have to start with feedburner then later you can import your subscribers to Aweber.

Use this link for guide on how to set up feedburner.

Use Google Adword

If you are the type that have the money to spend on driving traffic, then Google Adword is your best bet. You can set up Google Adword campaign once you have a Google account, but if you don’t have you can always register for free.


There are yet other ways of driving traffic that I did not mention here. But do not go about paying someone on fivver or anywhere for traffic, because even if the traffic is driven to your site, you will end up not making any sales. Why is that? Because they are not targeted traffic, you are selling to people that do not need what you have to offer.

But once you are able to get all I have said right, you will be fine in no time in terms of traffic. However, I must draw your attention to few other elements you would want to consider when trying to drive traffic to your site. Make sure that your site has all the listed elements below:

  • Do you have a WordPress site? WordPress site has a higher chance of getting traffic than others.
  • Do you have a good hosting? Poor hosting can really hurt your site by not loading up on time.
  • Do you have good and quality content? Because nobody will like to patronize a site with a mediocre content.
  • Is your site user friendly? When visitors find your site overwhelming or cannot easily navigate, then there will be a high bounce rate that can make your site not to rank.
  • Is your website’s theme mobile friendly? If your site is not mobile friendly, then you have a serious problem, because Google also considers it as one of the criteria to ranking your site. And more over, if people can’t get to access your site through their cell phones then you are ordinarily losing out because most users are using mobile phones.
  • Do you optimize your images? If you don’t, then it is only a matter of time before your site will begin to experience slow loading time. Use compresspng.com to optimize your images before using them on your site. And do not forget to add titles and alt tags so that Google can find them.

If you wish to build a website or an Online Business that will thrive, then click here for the best training program that will teach you how to build a website that has all the qualities aforementioned and even more. And you don’t have to be asking anymore, how to get traffic to my site.  All you got to do is subscribe for free and find out for yourself.

I hope this helps.