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How to Rank Higher in Google-Even When Not Optimized

Website owners always have this focal point of trying to do anything in order to see their how to rank higher in Googlewebsites rank higher in Google, right? Some of us even go to the extent of engaging in some shortcut activities with the hope that it will improve our website ranking. Tell you what, you will see a website that is ranking well without even the owner trying hard to make it rank on Google. It would simply mean that he does what is necessary and simple. That’s all.

How to rank higher in Google might not be all that difficult after all if you are doing something that is required of you and natural. How do I mean you might ask; manipulation and deliberate pulling of strings such as buying back links may not actually help you, but it might actually hurt your site ranking instead. I wrote about link exchange effect on your website ranking in the past, in as much as this could help your site’s ranking, this action can also destroy your webpage ranking too. Try to read anytime you find it convenient.

So, how to rank higher in Google even when your website is not optimized is by:

• Writing quality content and being consistent
• Cross linking
• Quality back links
• Low hanging fruit keywords
• Age

You may or may not know what is called on-page and off-page SEO, which is very important for your website’s ranking. Such things as the loading time of your webpage, the structure of your website, the use of the right plugins, having to share your website posts to social media sites or having to guest blog on some authority website so that you could get link back to your site and more, these are referred to as On and Off-page SEO.

Although cross linking, the use of the right keywords and writing of quality content are also referred to as On-page SEO. But these are on-page SEO that comes naturally without you having to try hard so long you know what to do. My point is that, once you are able to get all the aforementioned right, you will begin to see your website rank high.

Writing Quality Content and Being Consistent

Writing a quality and unique content is so vital to your ranking because Google’s algorithm has a way of determining if your content is a duplicated one or original. I want to believe you already know that copying someone else’s work is a crime and can make your website to sit at the bottom of the search engine. And you must write a content that is engaging and relevant to your website, such that your CTR will be improved when your webpage appears on the search engine.

One other factor that Google uses to determine a webpage that is doing well is the bounce rate. You don’t have to do anything that would increase your bounce rate by making visitors to click the back button all the time they visit your website. Most often, this happens when you are not being relevant with your content or if your content is not engaging (How to write an engaging content). What do you expect, if I visited a webpage that says ‘’how to choose the right shoes’’ on the search engine, on getting to the post/content, it is totally talking about how to repair a shoe. I will simply click the back button and I bet many visitors would do the same because your webpage is not relevant.

And you will have a boost if you are posting a quality and relevant content at a consistent intervals, because Google would show some love to your website if it crawler robot always sees something to submit each time it visits your website.

Cross linking

This is also known as an internal link, which is the link you put in a content that would direct a visitor to another webpage within the same website. This will help in the eyes of Google because it could increase the time spent by a visitor. When a visitor clicks on a webpage that is engaging and he sees another link to another webpage, chances are he will click on it to see what you have to say on that webpage too. However, you don’t just throw links on your content; you have to use the internal link(s) where necessary, especially if it is going to buttress what you are discussing about on the current page. I hope you are following?

Quality Back Links

Now, the truth is that, you get quality back link by guest blogging for the website that you would want a link back to your website, or you pay by cash or you do link exchange, which I am not a great fan of. But the thing is that, by writing a quality relevant content and doing so consistently will naturally attract quality back links to your website! It is as simple as that.

Low Hanging Fruits

Always target a low hanging fruit, what I mean by that is to go for low competition keywords. These keywords are easy to rank on. As you rank on these keywords with time you would start ranking on other high competition keywords too. So, you don’t have to worry about the number of searches on a certain low competition keywords because you would eventually rank for the high competitive keywords that are usually high in search engine.


And mate, when your website becomes a little older, it will begin to gain the authority recognition from Google, as a result, Google will start considering passing a lot of traffic to your website. This is a natural phenomenon if you keep doing your thing the way you ought to do them. It is only natural that new website hardly sees traffic or rank in Google, except if you choose to use PPC, such as Adwork or Bing ads to send traffic to your website, which is also cost effective, hope you know that.

So, if you have the cash, you can use PPC if you want things to start rolling out fast, but don’t expect free traffic from Google or Bing. If your website is new, then you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work by doing all of the aforementioned and you will begin to see success in relatively small amount of time.


So if you own a site and you are wondering why your site is not ranking, then you might want to check out some of the outlined factors here in this post. I experienced a very serious setback when I stopped updating my website the way I use to. Google love ‘’fresh’’ and ‘’unique’’ content, as long as you are coming up with that, and doing other things you need to do, you will be shown some love by Google.

Someone rightly said; take away my keyboard and you would have taking away my clicks, and if you take away my clicks, you would have taking away my money. I hope you know what that means.

If you have any question, comment, or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.