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What is Shiny Object Lemonade? A Must Read!

What is Shiny Object Lemonade? A Must Read!

When I first came across Shiny Object Lemonade on the internet I thought to myself What is Shiny Object Lemonade? A Must Read!another shiny object? Well, if you know what I was thinking you would appreciate how curious I was to know what Shiny Object Lemonade was all about. Just a quick one, I have seen reasons why the internet is the home for the good, the bad, and the ugly. You know why? I will tell you why.

The internet is where you go to browse and search for information, and often times you will surely find what you are looking for. But the question is how authentic and good is the information you got? This information can cost you money or even life depending on what you are looking for; likewise, they can make you money and save life as well. In other words, the internet is full of all kinds of information that are not independently verified therefore you must tread with caution.

Coming to Shiny Object Lemonade, I know very many people would want to know what this is all about including you that is reading now. What is Shiny Object Lemonade? Is it an online program or a book? All these you will find out in no time. Just relax and read on.

What is Shiny Object Lemonade?

OK, at the first instance I didn’t know if Shiny Object Lemonade was an online based program or a book.  But then, I realized it was a book that is talking about how you can overcome ‘’Shiny Object Syndrome’’ and make money online. It is owned by Lee Murray and generally meant for everyone in any niche who wants to make money online.

Like I earlier said, the book is designed to teach you how to start and finish whatever it is you have decided to do. You know, ‘’shiny object syndrome’’ is simply a syndrome that affects a person’s perception of things or tasks especially negatively in the middle of the task. For instance, if you are the type that would start up a task and don’t finish simply because you think is difficult and then abandon and move on to another one, then you are probably suffering from shiny object syndrome. This means you will never accomplish anything worthwhile in your life because you always get bored at some point.

Lee Murray promises to teach you how to make $234 in a day if you have just 30 minutes a day to invest in one stupid little blog while you sleep. That were his words, not mine.

Is the Book Shiny Object Syndrome Worth Buying?

From all pointers and findings, it appears that this book could be very useful to people that What is Shiny Object Lemonade? A Must Read!indeed want to make money online. This is basically because of the way Lee Murray has written the methods to make money online in this book. It is unique even though the things he teaches in this book are not new but they are effective because of his own way of application.

Now I get it, how he came about the name for this book which sounded so funny and intriguing to me at first was that Lee Murray intended to use the book to help people suffering from shiny object syndrome make lemonade out of lemon and that is how he coined the title for the book by simply joining the shiny object and the lemonade instead of syndrome, which makes it a curative name for a disease called shiny object syndrome.

Method of Teaching

Lee Murray’s method of teaching is unique even though his techniques have always been used in every day online business building by many. But his approach is kind of unique; for instance, he teaches you how to create a ‘’Goal-Centric Foundation Site’’, which can change whatever it is you are thinking about online business. He also teaches you how to develop traffic for your blog through the building of customers’ lists, SEO, and email marketing.

As a matter of fact, Lee has simplified his teaching by 3 simple steps which are:

  • Finding a ‘’shiny object’’ which is that thing that tempts or seems to attract you.What is Shiny Object Lemonade? A Must Read!
  • Adding to your ‘’Goal-Centric Foundation Site’’.
  • Sending traffic and receiving it back in 3 channels

The Shiny Object Syndrome is good for whom?

I think it is clear to say whom it is good for and that would be for those that have that problem called ‘’Shiny Object Syndrome”! This book will serve as a motivation and support to those who feel frustrated at what they have started online and eventually abandon it. It will help to put them back on the track and also be able to finish a task and start earning money online.

How Much Does it Cost?

With as little as $5 you can pick your own copy which is payable via Visa, Master Card or PayPal. There are also bonuses for those that are willing to start taking action because they will receive a free Facebook profit course, and a New Year’s Cash, which is a case study that will allow you to earn some extra money online. And the last one is a free trade sniper that will allow you to make some serious money by trading currencies and gold.


  • The Shiny Object Lemonade book is a very entraining book to read because of Lee Murray’s skillful writing.
  • There are tasks to accomplish which makes it actionable
  • Good for People that have lost ways to succeed online because of this disease called shiny object syndrome
  • Possibly will earn you money if you take actions


  • Not suitable for newbies because they may struggle with the concepts and instructions in it.


Do I have your permission to express my own opinion? OK, obviously, Shiny Object Lemonade is a good book for those that are really struggling to make money online. From every indication, it is best for those that never finish a task because they think it is difficult at some point and then abandon and run off to the next ‘’shiny object’’.

I will recommend you get it if you think you are the type have this condition called Shiny Object Syndrome, otherwise, I have something that might interest you which is my #1 recommendation that has helped me to succeed in online business. And I wouldn’t try anything like trading currencies or gold because it requires a lot of learning and studying the market to succeed. It might just be me, but I have tried all of that before and failed until I found this program that thought me how to do affiliate marketing.

Please do feel free to drop any question you may have in the comment box below.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria-Be Financially Independent

Hi everyone, I am dedicating this post to the many Nigerians out there, that are trying to be financially independent. Nigerians that are at the mercy of an employer that will be threatening them with a ‘pay off’ at any given time they made a mistake, reminding them that they are dispensable. That’s right. I have been there. And I know what it is to live without no money, or not knowing where the next meal will be coming from. And this post is also for the unemployed Nigerians. The rate of unemployment is striking!

The Nigerian population is growing fast, thereby putting a demand on employment, electricity, and other infrastructures, but unfortunately our Government officials care more about their own pockets than the interest of the people. It is so sad that we are so blessed with natural resources. Yet we are wallowing in poverty! Well, I am not here to talk about how our politicians and so called leaders have turned this country into a chaotic situation, but I only mentioned it because it relates to what I am about to discuss; how to make money online in Nigeria.

You don’t have to be reliant on anybody anymore, because ‘they’ have disappointed us before, and they will disappoint us again! It is about time you started looking out for yourself. Talking about ‘looking out for yourself,’. There are so many ways to start up something without waiting to be employed by someone. How about you becoming an employer? Will that not be right? I think that would be ‘awesome! ‘.

Now here is the deal. I will introduce a number of ways you can make yourself useful and make ‘cool’ money without having to work for somebody else anymore. These approaches were tested and proven to be reliable and viable.

‘What Can I do Online To Earn Money?’

You can do quite a number of things; like I earlier said, they are ‘reliable and viable’. This is not a scam, or get rich quick scheme, but it is a sure way to make a living and a thriving one for that matter. And you can become wealthy when you work hard and put in all it takes to make it happen. I am not one of those people that will tell you, hey, I have got a business solution that will make you rich instantly! As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as getting rich instantly. Yes, I will rather tell you as it is, than try to give you false hope. I was told that in the past when I was still searching for a way to make money online, only to discover, they were after what they could get from me than what they would give to me.

So, how you can make money online in Nigeria is as follows;

  • Start an importation business
  • Apply for online jobs like data entry, visual assistance, web designer, writer, etc.
  • Or you can opt to build a website, fill it with quality content, and monetize it.

An Importation Business

You probably have heard about it, but have not given serious thought to it or you may not have heard about it. Whether you have or have not heard about the importation business, I am still going to talk about it anyway.

This is a business you can start with minimal capital. You can start importing from U.S, UK or China from the comfort of your home! It is far too easy and convenient that all you need is the information on how to import, a local bank account with master or visa card, and your start-up capital.

You can virtually import anything from any kind of smart phones, laptops, jewelry, wedding ring, bracelet, phone accessories, digital camera/video, Brazilian hair, etc. All you need to do is to make your market survey before purchasing, that way, you will be able to know how much you are going to make. Probably arrange for your customers beforehand, so that when the goods arrive you will just supply it to them instantly, or you may decide to sell them as a retail. You can tell your friends, your church members, or association members about your business, they may want one or two things from you.

Apply For An Online Jobs

This is another online business that you can get into, especially if you have any specialty, such as writing, web design, SEO, data entry (if you are good in typing on the computer very fast), logo design, etc. There are a whole lot of things, that you could do online in order to earn money.

There are legit companies and individuals out there that are willing to pay for your services, all you need to do is to make yourself visible to them with your specialty and you can get hired.

Starting Up A Website

This is yet another online business model; that is vaster as to what you can do with it. It wa_like_to_earn_600x600is so vast that, you may just have to settle for some part of it. What I mean in essence is that, when you set up a website, you can earn money in different ways with it, such as using Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sell your own product on it, or even start collecting email address and start email marketing, and so on and so forth. It is so vast that you need a good resource, tool, and support to be in a position to start up. That is where a site called wealthy affiliate comes in. This site is so legit that it restricted 4 countries from been able to register for free, Nigeria inclusive.

Wealthy Affiliate, provides the resources, tools and support you will need to succeed in this business. They will virtually help you to set up your website and teach you practical things that will make your website standout. Their worth cannot be overemphasized, really.

They offer their registration for free! Just for you to try and taste what they hold in store for you. A site that does not provide quality services will not allow you to get in and see what they got to offer for free, except they are confident of what they are made up of. Wealthy affiliate is such site that is a gem.

During my search for an online business, I found some sites that claim that they offer ways to earn money online, only for me to find out the hard way that they were a scam, full of upselling, but then, they had already made me register with money. Until I discovered wealthy affiliate, though unable to register, but somehow got around it and registered. Since then, I have been enjoying every bit of my stay at a wealthy affiliate, just like the name ‘Wealthy Affiliate‘ the things you will learn it is inexhaustible. Just as you would be thinking you have got it all only for you to realize there are yet other things you need to know in order to succeed.

I have written my first book, thanks to wealthy affiliate. I did everything from the book cover to the content without paying anyone to help me. And I will be doing another book soon. This is something I could not have known without being a Wealthy Affiliate.


Therefore, to get all the full information on how to start an importation business, how to get hired online, and how to register to wealthy affiliate as a Nigerian, click here or send me an email using nnamdi2019@gmail.com.

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