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How to create wealth from home

How to Create Wealth from Home-

There are ways to create wealth from home such as internet marketing, forex trading,How to create wealth from home affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), binary option, etc. Having mentioned these ways to create wealth from home, I have tried some and failed, but succeeded in one.

Forex trading was the first ever work from home venture that I have tried but succeeded in flushing a whole lot of money down the toilet while doing that. To be honest, there are people that are succeeding in that aspect but I can’t give you what I don’t have, right? But I will like to mention the risk involved in forex trading is extremely high and it will take someone that is well grounded in this area to succeed.

The binary option is a kind of gambling to me not a business; since you can’t have control over your trade once you open a position until the time is up. So I failed in it too and had no confidence in too.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is yet another one I have tried off line, not online. That is as a salesman going from door to door trying to convince people to my stuff. I can tell you from this experience it was not a piece of cake. Hell, what is a piece of cake when it comes to making money? However, there is a business that is a lot easier to make money from than the other. Sorry to say this; MLM could be the most difficult way to create wealth from home, being that you have to refer people in order to succeed. And this could be worse if you have the wrong product or service to promote.

Affiliate marketing is what I do and I love it! When it comes to how to create wealth from home then your best bet would be affiliate marketing. In all the years, I spent going for the wrong trade. If I had spent it doing affiliate marketing I would have been 10 times what I am now. Nevertheless, I am glad I found it eventually, because many would have given up in frustration and quit, that is why they say quitters never succeed.

How to Create Wealth from Home

Creating wealth from home is one thing that most people wish they could do, and it is very possible to do so. One can really create wealth from the comfort of his home if he knows the right thing to do. It does not matter if you are a man or woman, student or graduate, working 9 to 5 jobs or not, retiree, anyone can do it. I can assure you that affiliate marketing would be the key to realizing that dream, and I am speaking from experience.

How Do I Start?

Now that you have known what could create wealth from home, the question is, how? It is simple; you have to own a website in order to build that online business that could create that wealth. However, before you start building a website you have to think of something that is passionate to you, something that you could use as a vehicle to reach your goal, something that could be of interest to certain group of people or population.

For instance, let’s assume you are passionate about women’s clothing. Which is a good one, but then you have to be a little bit specific as to the type of women’s clothing that you will write about. Let’s say you like +size women’s clothing. You can build your website based on +size women’ clothing/dress. Then you have to coin a name for your domain that would literally explain what your website is all about using a keyword research tool to know the stats of people that are searching the internet for that keyWord. Upon deciding your domain name, you are set to build your website using the domain name for it.

<<<How to Build a Website from Scratch>>>

After building your website make sure to submit your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your website will be indexed and ultimately ranked on the search engine.

Start Writing Good Content

If you have gotten your domain name, built your website and submitted it to Google andHow to create wealth from home Bing search engines then it will be time to start writing article about your topic/niche (you may start writing articles before submitting your site to search engines, but it has to be quick otherwise the articles will not be indexed). Content is a huge part of what could make you a success with affiliate marketing. You may be wondering that you are not a writer, and how the heck can you write an article let alone a good and engaging one. Don’t worry, it is not being a writer that makes you to stand out, but being yourself and having the knowledge of what to write. Just about anyone can write an article, however the more articles you write the better you get.

<<<How to Write Website Content>>>

I am encouraging you not to cringe at the mention of writing an article because I know how I felt about it when I first started, but as time goes on I became more confident and understand my own kind of writing style, and everything became easy-peasy eventually.

Do proof-read your article after writing because we are bound to make mistakes and you could also use a grammar checker to help you eliminate grammar errors.
Promote Your Website

You need to create awareness concerning what you do. There are so many ways to publicize your website. Sharing your website’s content on social media sites is the most commonly used; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Linkedin are good places to start with. If you don’t have an account with any of these you can simply open one after all it is usually free, and make sure you have the sharing plugin on your website to enable you to share freely.


This is the part where you commercialize your website by becoming an affiliate to aHow to create wealth from home product that is related to your niche/topic, after which you will begin to review products and recommend the ones you feel are good to your audience. You make money when someone reads your review and decides to buy the product. Here you will earn a certain percentage as commission. Amazon is one big market place used by affiliate marketers, aside from that there is ebay, Walmart and many more. You just have to go to the internet and search for the one that is most profitable for you. You may decide to become an affiliate for more than one company. It all depends on you.

In a nut shell, you help to refer people to buy stuff from companies like Amazon, ebay, Walmart and the rest to earn commissions.

You can also go for Google Adsense as a secondary income stream, but you make more money from Google Adsense when your site has started receiving a lot of traffic otherwise, you won’t make much from it.


This is an ultimate way of how to create wealth from home. If you venture into this you will very glad you did, because not only will be making a whole lot of money, you will also have time for your family and for the things you love to do. You can choose to work from anywhere in the world, go for vacation and have fun.

That being said, you will be ready to work in order to make this happen. You have to be patient and consistent in building your home business before you can start seeing any progress and ultimately enjoy all the benefits that come with it. I won’t sit here and tell you it is pretty easy and fast, no, it takes determination and resilience to make it work.

Although it will be a lot easier if you are building on what you are passionate about, therefore you won’t get bored at working on your website at some point.
I can suggest a place where I started from that could also be of help to you too. There, you will be provided with all the tools and support you may need to succeed. The only thing that could hinder you from succeeding would be ‘’you’’. If you can take care of the part of you that tell you, you ‘’can’t’’ do it then you have just started a whole new world with better things to come for yourself.

If you are interested just join now for free and start seeing a new version of possibilities. If I could do this, you too could do better.

Holler if you have any questions or whatsoever and I will most glad to give a helping hand.


Start Internet Business-Today For Free

With the rate of unemployment and economic down turn all over the world, many have found ib_1-min[1]themselves out of jobs, or may have never even gotten one. Where as, there are some that have got a job, but can barely meet their basic needs, hence the search for alternative means to make a better income is being considered.

The internet is a very perfect place to start a business, and one that can thrive IF done in the proper way. There are many on the internet that offer a simple and easy way to start Internet Business, without telling all there is. They would only tell you all you want to hear BUT not what you need to know, simply because they want to take the advantage of you in the guise that they are helping you! Therefore, beware of the information you get from the internet, because all that glitters is not gold.

There are several ways you can earn money online, such as offering your expertise to people that would need it through the internet. The other way is to build a website and drive traffic to it, and then sell your expertise or product(s) to your audience. If you do not have any product or expertise, you can sell other people’s products by way of affiliating with them, while in return you will get commissions off the product(s). Or better still, you can choose to place a contextual ads on your website. All these I will discuss in due course of this post.

However, there are other means by which you can still earn money online such as MLM (Multilevel Marketing), Forex, Binary Option e.t.c. But I am not going into all of these for these reasons;

  • Not profitable- I have tried them, but did not find them profitable, because I kept on losing money, especially with Forex and Binary Option. However, it may be OK for someone else, but I am not going to talk about something I do not have faith in. I can’t recommend it.
  • Low success rate- I have tried them, and the success rate is low, especially with MLM, you will work and work and it would appear as if you are doing all of that for the success of others. However, there are people that still succeed, but like I said, the success rate is low. Therefore, I am not going to discuss it, since I did not thrive in it, I can’t recommend it.
  • No peace of mind- There is always excitement and tension each time you try to make money, especially with Forex and Binary Option, because you don’t really know what is going to happen next. Perhaps it’s me, is just the way I feel each time I was trading. I can’t recommend it to anyone.
  • Emotions- There is always the issue of being happy when the trend is going your way and anger or depression when it is against you. And if you don’t have control over your emotions (which is often difficult) you are bound to make bad decisions that will ultimately ground you. This is associated with Forex and Binary Option. So, I won’t recommend it, however, there are people that still succeed in it.

Can Anyone Start An Internet Business?

YES! Anyone can start an Internet Business so long the person is well informed on what to ib_3-min[1]do. However, there are simple and basic requirements, like;

  • Being able to express yourself by way of writing in what ever language you intend to use.
  • Have a PC (computer) with good internet connection

Those are the things you will need in what I am about to introduce to you and it is recommendable and very viable.

Apply For Online Jobs

Now, you can apply for an online job, to get paid. Especially if you have some kind of skill(s) in;

  • Copy writing
  • Web design
  • Data Entry
  • Virtual Assistance
  • SEO
  • Writer
  • Proofreading
  • Graphic Design
  • And many more.

However, some of them are pretty much easy to do, like the Data Entry, you do not need any special skill, however you must have the ability to type and do that very fast. I guess that is a skill too.

These are some of the internet sites that you can go to and apply;

These are very few places you can go to; there are other places too, but these ones are ib_2-min[1]LEGIT and you can be rest assured to be paid when a job is done.

Doing this kind of Internet Business will only fetch you extra cash but not enough to make you quit your job. Nevertheless, there are ‘Pros’ that are making a living out of it though. But I doubt if you can make a living out of it as a beginner; sometimes the job takes a while before it arrives. But like with most ‘legitimate’ Internet Businesses, it will require you to be dedicated, persistent and patient. And you may as well become very successful doing that.

Build A Website

This one is the BIG one, because you are building a strong foundation by building your own website! You can pretty much do anything with your website.

  • You can decide to create awareness about your expertise with it.
  • You can decide to sell your own product(s), or other people’s product (Affiliate Marketing)
  • You can use it to collect people’s email addresses to further sell to them whatever it is you are selling (e mail Marketing)
  • You can decide to place contextual ads like Google adsense, chikita, media.net e.t.c

Having built a website, you have established Internet Business that will endure. This could just be the Internet Business you are looking for, because its potential is broad and can set you on your way to financial freedom!

How To Make Money With A Website.

To make money with a website is simple, but I must emphasize that it requires commitment, perseverance and patience. I need to let you know that before hand, because I am not about to sugar coat anything in order to impress you, just like most people on the internet would. You can set up your Internet Business and put in the amount of work it requires, and soon you will be smiling to the bank.

Build your website with WordPress or Blogger; but I recommend WordPress/Siterubix because of it efficiency in CMS (content management system) which will also help your website to rank well on the Search Engines.

Choose a niche, especially one that you are passionate about. And start filling your website with good and quality content. Remember, the essence of your website is to provide some sort of help to people by way of giving them USEFUL information in the area you have chosen.

To be able to build a good website and content that can make you money, you have to consider the following;

  • Website with a good hosting
  • Website with a good outlook/template
  • Website with a good content
  • Website with a good easy navigation
  • Website with a good SEO
  • Website with a defined mission (Niche)
  • Website withe a good custom domain (Optional but recommendable)

If you get all the aforementioned correctly, you will have no problem firing your boss! And let not all that overwhelm you, if you don’t know how to do all of that, because there is a way around it; that is a way you can get your website up and running with all that qualities within minutes and for free!

Yes! You heard me right; you can get your website with all of that, only if you will do your own part by registering here with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online program that helps both newbies and pros to make money online. They provide training and resources to make you an Internet Entrepreneur. You will be taught the basics as well as the advanced aspect of Affiliate Marketing with an easy and practicable videos that will walk you through as you build your website.

The issues of choosing your niche, how to write, how to make you website SEO friendly, how to design your website for easy navigation, and hosting will be all resolved. All of these, you will get for free. If you wish to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click HERE, but if you wish to start off immediately click HERE.


Internet Business is a very viable business, if you go about it the right way. And I am saying it again, beware of someone flashing a shiny object before you! What I mean by that is that, there are folks with schemes on the internet mainly to misguide and scam unsuspecting individuals.

I have been there before, that is why I am so much passionate about Wealthy Affiliate, because they gave me the opportunity I was looking for, where others scammed me instead. The good thing about this program is that, it is free to try out their training and tools. You have nothing to lose, it’s just your time and it’s a win win for you.

You must know that, there is no Internet Business that would start fetching you money instantly. Anyone that tells you he or she has a program that would start making you money INSTANTLY, is a SCAM!

This Business requires your commitment, passion, and patience to succeed.


  • I am glad, l’m laying it all on the table for you to make your decision.
  • I am glad, I ‘m helping someone today by providing them the TRUE information regards to Internet Business.
  • I am glad, I’m giving the best of my knowledge and experience in order for someone else to succeed.
  • I am glad…..I’m an Affiliate Marketer with Wealthy Affiliate!

I hope this helps.

In my next post, I will be talking about how to write a post/blog and many more.

If you have any question or suggestions, anything at all, please drop it at the comment box below. And if you were scammed before, we would love to hear your story, and you can do so by dropping your message at the ‘Report A Scam’ at the main menu. And by so doing, we will review the site/company that scammed you and publish it.


Thank you