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How To Write A Website Content-Getting Into The Mood

First, this is a sequel to steps to writing a blog. I try to expand on how to write a website stress-min[1]content, which will throw more light and expatiate on the ways to be in the right mood/mode for writing a website content that will be engaging and helpful.

Believe it or not, your writing mood has everything to do with how your writing will come out, right? If you are stressed out or not in the mood of writing, you will definitely end up not writing, or if you did, the content will definitely not be a quality one, not to talk of the mistakes you could make grammatically.

But to fully get the art of how to write a website content, I will highly recommend you also look up steps to writing a blog. That will help you to connect to how to write a good quality blog.

But in this post, I will base my writing on how to get yourself, both mentally, physically and emotionally ready to produce a very engaging and helpful website content.

Just before this post, I wrote an article, actually, a review of a product for my other site, howtobuildthatbody.com, and it was an uphill task I must say. I did not feel like writing, even though, I knew I had to do it out of obligation. You see, writing like that will hardly be engaging, let alone helpful.

I managed to finish it with a lot of will power, which I later handed over to my wife to proofread. Did she find lots of mistakes? Yes! she did, and I was not surprised. On a good day my mistakes were minimal, but this was different.

Because there was no concentration. I was stressed and not in the MOOD for writing. That is the difficult part, if you can get yourself in the mood, you will be 100% productive and creative. Your mental alertness will be great, which will give you the ability to write natural engaging content.

Being in the mood, is like the foundation of how to write a website content, because all your writing arsenals will ordinarily be ready to shoot. You will begin to have ideas and all that.

That experience of not being in the mood to write, was what prompted this article, because most often, we don’t know why we can’t write good and engaging content.

So, here we go, on the simple steps to getting ourselves ready to writing a good website content.


Before writing a content on any niche you may have chosen or any type of writing at all, try to exercise if you are feeling stress_3-min[1]low without mental alertness.  As a matter of fact, do not wait until you become low and not wanting to do anything, always exercise. This is naturally good for your overall health, and thus will increase your mental alertness and productivity.

I did just that, when I felt that way; I engaged in my normal routine of exercise, and before you say Jack, I was full again with energy. This blogging business, sometimes could make us not to be taking good care of ourselves, because we want to work and produce more content for our websites in order to succeed. As a result we push ourselves to the limit.


Sleeping is also part of preparing yourself to writing a good website content. Do not stress_1-min[1]deprive yourself of sleep. When the body is not refreshed, your thinking and creativity will diminish. The human body is just like a machine, a computer to be precise. When a computer is overwhelmed with lots of responsibilities, it will begin to behave funny, like getting sticky or something, until you reboot it, it will now normalize.

So also the human brain needs rebooting in order to function optimally. If you are sleep deprived, leave whatever you are doing and get some sleep!

Eat healthily

Eating is yet another aspect that is not found in the curriculum of writers. Some would stress_4-min[1]rather go on with stuff like coffee that will induce alertness, and deprive them of sleep. Well, that may work for the time being, but at the long run you will break down. In writing, especially in this business of writing good and quality content for our websites, you are always required to be versatile and be ready to write consistently, if you want your site to be ranked by Google.

Then, for how long will you keep on taking coffee or other mental alert inducing substances? That will be for like eternity right? Because you will have to keep on writing content as long as you wish to remain relevant in website content business. Not to mention the work load, when you have more websites to write content for.

Eat More Of Fruits And Vegetables

Even if you are not looking forward to losing weight, healthy eating is generally for everyone. Eating right will help with your general well being, including mental alertness. Therefore, include some fruits and veggies to boost your creativity, and you will always be on top of your game in writing good articles.


With these few words, I hope to leave you a better writer, one that can have control over his/her writing work. Writing will be fun if you know how to take care of yourself. Then, knowing the ethics/art of writing will fully give you the total control of what your content should be.

Take action today and writing issues will be nothing but history!

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If you have any question or contributions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


Steps To Writing A Blog-Without Hassles

Writing a post is one thing that overwhelms…if not scares the shit out of most writers. And blog_2-min[1]yes I must agree with you, because I have been there too. If you own a website, you are required to write your own ‘unique’ content supposedly for your audience, right?

OK, now, you would be wondering, what is it that you have, to offer to your audience and for them to appreciate it? Do I have a good enough information for these people? Can I really write a good and impressive grammar without making a blunder? But wait a minute, do I really know what to write about? These and many other questions will be running inside your brain until you develop what they call ‘writer’s block’ (Inability to be creative).

The other part I would also like to mention before I go into steps to writing a blog, is the aspect of a writer having this notion that he/she has to be very perfect in writing English or whatever language that is being used. This is another fear, because you are afraid of being judged. Of being criticized or worst still, not being patronized.

When I started out, my writing was worst than what it is now, because I had many issues like, punctuation problem, spacing problem. Not being able to flow with a relative sequence. Hell, I did not even know that every ‘I’ has to be in a capital letter, until I was criticized in a community that I belong to (will tell you about the community in due course), then I had to take corrections and tried to become a better writer.

Prior to joining this community, I had always had the belief that I was no writer, that I have no business with writing. Instead of getting down to writing my own post, I would rather use a ‘spinning application/software’ to duplicate other people’s work. But I quickly realized that, that does not work. Because you will never get a good ranking with Google, and hence you will fail.

I have so much to say, but let me not bore you with my own story, and let’s get down to steps to writing a blog.

Writing Location

It is important that you find a place that is quiet and serene to use as your writing location/spot. It could be anywhere, so long there is serenity and you are comfortable with the location. Use a table and chair that will make you feel comfortable, or you can decide to sit on the floor, whatever, so long you are ‘comfortable’.

Relax And Believe In Yourself

After having a tranquil location, you should now try to relax. Maybe, consciously set your mind on something positive that will ignite that inspiration in you. Tell yourself you can do it and believe me, you will begin to settle to write.

Write Naturally

Do not try to write like a professional writer. Because if you try to do that, you are not blog_1-min[1]being yourself. Thus, the words will not come out right and natural. You can write better when you try to write what you know in your own unique way! In fact, you will enjoy writing as you set on writing. Because everything will be flowing naturally out of you, and this is the type of post/article that is very engaging. Why? Because you are simply talking to people about your ideas, and as a result you are engaging and helpful.

Write In A simple Fashion

Already, if you are writing naturally, it is bound to be simple and articulate. But I need to remind you to make sure that your writing should be simple and straight. Try not to impress anyone by using uncommon grammar. Use words that anyone can simply understand. And I bet, you will impress your audience.

Art Of Paragraphing

Make sure that your paragraphs are in bits. What I mean by that is that, let your paragraphs be small in size, so that your audience will find it appealing and easy to read. For example, check out my paragraphs; you will find out that they are all short which probably made it possible for you to read thus far.

Therefore, it is very important you include that style of writing into yours, and that is why I called it ‘art’ of paragraphing.

Let Your Article Be Helpful

That is the essence of this whole business of writing an article/post. We do this in order to help people in need. Once you are able to achieve that with your article or post, believe me, you will have followers and audience naturally. Because you are offering them what they need.

If I was able to engage you and offer some sort of solution to your problem through this post, I guess you will be happy and also be more than willing to visit again or even subscribe to our newsletter, right? Right.

Do Research On Topics You Do Not Know

If you want to write on a topic you are not well knowledgeable about, research! Go to the blog_4-min[1]internet, Google it, or if you have a book about it, read it! But the internet is one BIG place to do research. I normally research on the internet. I read about the topic I want to write about. Not only from one source but from two or three sources, after which I will have so much to write without copying anybody’s work. I will write from my own perspective.

At Least Start With More Than 400 Words

As you may know, the required amount of words in your article should be around 1500 and no less than 400 words. That is Google’s standard article that could be indexed and ultimately be ranked.

You can start by writing at least a 500 word article. That way, you can gradually grow to writing more words in your articles as you progress.  You can easily break down your article writing in this fashion;

  • Introduction
  • Support 1
  • Support 2
  • Support 3
  • Conclusion

The ‘Introduction’ Part

When writing an article, and you do not know how to start, you may use this method until you are able to write without ‘rules’ but naturally. However, your writing should still be natural, this method is only applicable to the segmentation.

Write the introductory part of the topic you are discussing about. You can squeeze without difficulty a 100 word, introducing your topic. That way, you have achieved your first 100 words.

Generally, talk about the topic or whatever it is you are writing about. Write about the official information of the topic as well as your own view and understanding. A kind of preamble to what you will be discussing in the later part of your article.

The ‘Support 1-3’ Parts

Support 1-3 is all about finding 3 major key parts of your topic and try to write about each one of them with a 100 word for each. If you are able to find these 3 key parts or sub-topics (which I believe you can always find them), then writing 100 words on each will be a piece of cake.

By the time you are done writing 100 words for each of the sub-topics, you would have accomplished about 400 words, right? Right.

The ‘Conclusion’ Part

On this part, it is simple of what you are expected to do. You will simply conclude your writing by giving your final thought or should I say a final note? Here, you can write to summarize on what you have written before and give your own opinion or view if need be. Then, BINGO! you have written a hundred word ‘conclusion’ part, plus the 400 words you had written on your ‘Introduction and Support 1-3’ equals to 500 words. And you have got an article your audience and Google will be happy about!


I used ‘Finally’ for this part instead of ‘conclusion’ in order not to confuse you. So, this is my final thought or conclusion part.

Do not worry about mistakes that you could make while writing your post/article. We have a program that offers you the opportunity to send your post immediately after publishing, so that people from the community will have a review of what you have written and even have a look at the general outlook of your website and give you a feedback as to how well you have written your post or how easy and simple is your website. And they will also proffer suggestions and point out your mistakes if there any, which will help you to grow and get better.

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Finally, I would also like to remind you to always proofread your articles before publishing. Preferably, let the proofreading be done by someone else that understands the language you are using.

I dare you to follow the suggestions and instructions on this post and you will be a new writer for better. And most importantly, try to JOIN the program if you wish to further improve yourself and your website.

I hope this helps.