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Is Infinity Profit System a Scam? Please Read this First!

Is Infinity Profit System a Scam? Please Read this First!

Is Infinity Profit System a Scam? This must have been the question on your mind before you got here or something close to that. With my experiences online, I now wonder how many make money at home programs that spring up. That is not only what is bothering me, but the fact that almost all the owners of these programs are not going easy on the people that they pledged to help, but instead they leave them broke and frustrated than they were.

Do not get me wrong, I am not yet unto Infinity Profit System, therefore I am not saying it is a scam or legit. But I wish to give you some preambles concerning make money at home programs so that you can see where I am coming from.

Before I found my footing in online marketing, I was scammed severally and I scrambled for a bearing and was nearly made to give up as a result of repeated failures, and today I am glad I never gave up because if I did I wouldn’t have found the success that I enjoy today. Therefore, do not give up my friend, not just yet!

Back to the topic of the day, is Infinity Profit System a Scam? I will answer your question by explaining a few things about this program. Infinity Profit System is an online program with a promise to develop, train and help prospective member to make money from home.Some believe it’s owned by Dale Payne Sizer while some are not sure. The url to the website is www.infiniteprofitsystem.com, with a sign up fee that will cost you up to $135 to get started.

The breakdown of the signup fees are as follow:Is Infinity Profit System a Scam? Please Read this First!

• Admin fee- $10/ a onetime payment
• Starter package- $25 per month
• Basic package- $100 per month

When you sum all of that it will give you a total of $135 for the first month while $125 for the subsequent months.

What you are being sold to in starter and basic packages are as follow:

Starter Package $25

• Be yourselfIs Infinity Profit System a Scam? Please Read this First!
• Build Your Strength
• Imagine Your Future
• Selling Yourself
• Who is Your Audience
• Seo Powered Blogging platform
• Plus more

Basic package $100

• The First steps to systemizing a business
• What Managers can learn from programmers
• Why business systemization is so important
• The power of flow charts
• Automation and force
• Email Marketing platform
• Plus more

Is It Worth Investing On?

Now that I have outlined all you will be getting from Infinite Profit System also known as IPS, at this point you will be able to make a fair judgment if it is a good program or full of crap but then something got me thinking, a $100/per month for basic package? What are they going to bring to the table? Some tutorials on systemizing a business, what managers can learn from programmers, why business systemization is so important, the power of flow charts and more? What the heck are you talking about? After paying a sum like $125 every month, you are telling me about why business systemization is so important! I want a practical way of earning money not some tutorials. Or if they think they have got the practical way, why did they not make available a free signup so that I can really know what I am getting into before investing that kind of money.

OK, I dug deeper as to what they will have you do in order to earn money from home. MLM! Yes you heard me right, multi level marketing, where you will be required to promote and sell this product to someone else so that you can make money. They will even advise you to push and sell it to your family members! It is kind of crazy selling stuff like this to a family member that is not even interested, and it will just appear as though you are imposing it on them, and you may do just that because you are desperate to make money forgetting all sense of decency.

But wait a minute…they have what is called the compensation matrix, where your first two referrals are given to your sponsor (the person that introduced the program to you), but after that your subsequent referrals are for you and their first two referrals will be for you too so that you will be earning a recurring commission. In as much as this may sound good, it has its downside.

The Downsides

Let’s assume that this program is not too pricey, which is not true, you have to work your butt out to recruit people even if you have to sell it to your family in order to make money. You are not building your own business but building IPS and if by any chance this company goes down, you are going straight down with it. You have no other way of earning money other than IPS and in most cases, companies that have a bad reputation and weak product seldom last long.

Therefore, you have to do your math before taking that plunge. If they had provided a free membership I would say, OK, you can try it out but not having $135 at stake.

My Verdict

I would have out rightly called it a scam but I will refrain from that because it is not as though they will take your money and run away. But I do advise you to stay away from this program. There are programs that could offer you way better than what they are offering. As a matter of fact, I have one recommendation that has helped me build my business and taught me all I know today, and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

<<<Wealthy Affiliate Review Here>>>

Wealthy Affiliate is for real and doesn’t make noise with hypes you easily see on other websites that promise to help you make money online. They don’t give you the false impression that you could make millions of $, a mansion and a yacht in a few weeks (but of course you can get all that if you work hard and with time). No, but they will equip you with the training, tools and support you need to become successful, and you don’t have to show up with your wallet, you can sign up for free after which if you think you like what you are getting you can decide to become a premium member without any up sells.


I have tried laying it all out for you to see. I do what I do with passion because I believe in it and I know I am doing a good service of directing someone out there to the right path even as I enjoy the benefits. Therefore, do not try to learn the hard way because people that have learned the hard way will tell you if they had known better.

I will like to hear from you and if you have any questions or contributions do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below, and please do share because sharing is caring, you may be saving someone from making the wrong decision.