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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Many people would be asking this question, is affiliate marketing dead? Especially people Is affiliate marketing dead?that have tried affiliate marketing and failed, and they are at a cross road where they ask too many questions influenced by negative experience. And perhaps there are people that intend to start affiliate marketing but need to know if affiliate marketing is dead or alive.

And I must say that the internet is also contributory to many failing in affiliate marketing because there are a lot of misleading information and scams. In as much as the internet is the only place you can get directed to the right path, so also it is a place where you will be misled and left frustrated and broken than ever if you are not careful.

Just the other day I came across a headline on the internet that says affiliate marketing is NOT business. I was compelled to open the link and read it because I was curious about what the author has to say. He argued that affiliate marketing is NOT a business because we the affiliate marketers do all the dirty work for the product owners while they sit back to reap from our labor. And he claimed to have quoted an acclaimed affiliate marketer that makes millions of $ a month from ebay, who is in the person of Jeremy aka Shoemoney.

As I read through this person’s article, I noticed how he twisted this discourse to his own favor by finally telling whoever that is reading to buy his product. Now, the point is that, how could he argue that affiliate marketing is dead and buttresses his argument by quoting a person that would be considered as ‘’king’’ of affiliate marketing. This is entirely misleading; and intended to talk someone into buying his product and making himself an authority in the niche.

What this action entails is that, it will further confuse a newbie or someone who has just started affiliate marketing to make more mistakes, because at a point the person wouldn’t know what works any more. When you are presented with so many options that contradict each other on how to do affiliate marketing, you will become confused and inconsistent with your techniques. You will be like the wind that goes to whatever direction it blows to.

I am writing this article to highlight some things that could be responsible for somebody not succeeding in affiliate marketing. When a newbie or a struggling affiliate marketer comes across very many opinions on how to do affiliate marketing he is bound to be confused. And especially if the person in question is not having the virtue of patience, commitment and hard work, he will always, go wherever the wind blows.

How can someone tells you that you do the ‘’dirty’’ work for the product owner or a company while they relax and take all the profit while you take all the risks. It is absurd for one to make that kind of assertion because you don’t have a product to your name, and somebody is offering you the opportunity to sell his product while he gives you a commission depending on an agreed percentage. I don’t think is a bad deal at all; if you don’t like it and think that the company is ripping you off, then go create your own product good enough for affiliate marketers to promote, it is as simple as that.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Affiliate marketing is very much alive and kicking. As a matter of fact, there are very many people that are actually making a living from affiliate marketing (including myself). Some folks that want to make you buy stuff from them will always find a way of making this whole thing of affiliate marketing to appear as a rocket science, which is not. They will make it to appear complicated so that they will hand you over some shiny product that is worthless.
And it is most likely you will fall into another worthless product when you turn around to seek for another’s help, because the ‘’bad’’ products/programs are in the majority on the internet.

Just Stop Struggling and Face it

Until you stop struggling and face the reality of making it in affiliate marketing. And Is affiliate marketing dead?making it in affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic to any product you have chosen to promote. And that could be by way of paid traffic such as PPC or by building your own website. And if you choose the latter which I would recommend, you need to be ready to work hard, be patient and be committed, and I can I assure you, you will see success in no time.
Of course, you will need some blue print on how to build your website, such as how to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO and the rest that would ensure free traffic across to your website from major search engines such as Google and Bing.

That being said, you need to join a true program that would teach you how to do all these things yourself and build your website from ground up. A program that would make you to become skilled and an authority in whatever niche you may choose.


If you don’t stop looking for those shiny programs/products that promise instant success in affiliate marketing or whatever form of online income, you will continue to be broke, confused and wonder if affiliate marketing is dead.

I can help you become a successful affiliate marketer if you will let me. Just click right here to join for free, no credit card required. There, you will be taught all the basic and advanced affiliate marketing strategies which are both good for a newbie and an advanced marketer.

I hope I have been able to enlighten you, but if you have more questions, comment or contribution, you can drop it in the comment box below.