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Clickbank Scam-Or Is It Legit?

Hello, how are you doing? I guess you are cool. Well, unfortunately I can’t say the same for clickbank_1-min[1]myself, because today is one of those days I don’t feel like writing, but I had to kick my lazy behind to get to work. And I….just did! After much thinking on what to write about, I thought I should do a review on Clickbank Scam. Yes, Clickbank is one of the big names we have around the Internet Marketing world. So, I did my research and came up with what I am about to say.

And I guess you are here to find out if Clickbank is LEGIT or a SCAM right? So, do not worry, in due course you shall know if it is good or bad.

Clickbank basically operates in two way fashion. What I mean by that is that, it provides a platform for vendors to sell their products and in the other hand it also provides products to affiliate marketers to promote.

How Does Clickbank Provide Platform For Vendors?

This is simple, Clickbank admits anyone that has a product to sell. You can go on and submit your product(s) to Clickbank, because it has a very busy marketplace where your product(s) can get a lot of exposure. On a daily basis, there are countless number of affiliates and as well as consumers that browse through the site, looking for one product or the other to promote or buy.

When you submit products to Clickbank, you don’t have to worry about confirmation  of payments, customer service and processing of orders. All of these will be done for you, when your product is sold through Clickbank. At the end of the day, they will send you checks or wire a direct payment (as the case maybe) for the sales of your products with a little percentage removed as their own processing charges.

And this is great because you don’t have to worry about opening a merchant account to take orders and make sales online. All you are required to do is to open up a sales page with Clickbank, and then put up the price and bingo, the product will be available for visitors to buy or promote.

How Does Clickbank Provide Products For Affiliates?

As we already know, Clickbank is one big marketplace where people and companies come to sell their products and services. As a result, there are lots and lots of products/services that is available to be promoted. Any Affiliate Marketer can choose to promote any of the products or services through their websites or what ever medium they choose to use.

Any sales or referrals that is being made by the Affiliate Marketer, a payment is handed to him/her by Clickbank. Thus, Clickbank stands as an intermediary between the product owner and the Affiliate Marketer, Just like it will also be an intermediary between the vendor and the consumer.

It is a great way of cutting off some payment issues and orders.


  • Anyone can register- there are no rules or criteria for you to meet before registering. What this means is that, with or without a website you can choose to promote or sell a product on their platform. New or experienced, you will still be accepted.
  • Easy to become a merchant- They give anyone that has a product to sell, the leverage to do so without having to go and set up a merchant account that will involve you as the seller to be handling the orders and the rest.
  • Most profitable and high converting products can be found at Clickbank.
  • All products have a 60 day money back guarantee policy, that makes people more likely to buy from them.
  • There are many or assorted products to promote.
  • No limitation as to how many products you can promote.


  • There are low quality  products, at worst, bad ones that can be found at Clickbank, because Clickbank is not a reviewing site, therefore it accepts just about anyone that has a product to sell. Therefore, if you are looking for a product to promote, you have to first of all research about the product before promoting. Otherwise, you may end up promoting a product that is a garbage, hence you have wasted your time and giving your business a bad reputation.
  • They don’t provide any resources or tools that would help Affiliate Marketers promote their products. Affiliates have to solely depend on the resources provided by the product owner, which I think Clickbank ought to have helped with promotional tools too.
  • High rate of refund- Because of its 60 day refund policy and bad products that are found there, Clickbank has recorded a high refund rate than any other programs on the internet.

My Opinion/Conclusion

I really think Clickbank is a cool place to market your products and also even promote clickbank-min[1]some products. But when promoting a product, I will always advise that you do your research on the product you intend to promote before doing so. So, saying ‘Clickbank Scam’ is inappropriate. Just that, it is a large market place that accepts everyone with a product without a review, therefore they are bound to unknowingly accept scam products, hence they have a high rate of refund.

One thing you can’t take away from Clickbank is the fact that, it makes it easy for anyone that has a product to showcase their products in front of thousands of highly experienced affiliate marketers, that could in turn make a lot of sales for you, if your product is that good. Some Affiliate Marketers think the only way to earn money is by promoting other people’s product. But you can make money if you can produce your own ‘quality’ product and have it sold at Clickbank.

That being said, Clickbank is not a scam, you only need to be careful by researching on the product you intend to buy or promote. And there is also the fact that they pay out checks or direct wire to their affiliates and vendors at the stipulated time.

I hope this helps.

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Please do not hesitate to drop your comments or any contributions at the comment box below. I really hope you enjoyed reading this.