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Exitus Elite Review-Opportunity or Pure Scam?

Exitus Elite Review-Opportunity or Pure Scam?

Exitus Elite Review has always been on my mind to do lately but couldn’t bring myself to do it because of other pressing needs. But I have finally decided to look into it and interestingly there are revelations. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the review.
It is wise of you to have decided to look up Exitus Elite reviews before taking that plunge and fortunately you landed at the right place where you will be enlightened with the right information that will help guide you to make an informed decision.

Exitus Elite Overview

You may have heard that Exitus Elite is providing automated system offering 100% commissions on $1000 dollar product! Exciting right? Yes, that promise could excite anyone that is willing to make money online especially a quick and easy one without having to sell, call or explain as they put it. But do not join just yet until you have finished reading this review.

Exitus Elite is owned by Paul Stevenson, who is said to have many years of home business experience. You are to pay the sum of $500 to $12,000 just to get most of the educational materials based on the rudiment of making money online and product. I understand you are to pay $299 for membership, URL is www.exituselite.com.

Exitus Elite,an Opportunity or pure scam?

Now, let’s get into the real thing. That is the essence of Exitus Elite review. Is it a scam?Exitus Elite Review-Opportunity or Pure Scam? That is the question anyone wishing to join Exitus Elite would need the answer to, right? Ok, I can outrightly say it is a scam or legit, but without giving a reason or reasons as to how I come to that conclusion, will really make no sense to you. Therefore, I will like to answer the question by putting more searchlights on the program which will eventually explain if it is legit or a scam. Agreed? OK, great.

If you haven’t noticed, or if you are perhaps a novice you may not see the tell-tale signs of a good or a bad program. So, we shall look for this ‘’tell-tale’’ signs to determine how good or bad Exitus Elite is.

Exitus Elite claims you have access to all the listed educational materials and tools listed below once you pay the $299 membership.

• Access to the GENESIS LIBRARY
• Marketing tools
• Automated System
• Powerful Marketing Campaigns
• 100% commission, with no calls, selling or explaining…

They went further to explain that it is simple to ‘’understand and do’’! Now, if I may ask if there is no selling, no calling or explaining, how the heck are you going to make your money/commission? Oh, it just occurred to me, you simply have to make others become members! Making others become members is not selling? Are you not really selling the program to others? That is one contradiction that raises a red flag, ‘’you can earn $1,300 profit over and over again by offering memberships to other, who then PURCHASE ‘’Genesis’’ product package from you’’. Quote from their website. This also means you have to also purchase the same Genesis product at $1,300 before you could sell it to others, and this is beside your membership fee.

Come to think of it, if everything is automated and there is no cold calling or selling, why then do you need the marketing educational materials they are offering?

No such thing as AUTOMATED marketing

There is no such thing as automated marketing! That is simply a hype that could make some people listen and probably part with their money for the product, the reason being that many are scared of learning how to market online or sell stuff. I can authoritatively tell you that, to become a success online, it requires hard work, dedication, and persistence to build a brand.

Do not fall for anything that seems to be too good to be true online, because that is the first tell-tale sign of a scam.


• There are a bunch of educational materials to inherit upon signing up,…that’s what I like.


• You have to pay in order to be able to sell their product
• Technically, when you join Exitus Elite, you are only helping to build their own brand by using the replicated website, content and product they will offer you, instead of building your own brand just like the Wealthy Affiliate will teach you, and interestingly for FREE!
• There is a great disadvantage in using REPLICATED content or website because that would only reduce the traffic that comes to your site. Basically, that will hurt your business.
• No money back guarantee

My Opinion

My Exitus Elite review has revealed if the program is legit or not. Moreover, there are other upsells that were not stated on the website such as the $1000 you have to pay in order to access and sell videos. It is really crazy when people come out to make things appear too simple and straightforward only for you to get in and discover how complicated it is.

Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee in case you don’t like the program, and I did I mention the $299 admin fee is yearly? Well is yearly.

Word of advice, do you wish to make money online? If yes, get ready to get dirty, roll up your sleeves and get to work. You can start by joining a program that will teach you all you need to know about making money online the legitimate way.

Sorry, I don’t know how to sugar coat words, I got to tell you how it is. You can really join others that are making tons of money online if you are willing to work and be dedicated at what you do.