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Rich Jerk Review

Rich Jerk Review-Do Not Join Until You Read This!

This is My Rich Jerk Review, and one thing I found about this is that whoever that is behind Rich Jerk Reviewit is an interesting fellow and a ‘’jerk’’ indeed. There are so many assertions that he made that sounded like a real JERK. Plus he has this ego that is the size of the Jupiter planet.
How do I know? I know by his texts and video presentations on his sales page.

Many that have visited his website would definitely agree with me that this guy is crazy with…self confidence that turned into being a jerk. Perhaps that is the reason why he branded his program as the Rich Jerk. Giving everyone the impression that he is a jerk yet managed to make money online, how much more who is not a jerk. Invariably he is saying anyone can make money online with his product/service.

With a program like that, I think he could leave a positive or negative impression (depending on the individual) on anyone that has visited his website or has read his e-book ‘’The Rich Jerk. But for me I think he is an ass-hole full of self confidence. He goes on to say things like ‘’I am rich and your not’’ even with the misspelling on that phrase; or is he trying to let us know that he is a jerk that cannot even spell properly but made so much money? He also boasted that, if all his money is taking away, that he could make it back within a year if his e-book The Rich Jerk is giving to him.

You can reason why I said he is a jerk with a big ego. But really, is there any reason to insult people in order to make a point? I wonder how such ideology converts, but then, I think there are people that have tried making money online and have failed and tired of being a failure that wouldn’t see anything wrong with his remarks.

I got it; he is trying to say he is the big fish with a big product, and of course with a big price tag on it. Speaking of product, value, and cost, let’s have a look at Rich Jerk Program to know if it is a scam or not, after all that is the essence of this review.

What Is Rich Jerk all about?

Rich Jerk is an online program which promises to help anyone that signs up to establish anRich Jerk Review online business. If you sign up, I must admit from what I have gathered, you will be taught some valuable techniques of establishing a successful online business. Amongst his training packages, there is a monthly coaching fee that will cost $197/month, one on one Skype coaching that will last for about a week, and there is also training software that will cost about $79/month plus other upsells that will still be coming.

In his training, there is an SEO training that is based on how to do a niche research so as to determine the right and profitable niche for your business, how to locate Affiliate offers and how to build a website. Which I think all these are a must and basic lessons that could be found in some very good and affordable programs online. And there is also a video training on how to use facebook for campaign/marketing. Nevertheless, facebook marketing is difficult if you are not using their advertising campaign.

Is Rich Jerk a Scam?

I must say that The Rich Jerk is not a scam; it is a very good program if you apply all that he teaches correctly, you will probably be successful and become a millionaire, lol. However, there is one thing I think is wrong with the Rich Jerk, and that is the COST. I think it is overpriced and way too much for an average person to afford. And perhaps that could be the reason some people may call it a scam and get away with it because it is too expensive.

The Internet is one big place where you have so many online training programs (most of which are full of sh#t), but you can still find some good ones that could be a good option over the Rich Jerk Program. As a matter of fact, I won’t buy into this program, not because it is not a good program, but because it is almost like a rip off with the upsells you will be made to buy.

My View

Let me level with you, I won’t recommend The Rich Jerk Program to anyone, because when I said there are better programs online, I mean it. At least I know one, which I have tested, used and still using till this day.

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In this program, there is a very simple learning curve and step by step practical training and tasks to accomplish. You also have the opportunity to have one on one coaching with the program owners and a community of like-minded people that are available to help you out whenever you are stuck somewhere.

So, why waste a lot of cash on some training program that you could get somewhere else at a much cheaper cost with better training tools and resources.


I hope My Rich Jerk Review was able to give you some clues as to what to expect from the program. I only hope that you make the right decision by clicking right here to join my #1 recommendation, but if you think you have the money to throw around and you are better convinced that you would be successful with the Rich Jerk program, please by all means go ahead and join here.

By the way, the name of the founder of the Rich Jerk is Kelly Felix, whom many believe is rich and has been in the internet marketing business for years. But like I said, his program is good, but it could have been better, and plus the fact is overpriced.