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How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing-The Secrets

Most people that have tried Affiliate Marketing or any type of Internet Marketing, have affiliate-min[1]always had this mind set to make it quick. They hope to find a magic wand that would give them a break through in their Online Business.

Well, I am about to burst your bubble in case you have that kind of mind set. Perhaps, you have seen the title of this post, How to succeed with affiliate marketing, and you were like, I am going to get the ‘fast’ solution to breaking through in affiliate marketing or whatever kind of Internet Marketing you are into.

I will reveal to you, what works and triggers success in affiliate marketing. First, you may want to change your mind set of making the quick cash with affiliate marketing, because with that kind of mind set, you are already set to fail!

I am not being hard on anyone, but I am only trying to be honest with myself by telling you how these things work around the internet. If someone had told you that he or she will make you to start earning steady and reliable income from any kind of Internet Marketing within a day or weeks, just consider that as a scam. Perhaps, that could explain why you have been scammed several times.

People fail in Internet Marketing to a point they will start to believe that Internet Business is a myth. However, that is untrue, it’s just that you have been going about making money online the wrong way. It is great to make money online, to be able to be your own boss. It feels good, to work at your own time frame, where ever you want to work from. Above all, it feels good when you have gotten that break through, and start having a steady income that is beyond what you could earn from 9 to 5 job.  I have got so much preambles to make, but let me cut it short and get down to how to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Build A Web Site

Perhaps, as you are reading this post, you might have already built yourself a website (since it is quite easy to get one nowadays), or maybe not. Which ever one, what I am about to say is still applicable to both circumstances.

It is not just setting up a website, you need to consider some important factors while setting up your website. Your website is the bases/foundation of your Online Business. Therefore, you have to consider making that foundation strong, by making sure it has all the criteria of a good website.

You should make sure that your site is designed properly, so that it will be user friendly, mobile friendly, and even Search Engine friendly and many more. Do not worry, because I will explain, and by the time you are done reading this post, you will be in a better position to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, that is, if you are willing.

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User Friendliness

In your website design, it is important that your navigation system is simple. The over all outlook of your website should be simple yet appealing. Let your menu bar be well organized, such that people will not be overwhelmed by the sight of your page. That can really turn people off, and make them to close the browser. Keep your design clean and simple, that is the formula.

Mobile Friendliness

When designing your site, always consider its appearance in mobile cell phones. It is one of the criteria of being ranked quickly by Google. Do not over stuff your website with codes or plugins that could off set your site’s mobile friendliness. And of course, you should always test the mobile friendliness of the theme you are opting for, before using it for your site.

Once your site is mobile friendly, you are one step ahead to success.

Search Engine Friendliness

You have to make sure that your site is great in terms of speed. Loading time is very necessary. Otherwise, you will be having a high bounce rate that will affect your ranking. Therefore, consider the type of hosting company you will be using for your website. There are reputable hosting companies out there, but I will suggest Wealthy Affiliate instead. This is the company that you don’t just get hosting from, but much more. I will explain in detail in the later part of this post.

There are other things you have to also consider, to ensure your success in Affiliate Marketing, such as niche and content!

Choosing The Right  Niche

Now that you have gotten yourself a very good website, you have to have a niche for the site. Your niche could be anything that is passionate to you. Some thing you will enjoy writing about, anytime, any day. It does not matter how ‘competitive’ that niche is, so long you are passionate about it, you can succeed and excel in it.

Unfortunately, some people think, if a niche is too saturated with a lot of people writing about it, it will be difficult for a beginner to have a break through in it. But, that is not necessarily true, I will tell you why. In niche business, you target keywords instead. If you know how to use the best keywords that can rank easily, you will be successful in no time.

Using The Right Keywords

You know, most people wonder why they don’t succeed, most part of the reason is because of wrong keyword usage. If you target your keywords right, you will have a relative easy break through with your Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, keyword is one confusing aspect I never liked. They will tell you to use ‘long tail keyword’, that it will rank better. What the heck is long tail keyword? There are other ways to manually determine the best keyword to use. But I will rather suggest you check out this post on a FREE keyword search tool that will save you all that trouble of figuring it out for yourself.

Good And Quality Content

Content is King! The content of your site is what defines your site. You should be able to writer-min[1]write a quality and engaging article. An article that is helpful to your targeted audience. Also, try to be consistent with your writing, so that your audience and Google will be happy. If your audience and Google appreciate your content, then, success is coming home!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have to  optimize your site for Search Engines, so that your site will be seen and be seo_1-min[1]ranked by the Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You start this by adding Google analytics to your site and adding your site to Google and Bing Webmasters. Google and Bing constitute the 100% search that is done every day on the internet. If you are able to do that, then you are making a significant head way.

There is one mistake people make, which I also did in the past; buying traffic to your site. If you are buying traffic or have the intention of doing so, just stop. Because, it does not work, even if the traffic they are sending to your site are real people, they are simply the wrong people for your site. Almost all, if not all, of the traffic will not be interested in what you have to offer through your site. They were just sent to your site, they did not find you, you found them, and that is not good for business.

Therefore, do not waste money on buying traffic, except if you have the money and you really wish to start getting ‘targeted’ traffic to your website, then use Google Adword instead.

Monetize Your Site

Once everything is set, you will now have to start using affiliate links on your site. You havemonetize-min[1] to register with an affiliate company that has products/services that is related to your niche. Most commonly used are, Amazon and Walmart, although there are bunch of them out there, depending on your niche.

When you start using these links, you will start earning commissions from any  product/service you were able to refer to your affiliate company. You might even try to add contextual ads such as Google adsense or Media.net to increase your revenue.

And these links and codes have to be done properly by the way you place them on your website.


When you are able to do all those things stated above, then, you will begin to teach yourself how to treat your Online Business as a real business, by being patient.

When you start a new business offline, I guess you don’t expect that business to start yielding money immediately. I don’t think so, because it will take a while for people to know you and even believe in what you have to offer before they will start to patronize you.

So also with Online Business, you will have to continually prove to your audience and wa_uncover_secrets_250x250-min[1]Search Engines by writing qaulity content consistently. With effort from your side, you will succeed in no time. However, success rate is measured by how much time and effort you are putting into your business.

Two persons that started off on the same day, the same niche may not see a break through at the same time, due to the fact that, their efforts are different. So, if you wish to succeed, you may want to put more hard work and perseverance and be patient. If the honest people that have made it in Affiliate Marketing/IM would tell you how they succeeded, one of those things they will tell you is that, you have to persevere keep keeping on.

To have a support and resources of succeeding, I would strongly suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate it is FREE. With this program, you will be much prepared to make it in an Online Business of your choice. There are so many techniques that you will learn to project your business to the top. And above all, have faith in God.

If you have any question or contributions, please do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.

I hope this helps.