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Mass Planner Review-No Strings attached

Mass Planner Review-No Strings attached

Here I am reviewing yet another product called Mass Planner. By the time you finished reading the Mass Planner Review you will have an idea of what this product is all about, what it’s capable of doing and if it is for real or another crappy product.  Well, I will start by saying if you own a website and you are a heavy user of the social networks, then this product might interest you and probably be useful to you, because from what I have gathered, Mass planner is a software that helps you to take off loads of social media networks’ work you have to ordinarily do manually.

What is Mass Planner?

If you are sick and tired of having to share your post, like or follow someone on the social media network then Mass Planner is just the tool you need. To be honest, I am sick and tired of all the tasks I have to carry out regarding my websites, especially the ones related to social networks. They are very time-consuming and you can’t just ignore them either.

When you sign up for Mass planner, it will do pretty many tasks such as searching and joining groups in your niche in Facebook, posts new content of your website on social networks, likes and pins on Pinterest, and Re-Tweets your post and much more. This sounds like one hell of a software to me!

I believe that every website owner needs this software because we all do social media networks. If you own a website and don’t use the Social networks for branding and traffic then you might want to go back to the drawing board.  I spend a quality time in social media networks, sharing, retweeting , following, pinning, searching and joining groups on my niche plus I have to still make sure that I am updating my websites with quality content such as this. So, you can see that I barely have time for myself and other things, except if I wish to pay someone to do some of the things I need to do otherwise, I will be working my butt off every day to keep up with the demand of my online business.

The good thing about Mass Planner is that it works on automation; once you have it all set up the first time you don’t need to be doing anything anymore except periodic checks. It is also great because it works with a large number of social networks unlike similar products out that can only work with one social media network.  Let’s have an overview of the features of Mass Planner, shall we?


Basically, like I said earlier, it is useful for the major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. What else could you ask for if you have got software that can cover all these social networks for you?

  1. Facebook– It helps you to search and join groups that are in your niche, posts to groups automatically, schedules content, post clickable images and much more.
  2. Twitter– It tweets and re-retweets, favorite tweets on your behalf, schedules tweets, upload bulk images and much more.
  3. Pinterest– It does all of these on your behalf:
    • Auto Re-pin
    • It spins texts and comments on pins
    • It follows people and unfollows if they don’t follow back
    • Likes Pins, and much more
  4. Instagram- Does the follow on your behalf:
    • Auto follow
    • Auto unfollow
    • Auto like
    • Spins texts and comments automatically
  5. Google Plus– These are the list of what it does here:
    • Auto Follow
    • Auto unfollow
    • Schedules content
    • Searches and joins communities
  6. LinkidIn– List of what it does in this network:
    • Searches and joins target groups
    • Schedules posts and much more

Does it really work?

It does work, but you have to first of all download the software to your computer, and then use the 43 tutorial videos to learn how to use it. Each video runs for like 6 minutes so you will get over it pretty quick.  The good news is that you can have a peek at the videos on their website or on youtube, this allows you to even watch and see if it is something you would like to invest in.


  • It can virtually do everything pertaining sharing, follow, schedule, like, un-follow, joins groups in your niche and much more automatically.
  •  With this software, you can gain a lot of followers quickly
  • It saves time and does it work more efficiently
  • It doesn’t take a time to set up either is it complicated.
  • You will get 5 days free trial

Mass Planner Review-No Strings attached


It has a monthly payment plan instead of one-time payment. $10 per month or you can pay for 6 months at $44.95 to save about 37%.


For me, I like this software, and just for the record, I am in no way affiliated with Mass Planner, so, this is entirely an objective review that is meant to help those of us that wish to reduce the workload on building an online business. I have always kicked against programs or products that promise to help you make money online on autopilot. If you have been reading my reviews you would have noticed that because, you can’t substitute hard work for some program that promises done-for-you in making money and building online business, but you can delegate some of the work such as the social media segment to a very good software such as Mass Planner.

Therefore, if you can afford the monthly or the 6 months payment, it will be a wise investment indeed; after all, the money you are making already from your online business is to be used to ease up pressure such as this.

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