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Pure Leverage- Is It Scam Or Legit?

Pure Leverage-Is It Scam Or Legit?

I always say that, there is nothing wrong in trying to find out about a program before Pure Leverage- Is It Scam Or Legit?deciding to take a plunge. After all, there are so many of these programs out there that promise success. But the question is, are they legit or blatant scam? Unfortunately, most of them are scams that cannot be seen by most newbies that intend to start an online business.

Therefore, together, we are going to look into Pure Leverage to find out if they are scam or legit. Like I did with my other reviews, I have researched deeply and extensively to know what Pure Leverage stands for.

What Is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is a program that offers tool services and also offers the opportunity for members to resell their tools, which is done in an MLM system. They are part of GVO and was established on March 4, 2012 by Joel Therien.

The tool services they offer to members are auto-responder, lead capture page system, video email service and conference room.  Where as if you choose to resell the tools or promote the Pure Leverage itself, you can do so in order to make extra money. But you can as well use only the tools to sell and promote any other product you wish to promote.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Like I said, you have the option of joining to use only the tools, or use the tools and resell them, by way of promoting Pure Leverage as well. If you wish to use the tools only, it will cost $24.95 per month which is also referred to as the basic membership. Then you have VIP membership that will cost you $97 per month. If you wish to resell the tool, that will cost an extra of $19.95 per month in addition to either of the basic or VIP membership, depending on the one you opted for. Nevertheless, they will give a $1 trial for one week before joining any of the memberships.

Now, I will explain further, so that you will understand how this system works.

Basic membership is $24.95 per month, which will allow you the following:

A personal blog– This means they will provide you with your own blog that is easy to set up, does not require a special skill to manage.

Auto-responder-They will provide you with an auto-responder that is easy to use. After all, every Internet Marketer requires an auto responder in order to leverage leads and visitors. This is also necessary for Marketers, as it will help to build trust between the marketer and the visitor(s) and create a sales funnel that will last probably forever.
Video Email Service– This will enable you to upload your video and attach it to your emails. And your readers can watch the video without having to be redirected to youtube, but watch it within the environment of the email.

Conference Platform- This will enable you to communicate with groups or clients through webinars. Therefore, it is a necessity for those that are interested in MLM. And this service is compatible with:

  • Every operating system
  • Has 100 seat meeting room
  • Ability to video and voice chat with the attendees
  • Ability to record video presentation

Traffic generation coaching program– This is all about viral marketing and list building.

VIP Membership

When you join VIP membership which is usually referred to as the ‘Inner circle’, this will allow you to be tutored by Joel with the elite coaching program on how to leverage all the tools to the fullest. Which includes leads capturing and generation.

There will be a weekly interviews and training with leading marketers, training on how to use attractive marketing techniques and team building techniques.

You have to bear in mind that, in order to have the complete package, it will cost you: basic, plus VIP,  plus resell, which is equal to $141.9 per month. This is the highest level that will give access to the complete program.

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Let’s Have A Peek On How The Scheme Works

You can’t resell if you did not subscribe to $19.95 which will give you the license to resell. And you can only resell the level you have subscribed to, for instance, if you choose to subscribe to only basic membership, that is the only tool you can resell after subscribing to resell. The same thing applies to VIP too. Therefore, you may have to subscribe to the complete program in order to make a head way, which will cost you $141.95 per month. Except, if you have an already existing business, that you wish to use the tools to project to another level, then you will have to go for the basic membership only.

As this is an MLM model of online business this is how you are going to make your money from your referrals. You are promised to get a 100% commission of your first month direct referrals, and subsequently you will receive 50% of your direct sales.

Pure Leverage- Is It Scam Or Legit?

Pure Leverage- Is It Scam Or Legit?


  • It has a low start up fee compared to other programs of it kind
  • Study guide is provided
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee


  • There are complaints of not getting a good support
  • There are complaints of technical problems such as server failure
  • The blog they provide is usually designed in a similar way to every other persons’ with the same domain name, therefore, there is no much room to customize your blog to be different. Which I think is not good for branding and ranking.
  • There are complaints that some of the tools were not yet fully developed before launching them, which make me to question their sincerity.
  • Generally, MLM is not good for newbies, because it is difficult to sale and get down lines. Therefore, it will take some one with the expertise to be able to use Pure Leverage tools and to even market it.

My Opinion

I will give you my candid opinion concerning PL. This program is not a scam, but due to the fact that, there are less chances of succeeding with this, some people have screamed SCAM! Also considering the fact that they also had to launch with some of the tools not fully completed also make me to think negative of the system.

I will suggest to anyone that is a newbie to stay clear of this program, except you have an existing online business that will need their tools. That is, you may try the tools and see if they have been perfected. Otherwise, I will not recommend it, and as a result, I am rating them 4 out of 10.

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I hope this helps, and if you have any experience with Pure Leverage or any comment/contribution whatsoever, please do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.