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How To Add Your Site To Google-Webmaster

When you own a website, you have to put every mechanisms in place to see that the website is found in the search engines. Having the most unique, beautiful and cutest content on your website would be useless, if nobody can find it! That’s right! It is just like a teacher talking to an empty room.

Google is one of….no the largest search engine of all times, followed by Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, your will be doing yourself and your website a great deal of good if you add your site to Google webmaster tools. By so doing, you will be exposing your website and work to the public called ‘traffic’.

When you add your website to Google webmaster, that would be one of the greatest and most vital step you could have taking to ensure your website’s search engine presence! Google will begin to crawl your site for any updates and collect and ultimately ‘index’ them. That is to say, that Google is aware of your website, and over time your website will be ranked. And if your website is ranked, that means ‘traffic’! You will start getting traffic, as people that are looking for your kind of services or products can easily find and visit your site. And you know what that means; it means your site is becoming an ‘authority’ site.

So, if you haven’t added your site to Google webmaster, this is how to add your site to Google.

First of all, you need a Google account in order to successfully add your site to Google. I will recommend you check out how to add Google analytics to your website, if you have not already done so. This will help you to know how your website is doing; what your visitors are reading the most on your website; how long visitors spend on your website; demographics, that is, how many percentage of what ‘gender and ages’ are visiting your site, and a lot more. It is like knowing the physical activities of your website.

And adding your website to Google will be verified so easily if you had already added Google Analytics to your website. Do not forget, doing both will give your website the ‘edge’ to succeed.

Therefore, if you have added Google Analytics to your website,  all you have to do in order to a add your website to Google webmaster is to ‘search’ for Google webmaster tools on the internet, such as this below:


After clicking on the ‘Google Webmaster Tools’, you will be redirected to a new environment (i.e if you have Google Account already), such as this:


After you must have entered your url, click on the ‘Add Site’ button. You will be redirected once more to another window, where you will be asked to ‘verify’ the ownership of the website you added. Now, it will be a lot easier to verify, if you have added Google Analytics to that website before.

All you have to do is to click on the ‘alternate methods’ tabs (on the widow you are redirected). Then move down to ‘Google Analytics’  and ‘Check’ it, then click on the verify button, bingo…., it is verified.


You will be required to add your site map.  Go to your website’s dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’, on the drop down you will see ‘XML-Sitemap’, click on it, and you will see your site map as shown on diagram below.


(However, if you can’t find XML-Site map on your dashboard, that could be because you have not installed it. Go to plugin and to ‘Add new’ and search for ‘Google XML-Site map’ and install it.)

Copy the ‘sitemap.xml’ only and leave out the rest of the url, and go back to your Google Webmaster account.


The next thing to do, is to add your site map to your Google webmaster account, which you will see the ‘add sitemap button’ beside your verified website, or you can simply click on your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard, at the list below the dashboard, you will see ‘Crawl’, click on that, once you have done that you will see ‘Site Map’, click on it.


After clicking those buttons, the ‘Add/Test SiteMap’ button will be revealed; click on it and paste the copied site map from your website on the box and click on ‘Submit Sitemap’. You are good as done, so long there is no error message.


The account data will be showing ‘pending’ until Google is able to crawl your site; before you will begin to get data on submitted url pages and indexed pages. And this usually takes up to a week or so for Google to start crawling your site.

See Video Below:



I believe these have given you some directions as to how to add your site to Google. If you have questions or contributions, feel free to add them at the comment box below.

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